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New chapter with Planly’s AI Content Assistant

Planly is the best AI social media post generator to simplify content creation. Generate high-converting AI results with detailed prompts. Use the power of AI in social media to generate ideas, write meaningful content, and build stronger connections with your audience.

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Planly is the best AI social media post generator to simplify content creation. Generate high-converting AI results with detailed prompts. Use the power of AI in social media to generate ideas, write meaningful content, and build stronger connections with your audience.

Create high-converting content with
Planly’s AI Content Assistant

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Ask AI what you need

AI Content Assistant

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Out of ideas? No worries! Just enter a descriptive command in your prompt field. Planly’s AI Content Assistant understands the sentiment of your idea and generates the best AI results based on the related words. Click on your favorite results to insert them into your post caption area.
Hit the like or dislike buttons to improve the future performance of the AI post generator. We collect and analyze your past AI prompts to match your account's tone of voice.

Ask AI questions
Auto publish
Adjust your prompt

Write creative AI prompts

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Play around with your prompt to make the most out of the AI content generator. Enter your preferred tone of voice to match your brand style. Pick the number of posts to create and give an approximate word count. Enable emojis and hashtags to spice up your creative AI prompt. Click the Generate button to finish it off.
Be specific about your prompt to get the best result from AI. voila! Minimize the time spent on content creation, Enter detailed prompts to create ideas, repurpose content, and boost your engagement

Use AI Content Assistant
Drag & drop calendar planner
Save ideas for future

Write and collect meaningful ideas down the road

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The Saved Ideas tab is your free space to brainstorm crazy ideas with the help of AI or yourself. Ask AI and click the Save icon to collect your favorite AI-generated results.
Or, jot down your ideas and never miss a single creative spot ever again. You can add a title, star & relevant tags to find them anytime you need them easily.

Save my ideas
Media library
Customize content for each platform

Enjoy ready-to-publish content

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Fine-tune results to your liking to finish it up. To save your credit limits, you can tweak changes for each platform or ask AI to regenerate captions. Select the relevant social channels and hit the schedule button. Don’t forget, it is a Content Assistant, you are the wizard 🧙‍

Schedule my posts
Team management

Why use Planly’s AI Content Assistant?

Unleash the power of AI in content creation

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No more creative crisis No more creative crisis

Simply enter what is in your mind. AI copywriter will take the lead to create relevant content and elevate your creative energy.

Catch the wind Catch the wind

Some viral trends may not appeal to your taste. AI writing assistant will give you cool ideas plus hashtags to vibe with your followers.

add link Boost engagement

Reach out to larger audiences in less time and effort. Using AI for content creation will help create thumb-stopping posts with relevant hashtags.

facebook first comment Maintain consistency

Fuel your creative process to present the best version of your brand and build a consistent social media presence.

Unlock the power of Planly AI


Your questions answered.

What is Planly’s AI Content Assistant?

Planly’s AI Content Assistant is an AI-powered content generation tool to create social media post ideas, repurpose original content, and summarize posts.

What kind of post ideas Planly’s AI Content Assistant can generate?

You can use AI in social media content creation to generate a vast array of post ideas such as industry-specific topics, on-trend events, and platform-specific content.

How does Planly’s AI Content Assistant generate post ideas?

Planly AI Content Assistant analyzes given prompts, stores prompts, and generates relevant ideas based on social media trends.

What kind of technology does Planly’s AI Content Assistant use to generate post ideas?

Planly integrates with ChatGPT to process AI prompts, generate ideas, and collect feedback to enhance further AI results.

Can I customize ideas that AI Content Assistant generates?

Yes. You can customize ideas by entering specific keywords and narrowing down the can further use Adjust your prompt section to further simplify the idea generation by choosing the tone of voice, by entering word counts, post counts, and enabling keywords & emojis.

How to write better prompts for AI?

You need to enter at least 3 words to active the Generate button. Yet, we encourage you to be specific and use simple language when writing prompt ideas. Keep in mind that AI is demonstrated by machine learning tools, and for the best practice, it needs clear humans interaction.
Write descriptive and specific words to make sure it is clear. Using adjectives, keywords, and the social media platforms you will post to will make the results much human-like.

Can I edit post ideas generated by Planly’s AI Content Assistant?

Absolutely. You can insert or save your favorite AI results and customize them to match your brand tone.

Who can use Planly’s AI Content Assistant?

At the moment, Planly’s AI Content Assistant is available for all users. No extra costs is incurred to your regular pricing plan.
If you are not Planly user, you can create an account now to use AI Content Assistant along with other premium features.

Can I use Planly’s AI Content Assistant on multiple social networks?

Sure! Planly’s AI Content Assistant works with multiple platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more. You ask AI to write a new post, customize it for different platforms.

What is AI credits how they are calculated?

AI credits are certain amount of monthly credits to use AI Content Assistant. Your AI credits are calculated as the total sum of prompts you click Generate button and Post Count you choose in the Adjust your prompt section.
For example if you enter a prompt and select 4 Post counts in the adjust menu, 5 AI credits will be deducted from your account.
Since AI Content Assistant is a new feature, we may modify credit limits per plans kater on. You will be notified of any change we make.

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