TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It has over 1 billion active users and continues to grow. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, these tips will help you take your account to the next level!

30 Ultimate Useful TikTok Tips & Tricks to Know in 2024

Take your TikTok game to the next level with these expert TikTok tips and tricks! From maximizing views and TikTok engagement, monitoring comments like a pro, or even broadcasting live — you'll have all the tools needed to become an unstoppable force on this world-dominating platform. Now's your chance to show everyone who's the boss of TikTok!

Begin with a hook

TikTok is fast. You run the risk of losing viewers to the content that appears next on the infinite scroll if you don't immediately capture their attention.

Start with a hook when making a video for TikTok; ideally, the first two or three seconds will draw in your target audience. This can be accomplished via audio or visual methods.

Give the audience a good reason to comment

TikTok was made for engagement! Instead of waiting around, why not take the initiative and ask your fans to comment? Comments can go a long way in helping increase viewership on TikTok- so make sure you're giving viewers plenty of reasons to chime in. It's really that easy - all it takes is one simple request!

Respond to as many comments as you can

Want to take your TikTok comments up a notch? Put in the legwork and make those replies yourself! Taking time out of your day to interact directly with followers not only helps you appear more popular on the platform but also establishes strong connections that will keep them coming back for more.

Produce TikToks from comments

Regarding providing incentives for comments, one of TikTok's most distinctive features is the ability for producers to produce videos in response to certain comments. In reality, several TikTok users have grown their fan base based on unique videos that their viewers requested.

Find the best time for posting on TikTok

You should post on TikTok at certain times; did you know that? Because TikTok seldom plays videos older than a week or two, the best time to post on TikTok is when most users will be actively browsing. Depending on the day of the week, that time changes: Mondays are ideal for posting at 9:00 p.m., while Saturdays are not.

Keep up with the latest challenges

Looking for some TikTok advice to help your videos get more views on TikTok? Try these popular challenges to use TikTok on various social media networks to gain popularity. It is reasonable to assume that if you want to get more followers on TikTok, these video challenges will quickly boost your profile's popularity.

It's time to learn some TikTok tips for beginners if you're a new user checking out the app for the first time. You may start by using this one. You need to include certain popular TikTok hashtags in your videos if you want them to be seen widely.

Your video material can also be found as specific hashtags are more likely to be searched for and appreciated by the audience.

Make dance videos

Dancing is one of the first TikTok tricks you already know. Why not use it?

People who have used TikTok for a while would know that the site has flourished as a result of the music and dance videos. Now, creators are utilizing TikTok to demonstrate their dance prowess and share some catchy moves set to captivating songs.

The perfect moment to capitalize on your dancing abilities and elevate your TikTok profile is right now. You may take part in challenges and dance your heart out if you want to maximize your TikTok tips.

tiktok tips and tricks

Try to imitate songs

Every influencer lip-synced to the same song and performed the words on TikTok, making some songs popular among the public. Some of the producers made original films enjoyable by adding their own twists. Lip-syncing became one of the most notable performances on TikTok as a result, and it is a certain method to increase your view count on the app.

Reenact dialogue wherever possible

Lip syncing and dialogue recreation are two TikTok profile-boosting strategies. You may also lip-synch to your favorite movie clips or recreate your favorite comedic moment. It may also be a casual discussion with a friend. Go it alone, or invite your friends to participate! Take a chat, give it your own unique spin, and increase the number of views.

Animals & pets are adorable to watch

It's always entertaining to watch cute puppies and animals in quick movies and snippets. On TikTok, there are countless accounts devoted to cute animals, and the quantity of views and likes shows that viewers adore watching animals.

If you have a pet at home, you may utilize it to create video content and increase profile engagement. Pet videos on TikTok have already racked up billions of views, as you can see.

Make text flash on the beat and disappear

On TikTok, making films is a lot of fun, and users like making funny movies with music and chat. To make your videos go viral on TikTok, you may use some great advice. Making text appear and vanish in time with the music in your films will give them a fun aspect.

Makeup tutorials are always trendy

Looking for advice for creating on TikTok as a makeup artist? Here is some general advice for you. People are enamored with makeup artists and like watching beauty lessons and goods. You may choose make-over tutorials since they will never get old because applying makeup is so pleasurable to watch.

You have other options than designing unique makeup looks for yourself, including partnerships. Begin applying makeup on your pals, then start a challenge with the hashtag #makeupwithfriend. Since #makeup is the most popular TikTok hashtag, there is a probability that the videos will get more views. On your cosmetic vanity, you may also record videos to draw viewers in.

