What is TikTok analytics?

The TikTok analytics dashboard allows you to get an idea of ​​the total audience of a TikTok and the performance of the content it has posted. With the help of integrated analysis tools, you can understand what content resonates the most and develop the right TikTok marketing strategy.

How to turn on analytics on TikTok

When a user registers a new TikTok profile, they get access to a standard account. In order to take advantage of the built-in TikTok analytics tools and view detailed data, you need to upgrade to the TikTok Business account.

This can be done completely free of charge, the whole transition process takes a few minutes.

How to switch to a TikTok Business account:

  1. On your profile page, click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  2. Select "Account Management".
  3. Click "Switch Pro Account".
  4. TikTok will now ask you to select your account type. You will see two options: Author and Business.
  5. The next step is to choose the category that suits you best.
  6. Check your email to complete the update. If you cannot access your mailbox at the moment, you can select the “Use phone” option.
  7. If you registered using an email address, you will be prompted to add a phone number and receive a confirmation code to the specified number.

That's all it takes - you've now upgraded your account to Pro. However, TikTok will only start recording your story from the moment you make the change. This means you can't track your activity stats since you had a regular account.

The initial data collection and analysis will take the application about seven days, after which it will start showing statistics.

How to turn off analytics on TikTok?

To turn off analytics on TikTok, you should switch to a regular, personal account. By doing that, you will no longer have access to TikTok analytics.

How to check TikTok Analytics 2023?

Your followers on TikTok analytics are first displayed in a graphical format in the Overview tab. Switch between 7, 28, or 60-day views to analyze short and long-term trends.

For a deeper understanding of the audience, go to the "Subscribers" tab in the upper right corner. This section includes demographics, gender, location, and visitor activity. Viewing detailed statistics becomes available after the first 100 subscribers are recruited.

Content analysis

The most extensive analytics on TikTok is available for video. In the Overview tab, you will find a line chart that displays video views for the last week or month. To view data for specific videos, go to the "Content" tab.

Content tab

In this section, you can see all posts for the last seven days. You can click on any video to see total likes, comments, playtime, traffic sources, audience demographics, and more.

You can also check the details of individual videos on your profile page. Open the video, tap More(...) and select Analytics.

Metrics don’t mean much if you don’t have the correct content strategy and consistency. For that, you can use Planly, the TikTok scheduling software. Planly helps you to auto-publish posts in advance and use many other features that come with it.

How to understand TikTok analytics?

Viral videos are the definition everyone familiar with TikTok has heard. But a buzzword doesn't mean much if it's not backed up by the right actions and statistics.

To successfully and quickly promote your account, you need to feel the interests of your audience and adapt to them. It is almost impossible to do this without reliable and detailed data on its behavior.

More analytics

Total Likes: From your TikTok profile, you can see the total number of likes users have given to your content. This TikTok metric can be used as a rough estimate of average TikTok engagement.

TikTok engagement metrics: There are proven ways to calculate social media engagement metrics. The two main formulas marketers use are:

  1. ((Number of Likes + Number of Comments) / Number of Followers) * 100
  2. ((Number of likes + Number of comments + Number of reposts) / Number of followers) * 100

Using analytics

Instead of focusing on any one TikTok KPI, pay attention to how your audience interacts with your videos and try to understand long-term trends. The TikTok For You Page typically shows videos posted within the last 90 days, with viewer engagement peaking in the first few days.

However, videos can continue to get more views on TikTok as long as viewers continue to interact with them. Keep in mind that interest in content stretches over several months, so consider saving your video and giving it time to develop.

Communicate with the right audience

Once you examine the account data and find out what resonates, you can take this as a signal of what kind of videos your audience likes and focus on creating similar content.

TikTok hashtag analytics

In the Video Views section, you'll only see metrics for content posted in the last 7 days. The Trending Videos section displays data for content posted more than 7 days ago.

This will help you determine which videos are still popular beyond the 7-day statistic period. Along with the performance metrics, you will also see the title and TikTok hashtags used in the video.


To maintain successful accounts, you need to understand and feel your audience well. The fastest and most convenient way to understand her preferences is to use the tools built into the platform to analyze statistics.

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that no data and statistics will help if you do not upload unusual, creative, and interesting videos.