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Schedule TikTok posts and grow your feed with Planly

Tired of posting your TikToks every now and then? Schedule TikTok posts with Planly TikTok scheduler and publish them via notifications you receive in your TikTok inbox. Our intuitive interface will give you the most out of your TikTok marketing.

How Planly TikTok scheduling tool simplifies your management

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Fastest TikTok scheduling

Auto publish TikTok posts

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Schedule TikTok posts and publish them via notifications we send to your TikTok inbox. You can edit, trim, add captions, duet, or stitch while publishing your videos. The best thing is Planly is a TikTok scheduler.

Schedule my TikToks
Auto publish
Comment, Duet, and Stitch

Boost TikTok views with TikTok scheduler

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We make it easier to get more views on TikTok. Allow first comment, Duet, and Stitch while scheduling TikTok posts and go viral with re-creations. Let your account be visible to more users by letting them duet, stitch, and comment on your TikTok videos.

Schedule my TikToks
Drag & drop calendar planner
Drag & drop TikTok calendar

TikTok scheduler

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The best content planner for TikTok. Select the media and drop it to the time you want. Bingo! Your videos will be auto published to TikTok at the exact time you set. Set a calendar for a weekly or monthly view to see what’s coming next.

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Schedule TikToks and auto publish posts to other networks

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Managing multiple social channels is much easier with Planly TikTok scheduler. You can schedule your videos to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook via Planly.

Bulk schedule
Team management

TikTok scheduling tool to auto publish, store, and review TikTok videos

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Draft your videos beforehand
sign up
Auto publish TikTok videos
Add social media accounts
Allow comment, duet, and stitch for the maximum engagement
schedule posts

Schedule TikTok posts with Planly

We work hard to make you work smart. Our team delivers the ultimate social media management with truly automated solutions. We are pleased to support your journey via email or social media. We also have a comprehensive customer onboarding page for those who prefer self-serving websites.

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Your questions answered.

How many TikTok accounts can I add to Planly?

You can connect TikTok accounts depending on your subscription plan. In the Starter plan, you can connect up to 4 channels. In the Pro plan, you can connect up to 8 channels, and in the Guru plan, it can be up to 16 channels.

Can I auto publish my TikTok posts?

Yes. by indicating the time and date in advance, with Planly TikTok scheduler you can get your videos auto published when the time comes. No inbox notifications are required.

Can I add a personal TikTok account?

Yes. Planly allows you to connect both TikTok personal and business accounts.

How can I add TikTok to Planly?

Connecting TikTok to Planly is pretty straightforward. After you finish the sign up head over to calendar or and click on the + (plus) icon at the top of the screen. Select TikTok from the menu and on the dialog screen select between the Business (recommended) or the Standard method.

Differences between these methods are with the Business method you can only connect a TikTok business account and view full TikTok analytics. With the Standard method, you can connect both personal and business accounts. However, if you connect a TikTok Business account with the Standard method, you will not be able to see your analytics.

So, if you have a personal account, you can only add TikTok with the Standard method. But if you have a business account, it is recommended to add with the Business method to view TikTok analytics.

Please note there is not an extra charge between these methods.

After you select the method, authorize Planly to your account. Your TikTok account has to be logged in in your browser when you connect it to Planly.

For detailed instructions, please read this guide

How to view TikTok analytics?

After you connect your TikTok Business Account with the Business method, your TikTok account metrics will start to get collected. When you connect your TikTok to Planly, it may take up to 24 hours to collect your metrics. Head to Analytics > TikTok in the Planly, you will see your TikTok metrics being processed. This includes your TikTok account overview, audience demographics such as age, location, and the online hours of your followers throughout the week.

If you have multiple TikTok Business Accounts, select the account you want from the dropdown at the top.

I have a TikTok Business Account. Why can’t I see my analytics?

Well, that could be due to two reasons. First, you just connected your TikTok to Planly and your metrics are being processed. This is a normal procedure. When you connect your TikTok to Planly, it might take up to 24 hours to retrieve full TikTok metrics. Please refresh the Analytics page a couple times.

The second reason could be that you connected your TikTok account with Standard method. TikTok analytics is not available with the Standard method. If you want to view your analytics, please connect your TikTok with the Business account.

Please remember that rereshing your account will not solve the matter. Since you connected your account with the Standard method, refreshing your account will just repeat the same steps. You need to add TikTok to Planly with the Business method.

If you immediately remove your existing TikTok account and connect with the Business method, all of your scheduled, published, and draft posts will be deleted. So, if you have scheduled posts in the current Standard method that you do not want them to be removed you can wait until they are published or connect the same TikTok account with Business method.

What is TikTok hashtag analytics?

Hashtags analytics shows the performance of each hashtag you used in the given period. It estimates the median value of each post metrics such as likes, comments, and more to give a hashtag performance. If you used the same hashtag multiple times, then the hashtag metric will be the median value of the metrics in each post.

What is the Best time to post and how it is estimated for TikTok?

Best time to post for TikTok is a time suggestion for you to post on certain days and times. It is estimated based on the online hours of your TikTok followers in a week. On your weekly calendar, you will see the best time to post on each weekday once for each day.

If you have multiple TikTok channels, you will see the best times to post for each channel.

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