In today's age, people search on Google as well as on social media. Thus, they can get the information they want in several ways. Let's look at the marketing side of it. On social media, some people are busy presenting their products and services to people. So they use a social media marketing strategy.

They share their products and services on social media and ensure that they reach people. There are various methods you can use to reach your target audience on social media in the right way.

Also, your audience needs to use the right strategy to find you. In this blog, we will tell you about keyword research for social media, which is one of the best and most effective methods. Keyword research is different for each social media platform. For this, it is necessary to study and apply each of them separately.

What are keywords for social media?

The foundations of social media marketing are keywords. These are words or sentences that are relevant to web topics or conversations and can be used in your website's URL, Meta Tags, anchor text, etc. Businesses can produce material around this popular online activity by selecting targeted keywords.

Social media keywords work similarly to the ones on your website. When you make a post on the website, for example, when you write a blog, if your topic is related to the ‘New Year’, you should use the ‘New Year’ keyword in your blog so that people can see and find your blog in the search.

As you prepare your social media content ideas, you should also find keywords to highlight here.

Social media works the same way. When you choose the right username, write the right captions for your posts and videos, and most importantly, include the right hashtags, you are doing the right social media keyword research.

How to use branded keywords on social media?

Brand keywords refer to keywords aimed at a single brand. This includes keywords that reflect the brand's products and services. You can track branded keywords i different ways. Try the following two methods for this.

1. Tracking via Google

Google offers a few tools to aid you if your main priority is branded keywords in search engines.

For instance, you may use Google Alerts to send you notifications when a brand is mentioned in blogs or other online discussions. Compared to constantly Googling your brand name, this is more effective.

To find out how many branded searches are bringing visitors to your website, you can also keep an eye on Google Analytics or other SEO tools. You may also check to see if competitive branded keywords are creating traffic.

2. Tracking via Twitter

The best social media channel for tracking branded keywords is certainly Twitter. Twitter's advanced search makes the procedure considerably simpler in addition to being a very well-accessible route for customer care.

With the use of advanced search, you may enter different relevant keywords as well as exact-match variations of those terms. The ability to search for many terms at once saves time.

How to run social media keyword research?

  • Make a list of suitable subjects. A basic list of topics that are relevant to your business is the first step in the process.
  • Google's keyword suggestions can be used.
  • Learn about related searches.
  • Filter the keywords on your list.

The steps we have outlined are for general social media keyword research. Keyword research is different for each social media platform.

Let's explore it🚀

How To Use Social Media for Keyword Research?

Let's explore keyword research for social media across different platforms. In social media captions, you can use keywords to get more engagement for your followers and your post.

If you use Planly's AI content assistant, it will give you a suitable caption for your post, so you can use the right keywords and include appropriate hashtags. At the same time, you can determine whether the hashtags suggested by the AI ​​content assistant are trending and how long there have been posts about them through hashtag suggestion.

Keyword research for Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media platform worldwide. With 2 billion+ monthly users, people are constantly sharing enlightening posts with each other. This is why many businesses are known on Facebook.

  • Choose the topics that interest your niche- You should first be informed of the interests of your targeted audience before looking for relevant keywords on Facebook. To determine how your business can be of assistance, find out the wants and problems of your audience. Also, keep in mind to concentrate on the questions that are asked the most about your product. This will give you a strong base on which to build high-quality content.
  • Evaluate data in your Facebook Insights- Anyone who wants to evaluate user participation on their Facebook page should use Facebook Insights. You can perform keyword research using this free tool to discover what interests your target market.
  • Use the Google trends section-  Sources other than Facebook are as useful for locating the most relevant terms. Google Trends is a great keyword resource for social media, even if you didn't realize it or were not expecting it. By looking through categories relevant to your niche, you can find relevant keywords.

Keyword research for Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform. Here, using a limited number of characters, people express their opinion. Thus, you can use the search bar to analyze keywords on Twitter.

Here you will see all the trending keywords. To choose the right keywords, pay attention to the number of times they are processed, tweets with a high number of shares are more competitive. That way, you can find keywords that are relevant to your products and services. You can use them in your tweets accordingly. You can write such keywords as Twitter hashtags.

Keyword research for Instagram

Instagram is a platform that emphasizes visually. So, doing keyword research here is more possible with Instagram hashtags. Instagram hashtags are your main navigator on Instagram because people do more searches with hashtags.

For example, if you sell home appliances, you can write a short hashtag about it in your Instagram bio so that people can find you. At the same time, you can write as many hashtags as you want in your Instagram caption. If you reach the character limit, you can add your hashtags to the first comment section of Instagram and thus increase your Instagram reach.

Keyword Research for YouTube

YouTube is pioneers of video content thus video marketing platform. With more than 300 hours of video uploaded to the site every single minute and more than 5 billion unique views every day.

Since so many videos are uploaded every day, YouTube content needs to be optimized. FoYoueed to make the right keyword research tool for Youtube.

To achieve this, add a part of the search engine and use the underline character (_) for any words that are missing. Similar to Google's autocomplete search feature, YouTube will then present a list of suggestions that might be a great source of term ideas. Alternatively, you can start entering a keyword, and Google's autocomplete will suggest related topics and words.

Keyword Research for Pinterest

Pinterest is arguably the leading visual social media platform. Here you can enter the keyword you want and see hundreds of images and videos related to it. But content optimization on Pinterest is quite difficult. For this you should do relevant  Pinterest keyword research.

For this, we can first use the search section of Pinterest. Even before we enter the keyword, it brings us the most searched and trending keywords right now. The Explore tab on Pinterest is another great resource for keyword suggestions.

It offers you a variety of topics based on user activity across the platform, each of which can be further explored and refined for even more relevant keyword ideas.

Simply enter a keyword to receive a list of suggestions that you can use as the foundation for a keyword set or ad group. Selecting another keyword suggestion and repeating the process will allow you to alter your results in real time.

Using Pinterest's advertising choices as part of your strategy for keyword research is an extra choice. Create a Pinterest for a Business account first, then go to the "Promoted Pins" menu item in the user menu to get started.

From here, you may start a new campaign, give it a name, and establish a daily budget. Now that you've entered your search term, a list of similar keyword ideas that are relevant to your original keyword will appear. Even if some of them may be less helpful than others, you can still use these suggestions as hashtags if you're creating an ad campaign.

Keyword research for TikTok

Doing keyword research on Tiktok is important if you want to become famous on Tiktok. Currently, many brands are choosing TikTok as their social media presence, making it easier for them to gain an audience here.

To search for keywords on TikTok, you can use the Search bar. Which is where you can see the keywords that are currently trending. At the same time, according to the latest TikTok updates, TikTok has introduced a new comment search feature. Keywords written in the comment section on TikTok will direct you to a product or service related to that keyword. With this, enough followers are interested in TikTok shopping.

Keyword research for LinkedIn

Keywords are the secret sauce of online discoverability. They are the words or phrases people use to find what they're looking for on LinkedIn. When strategically used, keywords can make your profile and content appear in relevant search results, making it easier for others to connect with you. Whether you're on a quest for your dream job, aiming to establish industry expertise, or promoting your business, optimizing your LinkedIn presence with the right keywords is a strategic move.


In this blog, we have listed all the information you will need for social media keyword research. There are two other important points you need to make. The first is to choose the right social media platform that will develop your brand, and the second is to understand your audience and share according to their desires according to the right keyword research for social media.

Good luck to you🌟