Please read this document to understand how cancellations and refunds are applied to our paid plan.


We offer free subscriptions and paid subscriptions which include a 14-day free trial period. We don’t require credit card to create a free account. To use free trials of paid accounts, you need to enter your card details. After the free trial is over, the paid subscriptions can be renewed to continue using the paid features.

Renewal durations

Subscriptions are monthly or annual. So, subscriptions can be renewed for a duration of 1 month or 1 year.


Once you pay the subscription, you can use the underlying services for the term of renewal. Yet, if you wish to cancel the subscription, you can click cancel the subscription in Settings > Billing > Billing details or write to us at [email protected] While writing to use, please specify your registered email address and subscription plan that you want to cancel your account.

When you cancel your subscription, you will be able to use the remainder of your subscription until the renewal date.

Refund policy

This is how payment refunds are handled in Planly.

Given the nature of Planly social media scheduler tool and its pricing model, we provide refunds under these conditions.

  • For monthly plans, we issue refunds within the first 7 days of purchase.
  • For annual plans, we issue refunds within the first 20 days of purchase.

We don’t issue refunds under the following circumstances

  • You change your mind about the item
  • You bought the item by mistake
  • You don’t have sufficient expertise or social channels to connect (we advise you to read our Help Center if you have a purchase intent)
  • You decided to stop using some of the social networks we support
  • You decided to delete your social channels
  • You found a different solution
  • You made some customizations and modifications and now our product isn't working (you can customize your use with API)
  • Your purchase is older than 7 days for monthly and 20 days for annual subscription
  • You experience conflicts with social channels you connected to Planly or other 3rd party software connected to or installed on your site

How do we issue refunds?

If we decide to issue refunds, we will use the same method used to purchase Planly. If you subscribed to Planly using Stripe payment, you will be refunded using via Stripe in reverse.

  • We don’t issue refunds for add-ons (additional user, additional social channel, private proxy)
  • Any payment made to you will be provided in US Dollars.
  • If you choose to terminate your subscription we will refund you any prepaid covering the reminders of your subscription

For annual subscriptions, refunds will be calculated for the number of full months remaining in the service period. If the remaining service period is in fractional months, the amount equivalent to the number of full months will be refunded. For example, if the remaining service period is 4 months and 15 days, the refund will be issued for 4 months.

Upon receipt of a refund request, our team will confirm the status of the refund within 5-10 business days depending on your bank. Once the request is accepted the actual date of receiving the refund depends on the payment processor and the method of payment.

How to receive a refund?

To receive a refund, you must cancel your plan.

  1. Here is how to cancel your plan:
  2. Go to Settings > Billing
  3. Go to Billing details and click the Manage plan button
  4. Click Cancel next to your subscription plan
  5. Once done, please contact us via live chat on our website or contact us at [email protected] email address for assistance

Updates to this policy

This refund policy can be updated anytime with or without prior notice and is applicable immediately and retroactively for all subscriptions and subscribers. It is considered an integral part of our Terms and Conditions and is applied to all users.

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