LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, which is designed for various business people and job seekers on this platform. Through LinkedIn, different people expand their connections and increase their business relations.

For this, there are several strategies that many people use. For example, on LinkedIn, send a connection request to a number of people who match your niche. With this, they like each other's posts, learn from each other, and have the chance to establish various collaborations.

It will take you a lot of time to research and post consistently in your field. You have to find them and develop the content and visuals. Then you have to share them in time. A more accessible and more effective role for you is to schedule LinkedIn posts.

When scheduling a post on LinkedIn, you can both have time and find more ideas. We explain how to schedule LinkedIn posts for you on this blog. To post a LinkedIn schedule, you'll need the LinkedIn scheduling tools.

With LinkedIn scheduler tools, you can schedule your desired posts on LinkedIn.

Explore the best LinkedIn scheduling tools!

Why do you need to schedule LinkedIn posts?

If you are a social media manager and one of the platforms you have to manage is LinkedIn, you can schedule your posts to make your job easier.

Save Time

If you are an entrepreneur, or if LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms you manage, it means that you don't have much time. Because, among these things, creating post content and sharing it is quite tiring.

Therefore, using LinkedIn scheduling tools, you can finish the posts you will prepare in a very short time. You can set aside one day of the week for this. To write your posts and schedule them in LinkedIn schedulers tools.

And for content search, you can gather information in one place during the week, during working hours, or in whatever field of work you come across. Then you can summarize them and make them into a post.

Note: The main content of the posts you prepare on the LinkedIn platform is important. Visually, you just need to post a picture or video that matches your content.

Be Consistent

You don't have to post every day on LinkedIn. You can simply set a few days of the week as sharing days for yourself. When you schedule your posts, you will have it continuously. For this, you just need to start.

Maximize your team’s productivity

The person (or individuals) in control of sending posts live still has to spend time on it even if you aren't missing them. These people may focus on other tasks, like analyzing results and improving future material, when a batch is scheduled effectively. Additionally, this greatly streamlines posting for those that manage profiles on many social networks.

How to schedule LinkedIn posts with the LinkedIn scheduler?

In this part, we will tell you about the 8 best LinkedIn scheduling tools. You can easily schedule your content with the best free LinkedIn scheduling tools you can use.

  1. Planly
  2. Buffer
  3. Hootsuite
  4. HubSpot
  5. Khoros
  6. Sprout Social
  7. Salesforce
  8. Loomly

How to schedule LinkedIn posts with Planly?

Planly is a LinkedIn scheduler tool. Scheduling your LinkedIn posts with Planly is pretty easy. Planly differs from other social media scheduling tools in that it is user-friendly and easy to use, performing many functions.

For this, you need to sign up for from Planly and add your LinkedIn account to Planly.

You must first decide which LinkedIn account you want to share the post you want to share. You can connect your personal profile and business page as well. You have two options for this: Click the New Schedule button or click on the LinkedIn account you want to schedule.

When you click on the New Schedule button, a page like this appears in front of you, where you can select one or more of your LinkedIn accounts that you want to schedule.

Chose Image

You can grab the photo or video you want to share from Planlyn's Media Library. Here you have a chance to download an unlimited number of images.

You can also choose multiple pictures. At this point, you will be able to move and delete the selected images.

Write a caption

The size of the caption you write is completely up to you. Planly shows the number of characters in your text. As we know, the LinkedIn caption character limit is 3000 and and the word count has exceeded 500-600 words.

You can mention the link of your website or blog to be shared here. This will help you increase your website traffic.

Add First Comment

For this, you just need to activate the first comment button. Then, if you've exceeded your LinkedIn caption limit, you can post your thoughts or share useful resources with your followers by telling them in the comments. You can also increase your LinkedIn engagement this way.

Set date and time

For this, we click on the Edit button in the date section, and the monthly calendar and time appear in front of us. Here we set the day and time we plan and click the Apply button.

Note: When choosing the time, we must not forget the best time to post on LinkedIn.

Time to schedule!

After all our work is ready, we can check again and schedule our post. If you're going to edit it later, you can save it as a draft, and you can edit it later.

How to edit LinkedIn posts on Planly?

You can simply edit your LinkedIn post caption, date and time, first comment, image and link. Or you can delete this post altogether and not schedule it.

After editing, don't forget to click the Update button.


Here you can schedule a LinkedIn post. You can also another choose a paid plan that suits you from various paid options.You also have 14 days to test our Pro plan features for FREE.

8 best best LinkedIn scheduling tools to use in 2023

There are many paid and free social media schedulers that has LinkedIn scheduling tools. We collected the best tools that can help all types of LinkedIn users to schedule and publish their LinkedIn posts.


Planly is a on of the best LinkedIn scheduler tool. With Planly, you can schedule LinkedIn posts and increase your LinkedIn engagement easily. Planly is the most convenient LinkedIn scheduler tool for marketers, entrepreneurs, content creators, contributors, and startups.

Key Features on Planly:

  • LinkedIn page scheduler
  • LinkedIn personal profile scheduler
  • Multiple Image schedule
  • Add link to posts
  • LinkedIn first comment
  • Multi-posting LinkedIn posts
  • Drag and drop calendar
  • Drag and drop media upload
  • Team management
  • Draft post management
  • AI Content assistant


Buffer is a social media management tool that gives you access to a single, user-friendly dashboard from which you can schedule and post content across all social media platforms.

