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Instagram scheduler for all types of posts

Unlock the power of Instagram with Planly scheduler.
Schedule once and track performance of your posts with Planly Instagram scheduler. Our advanced Instagram social media scheduler will auto publish Instagram posts, reels, carousels, and stories directly to your feed.

Instagram scheduler for all

Auto post to Instagram to boost your engagement

Schedule Instagram stories posts, videos, carousels, and reels

Write different captions for each Instagram account

Add hashtags and more info in the Instagram first comment

Track and analyze the performance of your Instagram page

Here is how Planly helps your Instagram to grow

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Auto publish

Design a better Instagram feed with Planly

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No more manually posting what you scheduled. Schedule images, videos, carousels, stories, and reels with Planly Instagram scheduler. Move your phone away for productive content creation. Want to make it shine? Just slide the button to pin your post when scheduling to Instagram. Done! Let it stay at the top as long as you want it.

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Instagram stories scheduling

Increase your reach with Instagram stories scheduler

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Schedule Instagram stories with Planly right from your desktop. Select multiple photos and videos, drag & drop them to the digital calendar, and set time for your stories to go live. Don’t waste another minute manually sharing Instagram stories.

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Instagram Reels Scheduler

Drive your engagement with Instagram reels

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The best scheduling software for Instagram reels. Select the media and drop it to the time you want. Bingo! Your reels will be auto published at the exact time you set. Set a calendar for a weekly or monthly view to see what’s coming next.

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First comment

Fire up your Instagram engagement

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We let you organically increase Instagram reach and engagement is all up to you. Write the very first comment on Instagram while scheduling to Instagram. Give a soul to your posts with Instagram hashtags and emojis by adding the first comment with Planly’s Instagram scheduling tool. This helps to set the content’s tone for post interactions.

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AI Content Assistant

Generate and save ideas with AI content assistant

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Open door to endless ideas with Planly’s AI Content Assistant. Ask AI to create your Instagram caption. Enter 3 words and Ask AI to generate Instagram post ideas for you. Adjust your prompt with hashtags, emojis, and tone preferences to hit the perfect spot for your branding. Save and insert your fav results to the schedule composer. Voila! Enjoy the feeling of done in less effort.

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Instagram analytics

Let data speak the truth!

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Get an extensive view into your insights with Planly’s Instagram analytics. See profile analytics, post, and reels analytics of key metrics to your Instagram pages. And, we automatically calculate your engagement rate. We let you create custom reports to compare different post types, time ranges, and audience demographics to get a clear view what is actually working. Make data-driven decisions with Planly’s Instagram analytics. Make data-driven decisions with Planly’s Instagram analytics.

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Grow social with Planly’s Instagram scheduler


Your questions about Instagram scheduling are answered.

What type posts I can schedule with Planly?

You can schedule Instagram posts, carousels, Reels, Stories to Instagram Business Pages.

Can I add my personal Instagram account?

Unfortunately! Due to Meta Regulations, you can only connect Instagram Business Pages to Planly.

Why do I see my Facebook profile while connecting Instagram?

To connect your Instagram page to Planly, you need to have your Instagram page connected to a Facebook page. This is a requirement set by Instagram. You can only connect Instagram business pages that are connected to a Facebook page.

This is why when you attempt to connect your Instagram to Planly, you are directed to Facebook authorisation page.

If you have not connected your pages please follow these guides to convert personal profile to a business page and connect Instagram page with Facebook page.

How can I connect my Instagram page to Planly?

At this stage you need to have your Instagram page connected to your Facebook page. If you have not please convert your instagram profile to Instagram page first and then connect your Instagram page with a Facebook page.

To connect your Instagram page to Planly follow these steps:

1. Log in to Planly in your browser
2. Click on the + (plus) icon at the top of your calendar and select Instagram from the menu
3. Allow Planly on the Facebook authorization page. (If you have already authorized Planly with Facebook, click Continue as “your username”. If you want to change what you allow Planly, click on the Edit the Settings button follow the prompts)
4. Select the Instagram pages that you want to connect to Planly and click on Add button to finish

If you do not see your Instagram page on this list make sure your page is connected to Facebook page you are the admin of.

How can I set a Logo for my calendar?

You can add a custom team image that will be displayed next to your team name.

Can I add multiple Instagram profiles to my Planly account?

Absolutely. This is what Planly is made for. You can have multiple Instagram accounts within your subscription plan limits.

How does scheduling limit work for Instagram Stories and carousel posts?

For each carousel post containing multiple media and a single story, it use one post scheduling limit. The number of media in your carousel posts does not impact your scheduling limits. But the amount of stories you schedule takes from your scheduling limits.

Will my Instagram posts be automatically shared to the connected Facebook page?

No, you need to create different schedules to Instagram and Facebook pages.

How can AI Content Assistant help with Instagram posting?

Basically, AI Content Assistant helps you to generate post ideas, paraphrase original content, create post content based on your prompts. It uses natural processing language to synthesize the given prompt. This helps you to save time on content generation, repurposing, and also remove writer’s block from the game.

What type of insights can I access with Planly’s Instagram Analytics?

Planly’s Instagram Analytics provides a detailed overview of the page performance, audience demographics, and individual post performance. On the Profile Overview section, you can see the insights of Profile Reach, Profile Impressions, Profile Engagement, Profile View, and Website clicks.
On the Audience section, you can see the share of your audience based on age, gender, country, city details and most active hours.
The Post Performance feature display all the important information about your post including Likes, Comments, Followers, Engagement, Shares, Reach, Impressions, Saves, and Profile visits from each post.
For Instagram Reels posts, you can find the following metrics: Comments, Likes, Plays, Reach, Saved, Shares, and Total interactions.

How can I use Instagram Analytics?

To access Instagram Analytics you need to have Instagram page connected to Planly. Once you have your Instagram account connected to Planly, you can see your Instagram analytics in the Analytics tab.
Just go to Analytics in the sidebar menu and click Instagram. By default, we display the earliest Instagram page you connected early to Planly. You can change this anytime you want from the channel selector dropdown on the page header.
We grouped the analytics into different sub-tabs to make them digestible. The Overview tab provides the general overview of your Instagram page performance. While the Audience tab only displays the details of your audience based on their interaction with your account. On the Post and Reels tabs, you can get insights into the performance of your Instagram feed posts and reels posts.

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