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Your questions answered.

What is Planly?

Planly is a social media scheduler to auto publish to Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Business Profile.

What is Planly extension?

Planly extension is a browser extension that allows you to connect TikTok to Planly. By downloading it to your browser, you can easily connect logged and unlogged TikTok accounts in your browser to Planly.

What is Planly QR Code method?

Planly QR Code is another way to connect your TikTok to Planly. By scanning the given QR Code with your TikTok account, you can connect TikTok to Planly. To use QR Code method, you need to log in to the TikTok account you want to add to Planly.

Should I use the Chrome extension to use Planly?

You have two options to use Planly. You can use either a QR Code or the extension method to use Planly. QR Code method is more recommended as it is takes less time to connect.

Can I create multiple Planly accounts with a single email address?

No. You can only be an admin or creator of a single Planly account. But, you can join multiple teams with the same email address.

How my post scheduling limits are calculated?

Your post scheduling limit is calculated based on your billing period. If you have unused post limits until the end of your billing period you cannot use them for the next billing period.

Can I have a single media library for all teams?

No. Each team has its own Media Library. In order to remove confusion between media files, each media is only included in the Media Library that it is uploaded.

How many media can I add to Planly?

Unlimited. You can upload and store an unlimited number of media files.

Can I schedule for a different time zone?

Yes. To temporarily change the timezone for your posts in the Calendar menu. You can add media and schedule posts to the timezone you selected. When you refresh the page it will go back to your default time zone. Your default time zone will not change when you temporarily select a time zone from the calendar.

How many social channels can I add to my team in Planly?

Depending on your subscription plan, you can add all of your social accounts to a single team or different teams.

Can I edit a scheduled post?

Of course. You can edit the time, date, and post description or delete a scheduled post anytime until the post is published. When you delete a scheduled post, your post scheduling limits will remain unchanged in your subscription.

Can I delete a published post?

No. Once a scheduled post is published it cannot be edited or deleted from the calendar. Your post scheduling limit is counted based on the number of auto posts that published.

Can I create a post without scheduling?

Yes. You can upload your media, add a post description, and save it as a draft.

Is the pricing billed monthly or annually?

Both. You can subscribe to an annual plan to pay once a year or pay every month.

Are my media files automatically deleted after a time?

No. You can upload an unlimited amount of media in Planly. However, deleting media regularly helps you to keep your Media Library fresh and easy to navigate. You can delete media by clicking on the check more by hovering over the media file.

How do I filter posts?

You can filter posts in the calendar and list views.

Is there a limit to the number of posts I can schedule?

Your post-scheduling limit is determined based on the plan you are subscribed to. Yet don’t recommend you schedule excessive posts in the near time period. Social media platforms might accept your accounts as spam.

What are tags?

Tags are labels or keywords attached to media files to organize and find them easily. You can add unlimited tags to a single media and remove them anytime you want.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons help you to extend your Planly usage by getting extra users or social channel limit. You can $5 dollar a each user, $10 for extra social channel limit, or $6 for Private IP per account.

Can I add add-ons to a free trial?

No. in order to purchase add-ons, you have to subscribe to Pro or Guru plans.

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