Let's remember what we do on Instagram. The story, post sharing, creating reels or carousel posts, and many different features with which we can develop our business simultaneously. But what do you know about Instagram Note from Instagram latest updates?

While logging into your Instagram account, you have seen the notes written by your followers on Instagram at the top of your inbox. It's interesting to read their notes, isn't it? The social media company announced on December 13 that Instagram "Notes," a feature they called "a new way to express your thoughts and discover what your friends are up to," will be available.

We will show you the basic information you need to know about Instagram Note in this blog.

What is Instagram Note?

Instagram Notes are short posts or messages that show up at the top of other users' inboxes. In other people's inboxes, it shows as a thought bubble above your image or icon. There, in addition to those submitted by friends or followers, you'll be able to see your own note.

Instagram Notes must be 60 characters or less and may contain text or emojis.

These notes will appear active in the inbox of your followers within 24 hours. During this time, you can delete or edit your note. Your Instagram followers can reply to your note as a message. In this way, you can make quick communication with your followers.

How to use Instagram Notes?

To write an Instagram Note or view notes left by followers, follow these steps:

  • Open Instagram's DM inbox.
  • At the top left of the page, alongside other followers or friends who have posted a note, should be your profile photo or icon.
  • To write your own message or status, click "+."
  • Send a note with no more than 60 characters. After 24 hours, the note will be deleted.
  • To comment on a note that has been shared by a friend or follower, click the note and fill out the message area.
  • Their inbox will receive your response.

Why use Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes is already a feature that increases Instagram engagement. This is because if you are doing Instagram for business, you can attract your followers by writing the right notes.

For example, you can write your new Christmas discounts with an Instagram Note. Also, it will be very interesting to write the interesting story that happened during the day in 60 characters.

Instagram Notes can be kind of like Twitter. But there are many differences here. For example, even though character limits are fewer in both, Twitter has more. Also, while Instagram Note is only active for 24 hours, this is not the case with Twitter.

A similar aspect is that you express your opinion with fewer characters. Ask your audience various questions and get their answers. This is how you will get more followers on Instagram.

The Note feature is very convenient for Instagram creator account users. Because when creators share their interesting ideas with viewers, they can create a good conversation with them. Instagram influencers can also use the note to give advice to their followers and introduce the brands they collaborate with in a short sentence.

Best Instagram Note ideas

  1. Let the rain fall down
  2. Hey, look at us.
  3. Hey, I am using Instagram.
  4. Give me Christmas social media content ideas
  5. We live in a society
  6. Happy New Year!
  7. OMG, 2023 IS COMING😱
  8. To note or not to note?
  9. Goal: Being more happy
  10. Great day to meditate
  11. Live, Learn, Work, Play
  12. Overthinking kills your peace
  13. Stay Strong
  14. Meditate
  15. Live and die for Pizzas
  16. Always traveling
  17. Don’t give up. Not yet
  18. Shine bright like a diamond
  19. I don’t want peace, I want problems
  20. You are doing your best!

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Notes

The main questions that Instagram users have are how to use Instagram notes on Instagram and what its benefits are for creators and business accounts. We have mentioned the answers to such questions above, which will be useful when you write the right questions or sentences that can increase engagement in Instagram Note. Now let's look at the more specific questions asked.

Where do I find Instagram Notes?

Under the search bar, in your email, are Instagram Notes. You can't miss them because they appear under the title "Notes" at the top of your messages.

How to turn off Instagram Notes?

It is currently not possible to disable Instagram Note. You can view Instagram Notes or write a Note yourself.

Why can’t I see Instagram Notes?

If you don't see the Instagram Note, you need to update the Instagram app. After the update, all notes will be visible. If the problem still needs to be solved, this is due to the fact that the device still needs to be updated in general. For this, update the IOS or Android you are using.

How do I delete an Instagram Note?

  • Open your inbox.
  • Select the Note.
  • Select "delete note."

Do notes affect the Instagram algorithm?

Since the Instagram algorithm changes and updates very quickly, this question is a bit difficult to answer. However, we can say that in the last algorithm update, it was emphasized that Instagram reels bring more engagement.

However, if you use Instagram Note regularly, and your evergreen content on Instagram is interesting, it will work in your favor by strengthening the relationship between you and your followers.

Time to Note!

Instagram new updates always manage to surprise us. With that, we look forward to the new Instagram features coming each time. Instagram is one of them in Notes and it is very popular among users in a short time.

People are now sharing their quizzes with their followers or friends. You can also think of new Instagram Note ideas and write notes. If you want to keep up with more social media updates, you can check Planly blogs.