If you are reading this blog, you likely have an Instagram account and aim to increase Instagram engagement. Then you are on the right blog.

Instagram today is one of the most used social networks. Almost everyone has an Instagram account, and some users have more than one Instagram account, using each for different purposes.

According to statistics, in April 2022, Instagram had at least 1.452 billion users worldwide. This figure shows that 23.4% of people aged 13 and plus use Instagram today.

As we know, everyone wants to increase their Instagram post engagement and get more likes, likes, and shares on their stories and posts. But this will work mostly for influencers.

Because nowadays, influencers consider Instagram as a business and workplace. Considering that there are currently 500,000 active influencers on Instagram, it can be said that the competition between them is huge. In this blog, we will explore how to increase your engagement on Instagram.

How to increase Instagram engagement

Just 10 ways to properly increase Instagram engagement rate.

  1. Share a continuous post
  2. Do not use copy and paste
  3. Choose the right hashtags
  4. Partner with micro-influencers to create brand authenticity
  5. Make Instagram Reels
  6. Add a link to Instagram Stories
  7. Use emojis effectively
  8. Promote your Instagram channel on other social accounts
  9. Include Call to Actions In Your Captions
  10. Share Valuable Information in Carousel Posts

Let's begin!

Share consistently

Everyone already knows and tries to follow that; being active on Instagram engagement increases enough. But how to do that?

To have a large audience on Instagram and increase the number of followers, it would be ideal to share 1-2 posts per day. Is this too much for you? Let's review an account. fashionnova Instagram page posts more or less 20-30 times a day. Although it goes against common convention, anecdotal evidence shows that heavy posting increases daily brand engagement.

Don't worry, you don't have to share that much during the day. But you need to post regularly. The posts are ready but you have no time to share them. Don't worry,  we have Planly. If you forget to share them, they are gone. But if your posts are ready but you have limited time you can schedule them in advance so you don't have to worry about forgetting them. PIanly offers you an auto-post feature to share your posts automatically. You create an account on Planly and add your Instagram account to the account you open.

And that's it! You mark the post you want to share in Planly according to the days and times of the week. Planly auto-posts and shares your post. To do this, you prepare the visual and textual content you want to share and place it in Planly.

Knowing the best time to post on Instagram is also critical, especially when dealing with Instagram’s algorithmic timeline.  You can look at various sources to find out the oldest post-sharing time. However, since different information is given in many places, you should pay attention to some nuances, which include your time zone, and the activity time of users. You can share your posts using this ranking.

Monday: 6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM

Tuesday: 2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM

Wednesday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 9 AM

Thursday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM

Friday: 5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM

Saturday: 11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM

Sunday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM

Do not use copy and paste

Like many social networks, Instagram can be a source of visual inspiration for you. But that doesn't mean you have to use all the ideas you see on other brands and pages. You can make your own stories. Instagram users share the stories they like and know close to them with their relatives and peers. This will increase your Instagram engagement.

We know Instagram stories engagement increases your Instagram account. The more static conventional Instagram posts are probably good, but you can "tell your story" with an Instagram story. A compelling message is sent by marketing your brand through stories. Users would like to see who you are. They want some insight into the ideals and part of your brand.

You should use The best effective Instagram story ideas to increase your brand engagement. This includes ideas like answering followers' questions, creating polls and quizzes, and creating videos with music.

If you want to learn more story ideas, you can follow the pages of big famous companies. For example, Nike, RedBull, etc. They are constantly innovating and keeping their audience interested. This is the main marketing aspect of Instagram. You must “captivate” your audience with your words and visual content.

Choose the right hashtags

Instagram hashtags are an important way to expand your Instagram audience and get more engagement. Your post will appear on that hashtag's page when you use a hashtag. If you use a hashtag in your story, it can be included in the corresponding Story hashtag, which also appears on the hashtag page.