You may use this dashboard to set up complex auto-posts for any content you want to publish to LinkedIn after linking your LinkedIn account to Buffer. Additionally, Buffer has built-in analytics data so you can keep tabs on the efficacy of your posts in real-time.

Key features on Buffer:

  • Analyze key metrics
  • By @ mentioning other brands and pages
  • Reveals the best time, date, type, and frequency of post
  • Can learn which hashtags bring in the most engagement


Buffer is a free LinkedIn scheduler tool. There are also different paid plans here. It is possible to test each of them for 30 days.


A social media marketing and management tool called Hootsuite unifies all of your channels into a single dashboard with a multi-column design and provides monitoring and engagement features.

Once your Hootsuite account and your LinkedIn Page are connected, you may use the tool to plan individual or bulk text, image, or video posts. Additionally, Hootsuite allows you to target using expert settings and track results.

Key features on Hootsuite:

  • Promote and target scheduled LinkedIn posts
  • Measure performance
  • To respond to comments
  • Learn LinkedIn analytics
  • Add Links
  • Drag and drop files and images
  • Schedule posts on a LinkedIn company page or profile


Hootsuite is a paid LinkedIn scheduler tool. There is no free plan here. For other paid plans, there is a chance to use it for 30 days.


The whole inbound marketing platform from HubSpot includes capabilities for managing social media marketing and ads. In addition to scheduling LinkedIn posts from the CRM platform, you can also benefit from its features and analytics to better understand your target audiences.

Key feature on HubSpot:

  • Multiple posts schedule
  • If you use HubSpot's blogging tool, you can automatically share that blog on LinkedIn as it's published
  • Compared to other networks
  • Drag and drop scheduled posts to other days
  • Track metrics like impressions, new contacts generated from social, and top posts


Hubspot is a premium LinkedIn scheduler tool. The reason the prices are so expensive is because of the many features.


Khoros is made to be a scalable social media management and marketing solution for large businesses. Within this comprehensive platform, which provides workflow structure and unique design analytics, collaborate, plan, publish, and schedule for LinkedIn.

Key features on Khoros:

  • Multi-channel publishing
  • View your brand’s LinkedIn activity


Khoros is free to use. Various paid plans are also available.

Sprout Social

Popular social network management and optimization platform Sprout Social has a user-friendly interface. Set up review and approval processes for additional team members, modify image sizes within the app, and schedule LinkedIn postings.

Key features on Sprout Social:

  • Analyze post and Page performance
  • Draft, schedule and queue LinkedIn updates to one or multiple LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Apply audience targeting
  • Team management
  • Manage Page Post Comments
  • Benchmark Performance KPIs


Sprout Social is a paid LinkedIn Scheduler tool. Here, 30 days free trial is provided for each paid options.


You can easily schedule your LinkedIn posts with Later. It is also possible to use Later using the plan that suits you. Multiple posts (carousel posts) cannot be scheduled when scheduling a Linkedin post later. There is also no tag mentioning other pages and people feature

Key Features on Later:

  • URLs in LinkedIn posts are clickable
  • Schedule posts on a LinkedIn company page or profile
  • Can schedule a text post or 1 image


Later is a paid LinkedIn scheduler tool and each of the other paid options has a 14-day free trial.


Loomly describes itself as a platform for brand success now, having started off as a simple social media calendar. Loomly lets you produce content, collaborate with your team, and monitor the success of your social media marketing campaigns. With just one platform, Loomly makes it simple to manage all of your social media material, including both organic and paid posts.

When scheduling a post in Loomly, the features change depending on whether it is on a LinkedIn page or a personal page: For example, tag mention is valid only when scheduling on personal LinkedIn accounts.

Key features on Loomly:

  • Schedule multiple images
  • Comment and tag mentions
  • Targeting, ads and Linkedln post analytics


Loomly 15 days free trial is possible. Also, no credit card is required.

3 tips for scheduling LinkedIn posts

Schedule at the right time

As we mentioned, when using LinkedIn scheduler tools, you need to schedule your post at the right time. LinkedIn's algorithm is different from that of other social media platforms.

Because here, the best time to post on LinkedIn is mostly determined according to the free time of business people. If you are a business person, or your audience is that crowd, consider these hours. More specifically, think like them: If I were a business person, when would I look at this post?

Promote and target scheduled LinkedIn posts

Scheduling organic LinkedIn postings has been the main topic of discussion up to this point. However, you may establish scheduled LinkedIn-sponsored posts for your business profile using the same procedures.

You'll still receive the suggested posting times, allowing you to maximize your LinkedIn ad spending.

Using LinkedIn hashtags

Hashtags work on LinkedIn as they do on all platforms. Include relevant LinkedIn hashtags in your post. Thus, your LinkedIn engagement and post impressions will increase rapidly.

Bottom Line

LinkedIn is a business platform. Therefore, the articles you will write here, the visuals you will share should appeal to professionals. You need to consistently post active and interesting posts on LinkedIn so that you are always followed and in the audience's interest.

Therefore, the LinkedIn scheduling tools you choose should be the best. Easy to use and affordable for you. From the best LinkedIn scheduling tools we recommend, you can choose the one that best suits your business.

After learning how to schedule a LinkedIn post, it means you are ready to share interesting and useful posts!