Instagram is a platform that focuses on visuals. Here, when the stories, posts, reels and videos shared by users are eye-catching, people follow your posts without stopping scrolling.

For this, Instagram has created various features for you, through which your stories and posts look more creative. In this blog, we will talk about Instagram stickers for you.

If you want your posts and stories to look more attractive and different, use stickers on Instagram. For this, you need to find suitable Instagram story and post stickers. There are also some Instagram stickers that you can find by entering certain keywords.

So we started💫

What are Instagram stickers?

Both in image and video stories, Instagram stickers can be used as dynamic graphic features. Some let users engage with the story directly, while others are animated or clickable. Simply put, they increase the interest in your stories, which increases Instagram engagement.

How to search stickers on Instagram?

When you share a photo or video to your story or record Instagram reels, you can add stickers by tapping. To search for Instagram stickers, you first select the photo or video you want to share. Then, in the upper right part of the story, we switch to the sticker icon. Here are your Instagram stickers; you can use them to make perfect stories.

How to use stickers in Instagram stories?

  1. Tap the sticker icon in the editing choices' upper right-hand corner.
  2. Browse a choice of interactive and personalized stickers.
  3. You may find the other stickers by scrolling down.
  4. To add a sticker, click it.
  5. Take a look at the sticker on your story

How to add stickers to Instagram?

After choosing your Instagram stickers, you can place them in your story by touching them.

How to create Instagram stickers?

Can you make your own Instagram stickers? Yes, you can!  Instagram allows you to make your own stickers and GIFs.You can create your own cute stickers on Instagram. In this way, you can share these stickers with your Instagram followers and create a challenge.

Tips: Create a filter effect on Instagram and share it with your followers, Instagram story is an effective way to increase engagement.

  1. Get a Giphy brand account.
  2. Use Procreate to create a GIF sticker.
  3. Put it on
  4. Your Instagram story should include the sticker.

Most Popular Instagram stickers for story

The main sticker types featured on the app right now are listed below. Choose your favorite and begin interacting with your audience.

Quiz Sticker

Here you can create multiple-choice Instagram quizzes for your audience. Thus, when preparing and marking the correct answer for the quiz, your viewers will see whether their answer is correct or incorrect when selecting any option.

Question Sticker

With the use of this sticker, your followers can ask you questions. By using this sticker, you can ask for music and movie recommendations from your followers. With the help of this sticker, you may engage with your followers and answer their questions.

Donation Sticker

Anybody can donate to nonprofit organizations by using a donation sticker. By selecting this sticker, you can decide on a non-profit organization of your choice and generate money for it. This sticker will encourage people to contribute to your cause.

Countdown Sticker

You can use this sticker to begin a countdown to a special occasion or event. The time, date, name, and color can all be changed to improve the appearance. You may begin a countdown to your friend's birthday, for instance.

Poll Stickers

Also with the use of a poll or a question, a poll sticker, you may find out what your followers think. Emojis can be used in place of answers, and you can personalize the answers as well.

Music Sticker

You can add songs and lyrics with the music sticker to your Instagram Story. Also, you can choose the specific lyrics you want to include in your story as well as the font in which they will be shown. Using this sticker, you may learn all about your friend's music tastes.

Hashtag Sticker

With Instagram hashtags, you can increase your engagement. You can use hashtags that are trending or relevant to your story. Thus, when your followers enter that hashtag, they will be able to see all the Instagram stories related to it

Selfie Sticker

On your Instagram Story, you can share rounded versions of your selfies. The idea of sharing selfies in Instagram Stories has changed after this rounded shape sticker was launched in late 2020. Thanks to this selfie sticker, Instagram stories are now more interesting and enjoyable.😍

Location Sticker

Using a location sticker, you can now share your location on Instagram Stories. With the use of this sticker, you may, for example, share your location on the story while dining at a good restaurant. For companies looking to advertise their brands, it is quite useful.

Weather | Time Sticker

You have the option of using a sticker to add the current weather and time to your Instagram Story. This sticker gives your followers the impression that your stories are more relevant and unique.✌️

Food Orders Sticker

If you cooperate with any food order company, you place the link of the site you use on the Food order sticker. Later, by sharing it in your story, you prepare an informative story for your followers and give them a recommendation.

Add Your Sticker

This sticker is currently popular with Instagram followers. People record common holidays, childhood memories, and various challenges on this sticker and share the corresponding story.

Another Instagram user who sees these stories can simply go to that sticker, see who is using this sticker, and also add it to their story and share the story. It's time to make some interesting challenges, right?😉

Best and most searched Instagram GIF stickers

Instagram gif stickers have various cute  Instagram stickers. You can find and use the sticker you want by entering the right keyword.


Boho white






White dreams




Olly Kit




How to create gif stickers for Instagram?

You can make gifs with different tools. For this, several steps are necessary.

  • Get a brand or artist account on Giphy. You can apply for a Brand/Artist account on GIPHY once you've posted at least 5 GIFs.
  • Use Procreate to create the animated GIF sticker.
  • Upload Your GIF Sticker to Giphy in Step 3.
  • Add your GIF sticker to your Instagram story in step four.

How to add stickers in Instagram chat?

You can add Avatar stickers that you can make on Instagram to your Instagram chat. Because of this:

  1. In Feed's top right corner, select or.
  2. To start a chat, tap on one in your list of Chats.
  3. Tap AVATAR, then tap.
  4. To share a sticker with your chat, simply tap on it.

Stickers time

Today, people use Instagram stories to share both their personal and social lives. Instagram created stickers to give users an opportunity to express their emotions with stickers. More than just a fun feature, these Instagram stickers are useful. It draws followers and gives your Instagram Story a more interesting appearance.

However, many users have no idea how to upload stickers to Instagram or make their own. We have discussed step-by-step instructions on how to add and make stickers for Instagram Story. So, become familiar with sticker usage and enjoy applying stickers! 😇