When we enter TikTok, a page appears in front of us, which brings the pages we continuously follow on TikTok, the videos related to the topics we like, to our TikTok feed. So, do you have any ideas on how to optimize your TikTok For You page?

In this blog, we will talk about how to make your TikTok For You page the way you want it to be. It is very important to prepare the For you page on TikTok. Because in the following section on the other side of this page, only the videos of the accounts you follow come.

Here are the videos that match the topics that you are watching. In this blog, we will give you 10 effective tips on how to get your TikTok video on the For You page and get more views on TikTok. So let's start exploring the TikTok For You page.

What is the for u page on TikTok?

The TikTok algorithm creates a TikTok For You page based on your most watched and liked videos. In this way, the videos that you watch continuously, the videos that belong to other accounts corresponding to the videos that you watch many times will appear in your TikTok feed.

This also includes the music included in the videos you watch. A piece of music can appear in your feed in several different video formats.

This is also influenced by the factors mentioned below.

  • Data from videos, like captions on TikTok and hashtags.
  • Device settings, including your device type, language ability, and country settings.
  • The types of content you create, share, like, follow, and comment on.

The TikTok For You page has some of the same features as the Instagram Explore page. The main essence of both is that the user scroll-stoping follows the posts.

How does TikTok For You page algorithm work?

As we mentioned above, the creation of the TikTok For You page is entirely related to the TikTok algorithm. Let's explain it.

User Interactions

This is where viewers react to a TikTok video. Like, comment, save, or share the video.

It also affects how long you watch a video on TikTok. So, when you watch a video for a long time or until the end, the TikTok algorithm already understands that you like this video and presents you with this type of video.

Hashtags, sounds, and captions are a treasure trove of information to help you get onto the For You page. If you follow any trending TikTok hashtags or sounds, the algorithm will show videos featuring them on your for you page.

Device and Account Settings

Your location, language ability, device, and country settings all affect how your TikTok FYP is managed. Also, stay away from duplicate stuff. It's tempting to share the same content multiple times, as some people do on Twitter. Due to TikTok's policy on promoting duplicate content, businesses will waste time and resources while also seeing a decrease in engagement.

Last but not least, don't worry if you're new to TikTok or haven't yet produced any viral material. TikTok doesn't take any of this into account.

How to get on For You page TikTok?

Optimize your videos

You should optimize your videos for search engine optimization (SEO). For this, you need to add keywords, and write the title and description according to them, so that your video is SEO-friendly.

Research keywords

When searching for TikTok keywords, you first look at what people are searching for the most, then prepare a keyword list for your suitable TikTok videos. Thanks to this you will get more views on TikTok.

At the same time, you can also include the keywords you are researching in your TikTok bio. This will help your followers find you more often on TikTok.

Be creative

If your TikTok videos are simple and uninteresting, it will be difficult to get a For You page on TikTok. Followers on TikTok should like and comment enough on this video so that the video appears on other people's For You pages.

Enjoy and have fun if it fits with the tone you want to set. The best and most engaging TikTok videos are ones that make people smile. Be creative and start coming up with unique ideas to get people's attention.

You can participate in various TikTok challenges and make videos. By doing this, you will be able to grab the attention of your audience. But you should increase the number of such videos. Because sharing a lot on TikTok is a very positive thing.

For this, you should prepare a weekly or monthly TikTok content calendar. Later, you will be able to prepare them and schedule your videos, making your work even easier. To schedule, you can do it with Planly, the best social media scheduler tool. TikTok videos, duet, and stitch videos with Planly. Planly will auto-post them and not send you any notifications at this time. You can try Planly for FREE. Schedule your creative videos by creating a Planly account right now.

Use relevant hashtags

TikTok hashtags will be your best assistant. As we mentioned above, use trending keywords for your video. Also, increase the number of hashtags so that your video can be seen by more people. By entering hashtags like #fyp #ForYou, you have a chance to get on the TikTok For You page.

Pay attention to the TikTok limit. You must enter both a TikTok caption and a hashtag within 2200 characters.

Keep videos short

It's better to keep your videos short. Because people like to watch short videos more. However, according to the latest TikTok updates, the video length on TikTok is now 10 minutes. Unless you're sharing an informational video, keep your videos short.

Write the best caption

You should write captions on TikTok creatively. Try to keep the caption as short as possible and express your opinion in one sentence. Here you can use CTA (call-to-action). Invite your followers to follow your account and like your videos.

Sayings like "Wait till the end" or "This took me five times to get right" could create an atmosphere of mystery. This might encourage people to stay and watch the whole thing.

Create High-Quality Videos

When using video marketing on TikTok, you should consider not only the quality of the video. Making a video on TikTok is quite easy. Therefore, make your video more professional by using different TikTok filters.

If you want to be on top of TikTok, first become active on TikTok yourself and follow the trends. The more you use trending music and sounds in your videos, the faster your video will be on the For You page on TikTok.

Tap the "Sounds" button at the top of the screen when making a video. The "Discover" page will appear when a new page opens.

You can view suggested sounds for use here, as well as a "Playlist" section with popular sounds, viral videos, and TikTok music rankings. You may also check out the "Trending" page to see what's popular right now across so many categories, such as "food and drink" or "fitness."

Use TikTok Stories

TikTok Stories have a blue circle next to them and are visible in feeds for 24 hours before disappearing. By viewing your TikTok For You page, users can find stories. Videos can be uploaded in a similar way to other types of content.

Post the right time

You don't have to share your videos and stories on TikTok whenever you want. For this, you need to know the best time to post on TikTok. To know the best time, you can use TikTok analytics. Which will show you the best time based on the activity time of your followers here.

The best days to post on TikTok are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The best times to post on TikTok are between 6 am to 10 am and 7 pm to 11 pm.

How to reset For You page TikTok?

On your profile page, tap the menu icon in the upper right corner. Tap “Privacy and Settings”. Select “Free up space” as you scroll down. Your data will be reset if you tap the “Clear “button next to the archive area.

In Closing

If you want your video to go on TikTok For You page, use the quick tips we recommend. Thus, your TikTok engagement will increase significantly. If your viewers leave comments on your videos, don't hesitate to respond to them and make sure your response is clear and comprehensive. Also, enrich your TikTok content by using different social media content ideas.