Automate social media management with 50% Planly deals 🤩

Like you, we’ve been preparing for Black Friday for a veeery long time. Working very close with social media industry, we always felt the heaviness of social media management. Managing multiple platforms, researching social media content ideas, curating content, and sharing on different platforms, is not an easy job.

The limitation of the given tools for individual users and teams and the prices of social media tools was another problem. So, we’ve been working on an idea that will seamlessly automate social media scheduling and fit every user.

We took our time and energy to research existing social media scheduling tools, their gaps, prices, and user feedback to come up with the most useful yet price-efficient social media scheduler. Here we have Planly, a freemium social media scheduler that is made for all social media users.

We remove the hassle to schedule TikTok posts by fully automating TikTok video posting without a push notification. We also let you auto-post Instagram posts, reels, multi posts without getting a mobile notification.

We are celebrating our very first Thanksgiving with our users with very special Black Friday deals.

What is the Planly Black Friday discount in 2023?

We are full of beans for Black Friday deals. Due to a large number of interested users during the test period, we decided to offer a massive discount for our very first Black Friday campaign.

We are dropping prices for all of the paid plans till November 30, 2023. No, you can save:

  • 50% discount on monthly subscriptions
  • 30% discount on annual subscriptions

How do monthly discounts work?

On a monthly subscription, you can pay only 50% of the original price for any plan and save 50% on your budget. The discount for monthly subscriptions is only valid for the first month. If you purchase a monthly subscription, you will only use the discounted price for the first month. For your second use of the Planly monthly subscription, you will be charged for the original price.

How do annual discounts work?

If you opt for an annual subscription, you will spend only 50% of the original price and save 50%. With an annual subscription, you will be charged for the sum of the yearly discount payment during the billing day. Your next billing cycle will start on the date your annual subscription ends.

What happens if I switch to a new subscription during the discount period?

If you switch from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription you will be charged for the annual payment for the new plan. And that would be 30% of the original price for the total sum of the yearly amount. The same is true if you switch from an annual subscription to a monthly subscription.

If you switch to a new paid plan and new subscription (from monthly to annual) at the same time you will be charged for the new plan and subscription model. The remaining time on your trial will stay the same during this period.

But, in order to avoid any issues and smoothly move to a new subscription. We encourage you to switch to a new paid plan first and then go back and switch to a new subscription (monthly or annual) after.

What happens if I cancel a paid plan during the Black Friday discount?

Technically nothing, except the fact that we will be left upset 😢 If you cancel your paid subscription during a discount period, you will not be charged for any amount. Before making the decision, we appreciate your contacting us so that we make the choice for you using Planly.

What happens if I cancel my monthly subscription after Black Friday ends?

If you are in a  monthly subscription and want to cancel your account, you can cancel it via Settings > Billing details. You can continue to use your current plan till the end of a current billing cycle. If you purchased the monthly subscription at discount, that means you paid the discounted amount only during the first month. For the remaining time, you were charged the regular price.

What happens if I cancel my annual subscription after Black Friday ends?

If you are in an annual subscription and decide to cancel it, you can do it via Settings > Billing details. Once you cancel your annual subscription you can continue to use it till the end of your billing cycle.

We do provide refunds under certain circumstances. We encourage you to review our Refund Policy before canceling your account.

Note. We use Stripe to receive payments. The payment transfer happens based on their terms.

What happens if I purchase during Black Friday and switch to a new plan after Black Friday?

Well. Once the Black Friday deals are over, all prices will go back to the original. If you subscribed on a monthly basis, you paid the discount price only on the first month. For the next months, you were charged the original price. So, switching to a new plan with a monthly subscription is simple. At the end of your billing cycle, you will be charged for the new paid plan with the regular price.

If you purchased an annual plan during Black Friday and want to switch to a new paid plan after Black Friday, you will be charged for the regular price of the new plan. Your remaining balance will be can’t be moved to a new plan.

How do I choose which pricing plan that fits me best?

We explain the relevant user categories next to each pricing plan on our pricing page. But, you can also check the available features, prices, and add-ons to make a more clear decision. If you need further help, you can always write to us via live chat, on our social media channels, or email us at [email protected] address.

Why should I use Planly instead of other social media management tools?

Very good question. We offer fully automated scheduling without push notifications to our users. We let you choose the best pricing plan based on your social media needs without spending too much. Also, we provide the most interactive user interface and self-serve social media scheduling tool.

Choosing Planly over other social media management tools can be beneficial for several reasons, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some key factors that might make Planly a preferable choice for you:

  1. Automated Scheduling: Planly stands out for its truly automated scheduling capabilities. This means once you set up your posts, they can be published without any further manual intervention, a feature that is highly convenient and time-saving, especially for busy content creators and marketers​​.
  2. Broad Social Media Platform Support: Planly supports a wide range of social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Mastodon, and YouTube. This extensive support is beneficial if you're active across multiple social media channels and need a unified tool to manage them all​​.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be easy to use, which is great if you prefer a straightforward and intuitive user experience for scheduling and managing your social media posts​​.
  4. Advanced Post Management Features: Planly offers advanced features such as the ability to track and analyze posts, create mini-websites for social media channels, and maintain a media library. These functionalities can be particularly useful for in-depth social media management and content strategy​​.
  5. Flexibility for Different Account Types: Whether you are managing a personal, business, or creator account, Planly offers functionalities tailored to each type. This versatility can be a significant advantage if you manage different types of accounts​​.
  6. Efficient Content Planning: With features like tagging and post-scheduling credits, Planly simplifies the process of organizing and planning your social media content. This can be a major time-saver and help in keeping your content strategy organized and consistent.

Since we recently launched Planly, we are adding more features to our product currently. So, once you purchase Planly at discount, you will also be able to use upcoming features for the discounted amount.