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Get key social media insights that matter for your growth

Understand your social media performance with Planly’s advanced analytics. Track, measure, and analyze your social media performance in a single dashboard. Get detailed insights into your accounts, audience, and posts to see what works the best for you.


Planly is a free social media scheduler for all. With full automation and advanced interface, we let you store your media, plan, and auto post to social media - no further notifications! Save time by scheduling social media posts and enjoy your creative process.

Everything you need in a single dashboard

Measure your performance across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for holistic social media analytics.

Account analytics

Understand the meaning your social media numbers with Account Analytics

Numbers hold a story of your brand’s performance, evolution, and connection with your audience. Planly’s Account Analytics helps you unfold this story, comprehensively looking at your social media performance across multiple platforms. Dive into a pool of data - likes, shares, reach, impressions - and let them guide your next move!

Analyze performance
draft post management Impressions

How interested people are to revisit your content.

multiple images Followers

See how many users turned into your fans.

facebook first comment Website clicks

How interested your fans are to visit link in your bio.

add link Location clicks

How many times people want to come to your office.

Audience Analytics

Meet Your Followers Up-Close with Audience Analytics

Who's behind every like, comment, or share? With our Audience Analytics, you won't have to! Unearth vital demographic data, discover your audience's interests and behaviors, and get to know their peak interaction times.

Understand audience
draft post management Age & gender

Understand your audience better with the age and gender distribution of your followers

multiple images Location

Track your follower's geographic distribution in real-time, allowing for precise targeting and relevant content delivery

facebook first comment Engagement

Boost your social media impact using Planly engagement analytics, enabling you to track shares, likes, comments, and overall audience integration

add link Device type

Optimize your content with Planly’s device-type data, to see the proportion of mobile and desktop users

Post Analytics

Elevate Your Content Game

No more guesswork, only data-backed decisions for a stellar content strategy! Planly’s Post Analytics feature dissects your content's performance, revealing the key metrics magic elements that make your posts a hit.
Analyze and compare your posts’ performances to see what actually works for you.

Evaluate Posts
draft post management Posts

Delve deep into the performance of your posts, understanding likes, shares, comments, replies, videos views for each post.

multiple images Stories

Optimize your daily interactions with Planly Instagram stories analytics, tracking impressions, reach, replies, and completion rates.

facebook first comment Reels

Create re-watchable reels Planly Reels analytics, with insights on plays, total interactions, and engagement rate.

Individual post analytics

Zoom In On Success with Individual Post Analytics

Every post holds valuable insights. With Planly’s Individual Post Analytics, delve deep into each post’s growth metrics. Get granular data, understand what worked and what didn’t, and transform each post into a stepping stone toward social media success.

Inspect Details

Full scale social media management software

Manage, analyze, and drive traffic from social media in a single place.

Auto publish photo, video, and album posts across multiple platforms.

Create compelling content that speaks to your followers with the help of AI Content Assistant.

Track, analyze, and report what matters most to your brand with advanced analytics.

Create beautifully designed mini webpages to showcase your brand.


All of your questions about Planly’s Analytics are answered.

How does Planly's Individual Post Analytics work?

Individual Post Analytics dives deep into each post's performance metrics, providing insights into the growth of each metric over the given time. While the Posts tab gives the latest number for each metric, Individual Post Analytics provides the lifetime change of that metric.

Which platforms does Planly's Analytics support?

Planly's social media analytics platform supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

How can I access Planly’s Analytics?

Log in to your Planly account and go to the Analytics tab in the sidebar menu. Choose the social channel you want to see the analytics from the middle sidebar. If you have multiple channels from a single platform you can switch via the drop-down menu above. On Facebook and Instagram, you will be asked to re-authorize your account to view your analytics. After this, you will be able to see analytics.

What kind of data can I analyze using Planly's Analytics feature?

Our social media analytics software allows you to analyze various data, including likes, shares, comments, reach, impressions, follower demographics, engagement times, post-performance, and more.

How often are metrics updated on Planly’s Analytics?

That depends on both the metrics and the social channel. While most metrics are updated in 24 hours, it can take up to 48 hours on platforms like LinkedIn or Pinterest.

How can I use Planly's Analytics to understand my audience better?

Audience Analytics gives clear information about your followers, their demographics, and social media active hours. Planly gives demographic insights about your audience's age & gender, countries & cities. On some platforms like Pinterest, you can also learn about their device type. Together, these help to speak to your audience's needs and also better target your audience in paid ads.

On the other hand, there is Follower’s online activity table that shows the active hours of your followers throughout the week. You can use these insights when scheduling your posts. Sharing posts at the most active hours promises higher engagement.

Can I see Instagram Stories Analytics?

Yes. Planly provides Instagram Stories Analytics along with reels and post analytics. Stories data is collected only for 24 hours. Even if the stories are archived or highlighted, it will only count the insights gained within the first 24 hours from the story being published. But Stories data is collected in the dashboard for 2 years.

Can I create custom reports on Planly?

Not at the moment. We will be bringing custom reports functionality by September 2023. The feature will allow you to create custom reports and also export them as PDF files.

Can Planly's Analytics feature help me find the best time to post?

Yes! On the Audience Analytics tab, there is the most active hours table. On a 24-hour scale, it provides the number of online users from Monday to Sunday. The darker the color gets, the more online followers you had at the given time. You can use this data to determine what is the best time to post and what is not the most appropriate time.

Take your analytics to the new level

Planly's analytics guide your path to social media success. Start data-driven journey now!

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