TikTok's features give us many chances. Because, on this platform, it is quite easy to make the content as and when we want. If we want to increase TikTok engagement, we need to make the most of the features of TikTok.

Also, if you are using TikTok to advertise your products or services, you will need user-generated content. In this blog, we will talk about user-generated content on TikTok. We will explain the importance of authentic user-generated content on TikTok and clarify the ways to improve it.

What is user-generated content on TikTok?

User-generated content on TikTok is considered similar to that on other social media platforms. The main difference is that the content is different. As we know, user-generated content comes in several forms: images, videos, testimonials, blog posts, etc. In TikTok, this process takes place over videos.  We know how important video content is for social media. So these are the same for TikTok videos.

The basis of the TikTok algorithm is videos. Thus, people make videos for products of different brands through user-generated content and give them various information about it.

In influencer marketing, best TikTok brand collaborations with influencers help them create promotional material on for the brand. UGC is planned content, and its creators are not paid.

This may remind you of TikTok influencer marketing, but these are different concepts. Influencers collaborate with a certain brand, advertise the brand and make promotional videos. But in user-generated content, anyone who uses a brand's products can recommend or criticize them. Thus, both processes are aimed at brand development and further promotion.

In fact, on TikTok, user-generated videos are 22% more effective than branded videos.

Why is the importance of UGC on TikTok?

User-generated content on TikTok can be a powerful tool for marketing your brand. There are two main reasons why user-generated content works on TikTok. The features of TikTok and the presence of different user types. We can list the features of TikTok separately.

These features:

  • Short videos- On TikTok, users can create a variety of content by making short videos. This is the first reason why user-generated content on TikTok works. Also, note that TikTok limits videos to 10 minutes. Thus, users can make different videos during this time.
  • Lots of tools- Making an interesting video on TikTok is quite easy and interesting. The reason for this is TikTok tools. Play with music, colors, editing tools, and many more on TikTok.
  • Intuitive platform-  Because of making attractive videos on TikTok, people love this platform. Most Gen Z TikTok use made the platform popular among other generations and businesses as well. Since the content here is created according to their psychology, the number of Gen Zins is high on TikTok.

TikTok users are divided into two different groups. The first of these are TikTok creators. Their main goal is to create useful and interesting content for viewers. Another second type is spectators. They log on to TikTok to watch and relax. If you want to get more views on TikTok videos, your views will increase precisely at the expense of spectators.

The Secret to Virality is Authenticity

Many TikTok users adore the app because it has given them the freedom to genuinely express themselves. TikTok followers praise regular people and their regular activities, in contrast to other social media sites where posts by well-known people dominate. This creates a sense of safety for self-expression and relatability with TikTok posts.

Posts like these, created by regular individuals, feel authentic and relevant and are what TikTok users refer to as authentic UGS on TikTok. Brands that don't meet that description must be able to make up for it by inviting more participants and creators to their events, and vice versa.

Target a Community

Additionally, UGC develops an identity that users can connect to. It shows how other individuals are embracing a brand's principles and building a strong community on TikTok. By creating a community, marketers can interact with users and develop a base of devoted customers.

The best method to make money on TikTok without seeming too salesy is probably this. The importance of community is highlighted by the fact that a large portion of TikTok users, Generation Z, are said to frequently turn to social media platforms in search of a sense of community.

Motivate Users to Participate in a UGC Campaign

UGC, which frequently takes the shape of contests, TikTok duets, and shareable files or songs, is a fantastic approach to directly amuse consumers rather than merely pleading with them to purchase your goods. People are more inclined to interact with your campaign and items if you do this.

How to use User Generated Content on TikTok?

Collaborate with TikTok creators

If you want to start user-generated content on TikTok, you can contact several TikTok content creators and use their videos.

Engage your current customers

Engage your audience in your user-generated content campaign. For participation, you might provide discounts or other benefits.

Start a TikTok challenge

TikTok challenges are a process that has always worked. You can do the test phase of any product together with your followers and create challenges.

Use a brand  #hashtag

As we know TikTok hashtag is our navigator on TikTok. When someone is looking for a product, they type the name of that product or brand in the search field, thus encountering videos related to it. Using hashtags correctly and correctly will increase the engagement of the video on TikTok and make your video more popular.

Best UGC examples on TikTok

User-generated content on TikTok creating different types of content is always necessary. For this, you can follow different content types.

Before & After

Making videos of this type has always been welcomed by viewers. In such a way, conveying to people the before and after situations of using a product will create a certain idea about the brand in them.

The best way to do this is to do challenges as mentioned above. When using such a product, set a daily goal. Then share the before and after with your followers. These videos will get you featured on TikTok.


A reaction video is one in which people discuss a certain product, television show, music video, game, or another topic.

It takes advantage of the feelings individuals have when using or viewing a product. In other words, users of reaction videos do so because they like the emotion of experiencing other people's reactions to the same material.

X Reasons why

What are the top 3 reasons to use this product? These types of videos consistently show why the product is used. Content like this usually gets people to share their experience with that particular product.

In other words, it's a good way to know what the audience thinks about your product.

How to

When you buy a product, you get to know how to use it. But it is more clear and more convenient for you to see it done by a user. Therefore, increase this type of authentic user-generated content on TikTok. Your viewers will want you to keep making these videos. Create user-generated content on TikTok according to their wishes.

Bottom Line

Promote your UGC on TikTok across all of your other social media platforms. Make sure people know where to find it and how they can participate. Monitor the results of your campaign and adjust as needed.

Keep track of how many views each video receives and what type of engagement it generates. Use this information to determine which types of videos work best for your brand and continue producing those types of videos.