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Create, schedule, and conquer Your Mastodon toots!

Automatically publish your texts, photos, videos, and polls in Mastodon in just a few clicks. Share your posts on the Mastodon server of your choice and start a new journey in Mastodon with your activity.

Scheduling Content for Mastodon on Planly

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Mastodon auto publishing

Auto-post toots and comments with Planly’s Mastodon Scheduler

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Easily link your Mastodon account to Planly. Create post ideas or ask AI to create compelling post ideas and captions for you. Schedule posts, including text, images, and videos from Planly to your Mastodon servers.
Not just your post; schedule your first comment too. Kickstart interactions and steer the narrative from the get-go.

Schedule my posts
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Mastodon communities

Join Mastodon movement

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Enter your Mastodon servers of your choice and schedule your posts. Dive into resources, trends, and insights exclusively curated for the Mastodon community. Embark your voice in community conversation.

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Drag & drop calendar planner
Interactive toots

Push engagement with poll scheduling

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Add flair to your toots! Engage your audience with polls, multimedia, and more, amplifying your Mastodon presence. Choose the duration of your polls to hit the highest mark. Lastly, heat up the conversation by displaying votes while scheduling the poll.

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Media library
Multiple account management

Auto post to multiple social channels at once

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Manage your social media calendar from a single dashboard. Schedule posts on Mastodon along with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube. Add media and customize post captions for each platform to heat the same.

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Team management

Schedule your Mastodon posts in just a few steps

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Create your ideas
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Write a first comment
Add social media accounts
Pick date, time, and voila! Schedule your post!
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Schedule Mastodon posts!

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Your questions about Mastodon scheduling are answered

How does Planly's integration work with Mastodon? is a mini website that allows you to create your own web page and add all of your important links like products, forums, media, and information in one place. You can personalize this page with your preferred theme, embed important links, and embed music or videos to make it uniquely yours.

On which plans Mastodon integration is available?

Mastodon integration is available in all plans. Depending on your subscription, you can connect one or multiple Mastodon servers and schedule posts.

What is toot?

A 'toot' is the equivalent of a 'tweet' on Twitter, but it's used in the context of Mastodon. In other words, it's a message or post a user publishes on Mastodon. Just as users tweet on Twitter, they toot on Mastodon. This term is part of Mastodon's unique vocabulary, reflecting its distinct identity in social media platforms. Despite Twitter, on Mastodon, you can use up to 500 characters for the toot caption.

How many toots can I schedule to Mastodon?

Just like other platforms, Mastodon post scheduling limits are distributed differently across pricing plans. On the Starter plan, you can schedule up to 100 toots, on the Pro plan up to 200, and on the Guru plan, up to 800 toots can be scheduled.

What types of toots can I schedule to Mastodon with Planly?

You can schedule text posts, images, videos, GIFs, and polls with Planly.

How do I start scheduling my Mastodon posts?

After signing in to your Planly account, you can access the Mastodon server from the connect channel section and add your own Mastodon account.

Can I schedule my first comment along with my toot using Planly?

Absolutely! Planly allows you to schedule not only your toot but also the initial comment, helping you guide the conversation from the onset.

How does Planly handle multiple Mastodon accounts?

Planly's interface is designed to efficiently manage content across multiple Mastodon instances or accounts, allowing for a unified and streamlined experience

Are multimedia toots supported when scheduling through Planly?

Yes! Planly supports scheduling multimedia toots, allowing you to engage your audience with images, videos, polls, and more.