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Your automated social media scheduler

Planly is a free social media scheduler for all. With innovative solutions and intuitive design, we let you plan, manage, and auto publish posts to social media. Save time by scheduling social media posts and enjoy your creative process.

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Planly is a free social media scheduler for all. With full automation and advanced interface, we let you store your media, plan, and auto post to social media - no further notifications! Save time by scheduling social media posts and enjoy your creative process.

* no credit card required

Our customers’ stories

Satisfied customers found in Planly.

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“As a content creator, making time for social media with office work was hard. Planly helps me plan and schedule my posts by saving my time. Now it is an irreplaceable product for me.”

Aygul Mehdiyeva Content Creator, PR Manager
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“Managing multiple social media accounts is not easy. Planly saves us a lot of time to be productive and present as a business on social media. Now we have more time to create.”

Natella Zadeh Marketing Manager

How does it work?

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Get started in just 3 simple steps.

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Add your social media channels
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Schedule posts
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Who is it for?

Content creators

Planly provides the fastest social media scheduling for digital content creators to schedule TikTok videos, Instagram posts, stories, reels, and carousel posts, tweets, pins, from single social media scheduling software.

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Marketing teams

We provide team management for small and large teams to organize their social media scheduling. Using the team feature, you can group similar social channels and add the right team members to auto post to social media. Also, expand your account limits with add-ons for better social media management.

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marketing teams

What is new in Planly?

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Fast, self-serve, AI-powered social media scheduler for you

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Auto publish Instagram Stories Scheduling 📅

Plan and auto publish Instagram Stories with just 3 clicks.

Auto publish AI Content Assistant 🧙

Ask AI to maximize your social media content creation.

Made to scale your social media

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Truly automated free social media scheduler that meets your needs

Auto publish social media posts

Social media scheduling and more

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Schedule once and avoid all interruptions. We let you auto-post:
- Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts
- Instagram reels and carousels,
- First comment on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
Share TikTok posts via push notifications

Schedule my posts
Auto publish
Drag & drop calendar planner

Schedule posts fast and easily with Planly.

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Visually plan and schedule social media posts with drag & drop social media scheduling calendar. Select media you want to share and put in the time you want them to be shared. Bingo! Whether it is a TikTok video or a Pinterest pin, Planly will seamlessly auto publish your posts with a click of a finger.

Schedule my posts
Drag & drop calendar planner
Media library

Store unlimited media files.

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Lose track of endless content? We got your back. Store all your visual media in the Planly Media library. Filter your media by their date, media type (photo or video), category (used or unused) to easily find them. More, give tags and favorite marks to make them more accessible.

Save my media
Media library
Team management

You are stronger with your team.

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Juggling multiple channels? No more with Planly. With Planly Team management, you can group social channels into Teams and add users to them. Invite new users and collaborate on posts to build a social media dream team. Working in multiple teams? No problem! You can join unlimited teams with a single Planly account.

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Team management

Also designed for developers

Our interface is powered by an easy-to-use API which is also available for developers. Get your API key in Account settings > Security and build your own integrations.

Read API docs

Planly is above scheduling


Content-rich feed to grab more eyeballs


Intuitive user experience to seamlessly navigate


Customizable pricing made for your specific social media needs


We are beyond social media scheduling tool

Team behind Planly

We are a click away from you

Planly is a team of devoted professionals who aim to bring the best social media scheduling experience to our customers. We deliver fully automated solutions to provide the ultimate social media management software for you. We are pleased to support your Planly journey with the latest solutions and customer care.

We also provide a comprehensive Help Center for those who prefer web self-serving onboarding.

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Plan relentlessly

Schedule your media posts for free


Your questions answered.

What is a Planly?

Planly is a social media scheduler to publish to Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What is the difference between Planly and other scheduling tools?

We get this question very often. Planly provides a fast and intuitive experience to auto publish posts to schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. For TikTok scheduling, we use inbox notification where you will need to publish posts from your mobile device.
Also, you can schedule first comments to social platforms to trigger engagement on your posts.

How Planly works?

We use official APIs given by social networks to connect your social channels to Planly.

Can I schedule posts to a personal account?

Depending on the social platform you are scheduling to, you can connect personal or business accounts to schedule your posts. You can schedule posts to TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn personal accounts. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest requires users to connect business accounts to schedule posts.

Can I use Planly for free?

Of course, you can. You can create a free account at Planly and also use 14-day free trials of our premium plans.

Can I get a cutomized plan for my social media accounts?

If the existing pricing plans do not fit your needs, we can provide you with a custom plan based on your social media needs. Please book a quick call with us. We will talk to you soon.