A hashtag is a tag used on social media sites that makes finding information by topic or specific content easier. Hashtags encourage social media users to explore content that catches their attention.

If you add the right Instagram hashtag to your content, your posts' number of followers and views will increase continuously. As you know, Instagram users follow hashtags on topics they like. The benefit to you is that your posts can be seen and liked by someone who doesn't follow you. If the hashtags you include are irrelevant to your content, don't add that hashtag to your post just because users follow it more.

If you have a brand, you can create a hashtag that suits you and your brand. That way, people can easily find you through that hashtag. The hashtag you will use should be short and memorable.

Partner with micro-influencers to create brand authenticity

You can collaborate with Instagram influencers to increase your Instagram engagement organically. This is one of the best ways to advertise your brand. Because if this is the case, since the users of that influencer believe in him, the number of views on your page will automatically increase. For this, you need to choose the right influencer to cooperate with.

Make Instagram Reels

Currently, Instagram is also famous for its Instagram reels. You can make your page more professional and engaging by making reels. To do this, pick up your phone and start. Be sure that you will see the effect in a short time.

At the same time, you need to create the perfect content and the right time to share your Instagram reels. This is not the end!

One of the new functions of Instagram is to post a link to the story. It is known that you cannot add a link to Instagram posts; even if it is added, it will not take you to that link address. You can place the link in your Instagram story along with the post for this.

Use emojis effectively

Used right, emojis can help you insert personality and fun into your brand and help build a more emotional connection with your audience.

Promote your Instagram channel on other social accounts

First, let's understand that each social media is for different types of content. That is, sometimes there are shares you cannot share on both social networks, for example, Instagram and Twitter. But not so between Instagram and Facebook. You can share your posts on both platforms at the same time.

Another way is to link your Instagram account to your TikTok bio. TikTok organically allows you to link your Instagram account to TikTok. With this, you can convert your TikTok audience into Instagram followers and increase engagement.

Also, in your posts on other social networks, you can definitely mention that you have an Instagram account and provide brief information about it because it is more convenient and easier for users to follow you on the Instagram platform.

Include Call to Actions In Your Captions

When you use Instagram ads, people can see your post or story. In this case, you should invite them to your page with a call to action. It is correct to do this by attracting the user's attention as much as possible.

How often do you think users must see your ads to buy your product? 20 times. After your ads have been in front of a viewer 20 times, they need to buy it. If you don't want it to be this late, you need to make the call-to-action strong to your Instagram captions. You can use that call-to-action: Subscribe, Join,  Find Out, Check it Out, Click here, Continue, Swipe Up and etc.

One of the best features of Instagram is that you can make your posts in a carousel format. Carousel posts have several good features:

- They are interesting to the audience.

- Save time and get more information.

- Increase  Instagram  engagement

Therefore, having a lot of carousel posts on your page is a positive thing for your page.

Create Instagram Broadcast channel

According to the new updates of Instagram for 2023, creating a Broadcast channel through Instagram is now possible. So, you can add as many followers as you want, and share media, send votes, and make polls with them daily. Also, channel participants can react to your messages.

Instagram broadcast channel

How to increase Instagram engagement rate with reels?

Instagram reels are an effective way to reach an audience outside your current followers. 50% of Instagram users find reels through the Explore page. You can have videos featured on the Explore page to reach a whole new audience. According to recent statistics, reels get 22% more engagement than traditional videos. For this, you need to pay maximum attention to your Instagram reels.

At the same time, you can use Instagram post-increase tips to increase the engagement of your Instagram reels. It is also important to be creative when making reels. If so, it will get more attention from users.


It's no secret that Instagram is a powerful social media platform. However, what might be a secret to you is how to increase Instagram engagement and get the most out of this visual channel.

In this blog post, we've outlined ultimate tips for doing just that. From using hashtags strategically to posting at the best time to post on Instagram, these tips will help you create content that engages your audience and drives results. We have more Instagram tips in our blogs. Want to take a look?