How to use TikTok to promote your business? How to create a TikTok business account? In this guide, we are going to see what is a TikTok business account and what benefits it comes with.

Is the TikTok business account free?

Yes, there is no extra charge for switching to a business account on TikTok. Suppose your company is not present on this platform yet, and you are considering whether you should join this social network.

In that case, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to use TikTok for businesses, as well as some ideas on how you can use it for your marketing strategy.

How to create a TikTok business account?

With these steps, you will have your TikTok business account in less than 2 minutes. You will see that creating an account on Tiktok is very easy. What the TikTok business account or PRO account allows you to do is have access to all the statistics, something very useful when you want to see which video works for you, where your audience comes from, and in general, have more control over your account and videos.

1. Download the TikTok app.

2. Open the app and click Sign Up.

3. Enter your email address and click Next. If you want to connect your business account to your Facebook Business Page, make sure you use an admin email address to sign up or click Sign in with Facebook.

4. Choose your username and password and fill in your profile information.

5. Select Finish.

6. Done, now you have a TikTok account.

How to convert a personal account to a Business account?

1. Log in to your personal account within the app.

2. Click on the profile icon to enter your profile.

3. Hit the top three dots

4. Select “Manage Account”

5. Then click "Switch to business account"

Now that your “how to create a business account on TikTok” is answered let’s switch to

TikTok business account vs TikTok personal account

With TikTok for Business, companies and brands increase their chances to be known, reinforce their brand image, connect with their target audience, achieve their goals, etc. Having a pro account on TikTok will help you in three important points:

  1. Adding a link to your profile
  2. Access to digital metrics
  3. Message automation

Like Instagram, Tik Tok is a linkphobic platform, which means that it will not let you add links to your videos, and only if you have a pro account, you will be able to add a link (and only one link) to your TikTok bio (we recommend using Beacons or Linktree to boost your links on TikTok).

To check your statistics, follow these steps: Go to the «Settings and Privacy», then to «Business Center», here you will see two options, select «Statistics». In the statistics you will be able to view different elements, such as your account tracking, your most viewed videos, profile views, and demographic data and you will also be able to see the result for each content, traffic sources, and all the activity on the platform.

The other option that you have available as a pro-company account is to optimize the welcome messages, so that when someone interested in your products or services receives a quick and automated response, especially if it is a weekend.

Keep in mind that each automated message you add must go through a prior approval process. You can also create personalized messages depending on a keyword that you determine, for example, if someone asks you about a product x, the answer for product x is activated.

Personal TikTok accounts simply do not have these features. So, if you are a business owner or a digital marketing guru, your best bet is to go with the TikTok Business account for better reach to your potential clients and get more views on TikTok.

TikTok Business account music

Corporate TikTok accounts could add songs to their content, both royalty-free music and copyrighted songs, even if the purpose of their messages was commercial, thanks to the agreements that TikTok has signed with record companies and the music industry.

However, this is no longer the case. The company has quietly modified this clause so that verified brand accounts can only use a free, royalty-free commercial music library. Only from there will they be able to take the music for their contents, as they have these commercial purposes.

How to make your TikTok Business account more attractive?

When editing the profile, the most important thing is that it reflects the identity of your brand. Use a profile photo, it can be your logo photo or a photo that looks good and is professional. In addition, you can also include TikTok hashtags, put related keywords and add some emoji in the description to give proximity.

Create a TikTok Strategy for Business

Define your target audience

Before choosing the type of content you are going to post on TikTok, you need to think about what your target audience is.

The majority of TikTok users are between the ages of 15-21. Knowing the exact audience of the users of this social network is the first step to being able to make a winning strategy.

The process of defining your audience is the key part of the whole process, and it is the most important stage of your TikTok marketing strategy:

- Who are the people who buy your brand

- Analyze if your target audience is there

- Conduct in-depth research on your competition

- Create a document in which you say what your brand is, the values ​​, and the mission

Think about your brand, the platform, and your audience, what kind of content would they like to see? What content works for you on other social networks? , what does your audience talk about in their own profiles?

