We are a team of problem solvers who are dedicated to providing value to our customers. We’re working to build the best social media scheduling practices for TikTok and Instagram users.

Being in the social media software development field, we gained extensive experience in the expectations and needs of social media users. This gave us a great leg up to come up with a product that will allow Instagram and TikTok users to auto post their posts without a hassle.

The purpose of Planly is to provide easy TikTok and Instagram scheduling for social media users. We have a different understanding of automated scheduling than our competitors.  We believe done means done, if a user scheduled a post with Planly they should not come back again for the same post to be published manually.

Planly lets individual content creators and social media teams automatically share their posts to TikTok and Instagram without a push notification system.

On top of full automation, Planly has a self-explanatory user interface. Which allows users to find easily find anything on the platform. While analyzing competitor tools, we faced user experience issues and difficulties in finding the pages we wanted.

We worked specifically to eliminate these UX issues while designing Planly. You can navigate easily across Planly and find what you’re looking for.

With truly automated scheduling and intuitive user experience, users will spend less time on manual tasks and have more time for creating quality content.

We are dedicated to offering quality solutions, building trust with customers, and providing value to the community with our blogs and help center. To let all TikTok and Instagram users benefit from such an automated scheduling tool, we offer a free plan. You can use Planly to get more things done in less time and also see how it works in practice.

You are most welcome to at Planly.