Drop some artwork and paints

Do you enjoy painting and wish to demonstrate your talent in this area? It's time to make the most of the TikTok tips! You can choose to create paintings and other works of art. You might choose to go with the notion of developing several YouTube channels in addition to exposing this outstanding ability just on TikTok.

Demonstrate your fruit-cutter skills

You've probably seen a lot of fruit-chopping videos where the creator finally demonstrates how to use a knife with finesse. If you possess the necessary skill set, now is the moment to shout out your ability on TikTok.

At this step, you must make a TikTok account that is only dedicated to your passion. Your skills and how you want the world to perceive them should be the entire focus.

Add in closed captions

A video must have closed captioning. Whether your video is lengthy or short, adding closed captions can increase the amount of TikTok users who see it. Your videos will get more global attention and interaction if you do this. Even if a viewer doesn't speak your language, adding closed captions will still help them comprehend what you're saying.

Also, note that recent TikTok updates focus on increasing user engagement globally. The platform started to automatically add captions to videos in certain languages.

Do DIY projects & science experiments

Science experiments and DIY projects are great ways to increase TikTok tip participation. We are all aware of how 5-minute crafts have shifted the focus of DIY projects and experimentation. Both video genres are quite well-liked by the younger generation and can broaden the audience for your productions. Because DIYs may be done at home and should be kid-safe, be careful and avoid using anything that could hurt anyone.

Partnerships with brands

Brand collaboration may put you in the spotlight on the platform. You need to engage with companies searching for tiny influencers and market your content on social media networks. There are many inspiring TikTok brand collaborations you can check.

Renovation tips & exercise guides

Since then, you've come across notable fitness professionals and content creators who know how to work out at home. Most people like watching workout lessons on TikTok. The brief and concise fitness videos are enjoyable, inspiring, and inspiring.

TikTok is another platform where those with solid remodeling and decorating talents may display their work. To display your concept, utilize Adobe Illustrator or your room. A quick house or room renovation instruction may be filmed in a number of different ways for the viewers.

Create fun transitions

TikTok recommendations will help you transition if you need to. You may utilize the editing stage to link one clip to another visually. There are various original techniques you may use to combine the films and produce entertaining transitions. The goal is to capture the clips that pick up where the previous one left off.

Make TikTok duets

TikTok Duet is one of the most organic TikTok tricks to get more followers and views. This is a great way to interact with your friends, influencers, and other TikTokers. You have the freedom to make lovely music videos thanks to TikTok's duet function.

Use many video clips in place of one audio clip

Now, one audio clip may be used with numerous video clips. It will need a lot of starts and stops, but the work is worthwhile.

All you have to do is promote the material on your TikTok profile by sharing it on all the social media sites you use. Additionally, you may link TikTok to other social media accounts to increase your following.

Continue to post videos on TikTok regularly

Content creators must be consistent with their TikTok video publishing to avoid having their profiles appear inactive. To keep on schedule with the TikTok video publishing at this point, you may combine a social media scheduler and social media content calendar. You can maintain consistency in your content publishing and schedule it in advance with the help of a social media scheduler, helping you to avoid missing out on significant occasions. Planly TikTok scheduler can help you achieve this in less time than ever.

Be innovative & passionate

You must be imaginative and energetic while publishing and scheduling TikTok posts. Your material must be pertinent and distinctive for the audience to pay attention. One must use creativity while creating videos for TikTok in terms of transitions, effects, content, style, and cinematography. The TikTokers will benefit from being easier to find on the site.

Don't be too serious about yourself

Naturally, creating an effective TikTok marketing plan requires significant effort. However, one of the great things about the platform is that you don't always have to act in a conventionally "professional" manner. Many TikTok users want to browse through and giggle, so it's acceptable to display some vulnerability.

Before going live, make an announcement

Before going live, create some buzz by posting about it on TikTok. Tell your audience when and what you'll be talking about when you go live so they may "attend" if they choose to.

Hint: You may do this on several platforms as well: To promote your TikTok live, post on your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

Prior to going live, prepare your remarks

Going live on TikTok doesn't require a script, but it is a good idea to have a broad concept of what you're going to do. Before going live, create a list of talking points or topics you wish to cover.

React to videos on TikTok

The in-app features now make it easy to respond to videos on TikTok. This is a great way to create engaging content.

Choose the right video topics

Choose topics that your target audience will find interesting and relevant so you can increase engagement and reach.


This article is a great way to get you started in unlocking the full potential of TikTok. By honing your skills with these TikTok tips and tricks, you have the ability to make your account stand out from the rest.

Overall, keep experimenting and pushing yourself to put out content that resonates with your audience. Making sure that you’re up-to-date on all social trends will help create high engagement — ultimately leading to success. As always, if you need more help or want to learn more about the world of social media and marketing, please visit our website and read more blogs!