The creation of content, in addition to providing information of interest to the user, is a way of ranking in Google and other search engines.

So we understand content marketing is the strategy that companies use to create and distribute original and quality content, whether written or visual and get leads.

However, for the results to be lasting, evergreen content must be created, which is one that does not go out of style, is of quality, is optimized for SEO, and is interesting for the user.

What is evergreen content on Instagram?

"Evergreen" content is content that does not age for a long time and remains relevant. Using “evergreen content” is the same as giving a second life to a thing that seemed to be out of order or out of fashion.

Not only can you use the same material for a long time, but you can also repurpose content it in other formats and placements:

  • disperse in Instagram stories;
  • illustrate with a podcast or video and save to highlights IGTV / Facebook Watch;
  • make infographics that will be popular (and even after saving / downloading / screenshot will continue to strengthen your product brand or your personal brand).

Short-term announcements and even the most interesting posts will not be relevant for a long time. Even if you describe the composition of the dress, name all the flowers in the bouquet and reveal the secret of the taste of the new cake, such content will not be read in a month or two.

Let's take an example of an online store that actively sells its bags using Instagram shop. You can always add regular photos taken with your phone, and add a short description and price.

But if you show seasonal fashion for bags, talk about trends, name bag models, and show their capacity, the content will become interesting for a long time (at least it will be in seasonal demand).

Advantages of Evergreen Instagram Content

Evergreen content on Instagram helps:

  • Save your resources

Evergreen fasts usually take longer to prepare. At first glance, it may seem unwise to invest in them. But think about how much time and effort you will save by making information about your product more accessible without unsubscribing to hundreds of messages in Direct and not answering the same questions.

  • Take care of the subscriber

By giving constantly up-to-date content, you show respect for your subscribers. They don't have to go through a bunch of posts to find the information they need. They easily find all the answers to their questions, reducing the time to make a decision before buying your product/service.

  • Make your social media page a competitive advantage

After all, if everything is organized correctly, all the advantages of your product/service will be in sight, and you will not have to additionally sell it, excelling in trying to find the perfect recipe for promotion in social networks.

How do you make evergreen content for Instagram?

Content that does not lose relevance for a long time can be published and saved on social networks using several formats.

1.  Highlights

Many brands store all the important information in wonder circles below Instagram bio. These can be both previously uploaded Instagram stories (look for them in the "Archive" folder in the settings of your Personal Account).

Some of them may lead to a third-party source, increasing its "eternity", for example, your website or blog. You can design beautiful Instagram story highlights from the most interesting part of your account to boost your evergreen Instagram strategies.


The content in the IGTV tab is in demand because it is a logical continuation of the “stories” format. True, some social media users are not yet accustomed to noticing this tab among others on the business page. Therefore, mention it in posts, stories and Instagram live broadcasts.

3. Memories

Both Facebook and Instagram offer the user a feature called "A year ago on this day", which allows you to re-start an old post in the feed and give it a second wind 🎐

To see posts from the past on Facebook, go to the "Memories" section to the left of your news feed. Your posts, publications in which you were tagged (this can be User Generated Content), and important events get into the memories.

On Instagram, the memories you can share are in the "Archive" section, which can be found in the sidebar. When you share a memory, it is posted as a story.

4. "Evergreen" posts

Such posts should visually stand out in the feed so that when scrolling through, a person immediately notices the desired post. Usually, such posts contain an inscription on the cover itself and inside contain an “Instagram carousel” of photos or layouts (in the screenshot we see an alternation of video announcements and informative posts, from the cover of which the topics of the material are immediately clear).

It is these posts that users often save for themselves and forward to their friends. Statistics on such actions are perfectly tracked using the Instagram analytics tool for business accounts (immediately below the photo).

5. Navigation and #hashtags

For navigation and keeping content relevant, Instagram hashtags are essential. Divide all content into conditional headings and assign a hashtag to each.

Share this list with readers so that they can sort the information by an important parameter.

Evergreen Instagram Content Ideas

If the fact that the content should be relevant is understandable, then a lot of questions arise about the topics for Instagram evergreen content. We decided to help you and offer several effective options.

Once you have the content ideas in place, you can schedule to post your content using Instagram scheduler like Planly to keep everything timely and organized. It lets you auto-publish videos, photos, carousels, stories, feed posts to stories, and first comment within a single platform.

Product information ℹ️

For those who don't like to read into the strengths and uniqueness of your product, give very simple, concise information. But, nevertheless, it should sell no worse than the highest quality long read.

Some brands even save mini-videos with product demonstrations on social networks, which serve as additional advertising. You can leverage short videos like Instagram reels to boost your video marketing and of course evergreen content.

Guide to places/cities/country  🌎

If your product (product/service) is somehow involved in travel, make a selection of photos with top places in the story highlights, conduct an online tour in the story format, and save the post with a specific hashtag.

Help your subscribers and potential buyers save time searching for useful and interesting information. Post collections of movies/books/places/foods - anything that will increase your audience's credibility and give you the status of an expert and advisor.

Checklists ✅

Checklists, and to-do lists have a positive effect on virality. We recommend creating them in your posts or stories (which you pin in Featured), leaving comments, and replying to them so that the post gets more exposure.

The strength of lists is that they are easy for the reader to read. If the information in them remains useful for a long time, then the subscriber is likely to return to your page and use this content at least once again.

Life hacks 💡

Readers love things that make life easier for them. If you know and can design life hacks that are somehow related to your brand, your audience will take it with enthusiasm.


Tired of answering the same questions? Or, on the contrary, do you have cool Instagram story ideas that you would gladly share, but no one asks you about them? Prepare answers to the most frequently asked questions and save them to IGTV, as one of the Ukrainian jewelry brands did.

Delivery / Shops / Locations / Where to find you 📍

Attach information about your work schedule, where to find your item, and how to arrange for delivery (or returns). Such information inspires more confidence and makes the entire logistics system of a product or service more transparent.

Instagram pinning  📌

On Instagram, you can pin information in the Current. One of the coolest Instagram updates in 2022 is definitely post-pinning capability. This is an in-app feature you can use to leverage your evergreen content on Instagram and drive more Instagram engagement as time goes by.

And Planly will help you do it as well. Just slide the button to pin your post when scheduling to Instagram. Done! Let it stay at the top as long as you want it.

Wrap up

Creating evergreen content on Instagram requires well thought and executed evergreen Instagram strategies. No big achievements are gained overnight. Pay attention to these to make your content creation more effective and impactful:

  1. Create more than just useful and interesting content. Make sure it stays up to date for as long as possible.
  2. Use "evergreen" content on Instagram to build expertise, increase subscriber trust, and simplify the format of selling information about your product.
  3. Promote Instagram evergreen content on different platforms: in different social networks and formats (Highlights, IGTV, Facebook Watch, post feed).
  4. Don't forget to update the content. Even after a while, you can make a few edits to an old post, making it relevant again.

We hope your content will delight the eye of the target audience, like perennial flowerpots, and posts will be saved and re-read for many months.