Set goals and objectives

Before you start creating crazy content on TikTok, you have to think about what goals you can achieve on TikTok. Analyzing those goals allows you to direct all the actions you do to achieve them.

It is not always easy to define the objectives we want, that is why it is key that they are:

- Specific

- Measurable

- Achievable

- Relevant

- Timely

Little by little you have to build your presence on TikTok. To define your strategy you have to think about the metrics and analytics that will help you know how well you are doing. You have to see the number of likes, the number of followers, the comments, and the shares. You have to see that this also helps you commercially and with the sales objectives of your business. That's why it's key that you focus on the right metrics.


- Awareness: number of people who have viewed the profile

- Engagement: number of likes, shares, follows

- Conversion: click on the link, bounce rate..

Post regularly:

Once you start with your TikTok account, your followers will be waiting for your posts, so you must maintain a certain frequency with your content.

You know how often you should publish, you have to take into account what the purpose of your brand is and analyze the interactions it is having, only then can you test whether your followers want and expect more advertising from you, or not. If you post more than you should, you run the risk of tiring them out.

The good thing about TikTok is that you will have a series of Analytics, in which they tell you when their best publication time is, in terms of hours and days.

In any case, although TikTok gives you this type of information, it is best to start by testing to publishing at different times. Think that if your audience is from Spain, it is normal for the publication hours to be more normal: 1:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., or 9:00 p.m. On the other hand, if your company is in Spain and you also have an audience in Latin America, you will have to take it into account.

Once you find out your best time to post on TikTok it is recommended that you create a publication and TikTok content calendar.

Create valuable content for your brand

TikTok is a social network to share videos of between 15-20 seconds, with a purely entertaining tone. This does not mean that you cannot generate other types of videos, educational levels, or samples of your product. But you will always have to do it with a mindset of entertaining your followers. Of course, the type of content will depend on your type of business: having a clothing brand is not the same as having a pet products store. In general, we can make a division of:

- Product: you can show the manufacturing process of your product when you send it

- Service: you can show behind the scenes or show in a fun way what service you offer.

Once you have identified your content, you may or may not have a visual identity. Think that TikTok is a fast content platform, you don't need to have perfect content to post. The best thing is that you try different content until you identify what resonates best with your audience.

Unlike on Instagram, the appearance of the feed is not the most important thing. You can play with some common elements in all your videos so that they can be identified, but you don't have always to keep the same style.

Grow your TikTok account in followers

TikTok is the social network of the moment, and if there is something that can be highlighted, it is the reach and the scope that you can have without putting any type of advertising. The best way to grow your TikTok account is to get likes, shares, and likes.

What if you have interaction and engagement on your videos?

If your videos get interaction, the safest thing is that TikTok will show your videos in "For you", this is a section of TikTok in which random recommended videos appear, in relation to your tastes. Appearing in this section is the best showcase and opportunity for your videos. If this happens you will be able to get more followers on TikTok.

Use TikTok Ads for Business

Like Facebook, TikTok also has its own Ad Manager. From here you can create ads, manage them, and everything in a very intuitive way.

If you have already created a campaign or ad on Facebook before, the TikTok Ads Manager is not going to be complicated for you.

  1. Objectives: select what the objectives of your campaign are
  2. Create your campaign: placements of your ads, the audience, the type of publication
  3. Upload your ads:  Finally, you only have to upload your creatives or videos

The guidelines that TikTok gives for the creation of the ads are the following:

- Ideal resolution: 1280x720

- Descriptive text of the ad: between 12 and 100 characters

- Duration of the videos: from 9 to 60 seconds

- File weight: no more than 500 MB

8. Example of campaigns on TikTok

If you haven't opened the app yet and are wondering how are brands using Tiktok creatively? Here is an example of a Kaiku campaign with influencers.

If you look closely, it is a campaign that was very well received. Kaiku proposed a challenge to the TikTok community on a powerful brand message: Be 100% natural.

Thus, he invited the community to make a video reflecting those moments in which they were 100% natural.

Are you still contemplating whether to create a TikTok Business account? In short, if your goal is to build a brand identity and reach a broader audience, there’s no replacement for the TikTok Business Account. With all the data and statistics, you will know what works for you.