Having a good engagement rate on Instagram helps you reach your marketing goals faster.

But first, you must learn how to press the gas pedal on that engagement rate efficiently.

You’re reading the right article because you’ll learn:

  • 12 effective strategies that can increase your engagement levels
  • The science behind these methods
  • Real-life examples that move the needle
  • Pro tips

This information will help you choose the right tactic for your audience, business goals, and brand. Keep reading below.

1. Ask questions

Engaging your followers through questions is the gateway to a good engagement rate on Instagram because:

  • It shows your followers that you care.
  • People want to talk about themselves, so they’re more likely to respond.

Pro tip: You can then use the insights from these responses to tweak your future content calendar.

And that will improve your engagement rate even more.

Taylor Moran offers a good example of starting a conversation, which you can see from the in-depth comments below:


But you can also try other tactics, such as:

  • AMA sessions (Ask Me Anything)
  • Quizzes in Instagram Stories or Reels
  • Polls
  • Interactive features, such as the emoji slider

Career coach Rosie uses quizzes in her Instagram Stories to get essential feedback from her audience: