Do you frequently check the people you follow on social media? For example, what are they sharing and what are the new changes in their accounts? We want the people we follow on social media, especially on Instagram, to be useful to us and to like their accounts.

If you're a marketer, you'll want to constantly learn what's happening in marketing. One of the best ways to learn about such innovations is to engage with marketing accounts to follow marketing Instagram accounts.

Finding good marketing accounts to follow on Instagram will be very useful to improve your skills and expand your knowledge with real practices. Because those marketers constantly share the latest developments in the field of marketing and business, tips and tricks that we can use in marketing, and at the same time motivational shares.

Compared to marketing blogs, marketing Instagram accounts tend to share small amount of content making them more digestible in the daytime.

When you find the right marketing accounts to follow on Instagram, you will be in your targeted niche. For example, if you are interested in topics and innovations related to SEO, an expert in this field. Because these people are loved by a small audience of people precisely because they have implemented Instagram influencer marketing well.

Or if you just want to be aware of updates on social media, you should follow the account of a marketer working on that social media platform. To help, let's start a blog and list the best 13 marketing accounts to follow on Instagram for you.

Marketing influencers to follow on Instagram is very good for your business. Because when they constantly share updates, you can be informed instantly by simply turning on notifications from the account you want

Top 10 Marketing accounts to follow on Instagram in 2023


HubSpot is a great CRM and automation platform that helps in business growth. Not only does HubSpot's Instagram provide clear message for its tools, but it also increases brand awareness thanks to a consistent feed and unique images. Their Instagram page is packed with useful marketing tactics. It also contains just enough inspiration for your CRM or MarTech automation strategy.


Canva is one of our highly-valued marketing design tools. If you are a designer or just a content creator but you need a perfect tool for your design skills, Canva is for you. Canva constantly updates the Instagram page with design marketing and lets you know what's new in Canva. One of the marketing Instagram accounts to follow


Another excellent marketing Instagram account for determining how thorough your marketing needs may be. When developing your marketing strategy, Marketing360 provides you with concise explanations and tips to keep in mind. You can rely on the information Marekting360 offers through its social media links if you need some quick advice.

Sprout Social

You will be able to find the answer to all the questions that constantly bother you about the use of social media in this marketing Instagram account. Sprout Social is dedicated to approaching social media a little bit differently because it is motivated by its brand objective. Their feed uses colorful and delicate elements to create a persona that is unique, beautiful, and educational all at once. Their feed contains advice and highlights of what successful brands are doing well and how you can use social media to get the same results.


Want to learn and have fun? So you are in the right account. With Semrush, you can learn the secrets of marketing and have fun with interesting memes. From how to write your blog to how to increase traffic to your site, you can learn everything with Semrush's Instagram account.

Digital Marketer

All marketers take note: this profile's feed is full with some of the best tools, tricks, and advice for becoming the best marketer you can be. Quick insights from marketers and resources you can add to your marketing toolkit will help you stay up of industry developments.


When it comes to Instagram content optimization, LaterMedia offers a fresh perspective. Their page largely focuses on colorful tones, large fonts, and information that is eye-catching. Their feed aims to demonstrate how their visual identity serves as a tool for expanding their business. They're the account to check if you're seeking for good color combination and ideas for material that will halt social media users in their tracks.


To become a good copywriter, you need to master copywriting skills. Alex Cattoni teaches you all about copywriting with his interesting posts. You need to do to become a professional copywriter, you can get the right writing skills by following this account.

Adam Mosseri

If you want to learn how to increase your Instagram engagement from an expert, you can watch Instagram CEO. He constantly shares tips and tricks to use on Instagram. You can also learn the Instagram latest updates from him.

Neil Patel

In order for your site to appear in the top ranks of Google, you must first look at the marketing side of it, that is, the SEO part. Neil Patel will help you here. With his Instagram reels, you will be able to learn how to increase traffic to your site, how to do proper keyword research on blogs and tips that marketers can use.

Ann Handley

Ann Handley explains for marketers how to turn content strategy into specific benefits. She is a best-selling book, a leader in digital marketing, and a social media expert.

Forbes ranked Ann the most powerful woman in social media! She also serves as MarketingProfs' Chief Content Officer.

Matt Navarra

Matt is known for his knowledge of social media and insightful, innovative comments. His customers have included the BBC, the United Nations, Pinterest, Sainsbury's, the UK Government, and others. He is based in the UK.

To receive support, advice, news, and industry updates that can help you become a better marketer, join Matt's Facebook Group, "The Social Media Geekout."

Jay Baer

Jay Baer is an expert on marketing, customer service, word-of-mouth marketing, and business growth motivation. Convince & Convert, a content marketing firm, was founded by him.

Follow Jay on Instagram if you're a growth-focused content marketer who is driven by a passion for the customer experience.

Bottom Line

In this blog, we have presented marketers to follow on Instagram for you. Thus, you can develop the marketing part of your business by following such marketers and marketing accounts on Instagram. But don't just look for marketing accounts to follow on Instagram. Be sure to apply the tips they recommend to your own business. Thank you for reading!