On Twitter, people share tweets of their daily lives and trending news on the new agenda. Many people even learn about new changes or new news around the world from Twitter. Similarly, Twitter has various marketer accounts, accounts that share useful and educational information which people regularly follow. Especially after its new owner Elon Musk, users expect to see a lot of Twitter updates on the platform.

Managing those accounts is not as easy as we think. Because it is necessary to prepare the content of the shares, determine which day and time to post them, and finally post them at different times. It was a bit difficult, wasn't it?

Let us tell you how you can easily post your tweets.

The first thing you will do is create a social media content calendar. Doing it weekly or monthly will save you more money. Then we come to the main part. Schedule Tweets! When you schedule posts on Twitter, you save time and create more professional tweets.

For this, you can start using social media scheduling tools. Keep reading the blog to learn how to schedule tweets. We'll show you how to schedule Twitter posts in two of the best ways.

How to schedule tweets on Twitter?

To schedule posts on Twitter, you first need to create an account on Twitter. To schedule tweets, you can either use Twitter scheduling tools or use the native Twitter’s native scheduler.

Schedule posts natively if your brand is present on one or two social media accounts and you don't use a social media management service. Direct scheduling on Twitter is a quick method to schedule Twitter posts.

Here's how to set up a schedule tweets on Twitter:

Select to blue Tweet button

When you open Twitter for the first time, select the blue Tweet button and write the tweet you want to schedule in the white text space that appears.

Write your tweet

Include any mentions, links, media, and Twitter hashtags in your article when writing it. You can also decide whether everyone, just the users you follow or just the people you mentioned will be allowed to reply to the Tweet.

Click the calendar icon

You can select the fifth calendar icon from the left.

Date and time of posting are up to you

Set the time and day you want to share.

Click Confirm

You select Confirm and that's it! Your tweet is now ready to be scheduled! In this way, you can schedule your various tweets on Twitter.

Pros and cons of scheduled tweets on Twitter

Let's list the pros and cons of Schedule posts on Twitter.

Pros of scheduled tweets on Twitter

  • Saves you time
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps your Twitter profile fresh
  • Increases engagement

Cons of scheduled tweets on Twitter

  • Scheduled tweets cannot be seen in the calendar view
  • It is not possible to schedule the first comment
  • You can only schedule one tweet at a time
  • You can’t schedule to other social networks at the same time

How to schedule tweets with Planly?

Planly is a new social media scheduler with Twitter scheduling. Through the best Twitter scheduler, you can schedule tweets at any date and time you want.

You can easily schedule Twitter posts with Planly. For this, you need to create a account in Planly first. Then select Twitter from the Add social channels section that will appear in front of you and connect your Twitter account with Planly.

You can prepare new schedules by choosing one of the various paid options to take advantage of more features. Additionally, Pro plan has a 14-day trial for FREE.

It's time for scheduled tweets!

Select New Schedule

You can tweet a new schedule by selecting the New Schedule button.

Create your tweet

First, you select the social channel you want to schedule (i.e. Twitter). Then you can select the media you want to choose from Planly's Media library, such as images, GIFs, and videos.

Note: First upload media you want to post to the Media library. Here you can divide them into different categories and place different labels on each one. Then you can easily find them to schedule

If you don't want media, you can write a post. It is entirely your choice. If you don't want to tweet the schedule now, you can draft it and edit it later.

Schedule First Comment

Entering the first comment on Twitter will have a positive impact on your Twitter engagement. Also, if you exceed the Twitter character limit in the article, you can complete your unfinished thoughts in the first comment.

For this, you need to activate the first comment button.

Select the date and time

Here you can set the desired time and day. But don't forget the best time to post on Twitter. Accordingly, your engagement will increase.

To set the time and day, go to the Edit section and make your selection and select Apply.

Select Schedule!

You have already tweeted the schedule post!

And now it's time to think of your next Tweet ideas.

How to edit scheduled tweets on Planly?


Pros and cons of scheduled tweets on Planly

Let's talk about the pros and cons of scheduling tweets on Planly.

Pros of scheduled tweets on Planly

  • Easy to use
  • Have Media Library
  • Trial option
  • First comment schedule
  • Edit tweets after schedule
  • Multi account management
  • Cross post to other platforms at the same time

Cons of scheduled tweets on Planly

  • You cannot tag another account when you schedule Twitter posts.
  • Does not have twitter analytics

Time to TWEET!

In this blog, we learned how to schedule tweets. We have shown you the two most cost-effective options: tweet schedule with Twitter and Planly.

It should also be noted that before scheduling tweets, you should pay attention to several points

Time zones

Find out what zone your audience is from. That way, when you post a scheduled tweet, you will be scheduled in the correct zone.

Know your audience

Knowing who your audience is is just as important as being up to date with the most public Twitter demographics. Growing up scheduling choices, such as posting your content at a time when your audience is most likely to see it and interact with it, depends on knowing who your audience is and when they're most likely to be online.

Check Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics will show you how your audience is engaging with your content. Schedule future posts to match with when engagement is at its highest if you see that engagement falls for Tweets you've published in the evening but peaks for tweets published in the morning. This is why it is important to find the best time to post on Twitter before scheduling your tweets.

Use Planly from the same dashboard you use to manage your other social media platforms to plan tweets and engage with your followers. Get a trial now.