With the introduction of the smart feed, falling Instagram reach has become a common problem. In addition, Instagram has reached the point of content glut, so now users are following new accounts less often than before. Attracting a third-party audience from other services allows you to develop profiles more efficiently. This is why users are looking for ways to convert TikTok audiences into Instagram followers.

Why transfer followers to Instagram from TikTok?

Creating an Instagram account with an active, and most importantly, target audience is becoming increasingly difficult. If you don't get a significant response from your followers, the smart feed cuts the reach and the posts don't make it to their feed.

TikTok's algorithms do the opposite: they analyze your videos and recommend audiences based on interests and topics. An audience built on TikTok can greatly improve engagement on your Instagram.

Instagram, on the other hand, is more commercially oriented than TikTok. It is possible to directly convert followers into customers or sell within Instagram itself using Shopping Tags.

Let's highlight the main reasons to transfer followers from TikTok:

  1. TikTok algorithms give you free traffic in your recommendation feed.
  2. TikTok makes it easier to attract the target audience who is ready to subscribe.
  3. TikTok's algorithms react to your content to better understand your niche and target audience.
  4. Engaged audience on TikTok will improve engagement on Instagram.

How to turn TikTok audience into Instagram followers

The main goal of converting TikTok audiences into Instagram followers is to create an active community on Instagram and increase engagement. Therefore, it is better to transfer followers when you already have an active audience on TikTok.

In addition, a rapid increase in translation activity will be perceived better by the Instagram algorithms than a slow profile development in parallel with TikTok.

Once you get new followers from TikTok, don't forget to be active and engage them on your Instagram to keep that audience high.

7 steps to turn TikTok audience into Instagram followers

  1. Set a single style. The same avatars, naming, descriptions and overall visual style will help the audience remember you. Even if subscribers accidentally find your content on another site, they will recognize you.
  2. Make your Instagram link as visible as possible. Users do not always notice the Instagram button on the panel, so it is better to additionally indicate the login in the profile description and add an active link. Arrows and other noticeable symbols will help draw attention to it.

3. Post full content on Instagram. Post extended versions of videos on Instagram by mentioning it at the end of the TikTok video. Refer to TikTok limits, like this: "Full video on Instagram because the video doesn't fit within TikTok time limits."
Expand the topic wider on IGTV.

If this is educational content, post additional materials (pictures with infographics, lists of references, links). It is important that this is not read as clickbait, and that Instagram has not just a video denouement but valuable additional content. Since the end of 2020, TikTok has increased the limit to 3 minutes, so now the development of the topic on Instagram should be really voluminous.

4. Do not abuse the trust of the audience. The “Continue on Instagram” format is annoying for many if the intrigue does not lead to useful content. A closed profile on Instagram when transferring traffic is a frank provocation to subscribe. Consider if this method suits you. Some of the signatories will still unsubscribe, and some of the ways will scare them away immediately.

5. Communicate using direct messages. If you make educational content, then offer to contact you for advice on direct Instagram. There you can also answer questions or distribute links mentioned in the videos. The method is good because it does not directly call for a subscription. In addition, you can offer bonuses for followers who come from TikTok.

6. Create unique content. On Instagram, you can stick to a different manner of presenting the material, posting more diverse content. First of all, these are live broadcasts that need to be announced on TikTok. On Instagram, you can show yourself not only from a professional side but the content on the topic should still occupy the main place.

7. Announce contests on TikTok. When hosting an Instagram contest, share it on TikTok. The technique also needs to be applied carefully so that it does not look like outright clickbait. It is best to run contests when you already have a strong audience that needs to be expanded.

Keep the intrigue

TikTok videos are very limited in time. Therefore, videos sometimes have to be divided into several series. But you can go the other way. Post the first part of the video on TikTok and the ending on Instagram. It will work if you post useful, provocative, intriguing content.


  1. In the TikTok video you go to the hairdresser, for a radical change in appearance - on Instagram you show the result of the transformation;
  2. on TikTok, the process of complex repairs - on Instagram, a step-by-step story and links to hardware stores;
  3. On TikTok you are in a fashionable bow - on Instagram there are links to stores where you can buy these things;
  4. on Tik Tok, a fascinating video from the rest - on Instagram the budget of the trip.

The main thing is not to forget to redirect TikTok followers to Instagram, otherwise, they will not understand where to go for the continuation. Alternatively, add a caption on TikTok: Continued on Instagram.

In order to achieve this strategy, you will need to publish your content on a strict schedule. Meaning that the series of videos need to be uploaded on certain days and times. For this, you can use a scheduler toolsuch as Planly.

Planly allows you to schedule content to Instagram feed, stories, feed post to stories, reels directly from Planly.

Going back to point 2

Add an active Instagram button to your profile

The easiest and fastest way to convert TikTok audience into Instagram is to link two social networks. In the profile, you can add buttons that, after clicking on them, will redirect the user to Instagram or YouTube. Fast, convenient, efficient.

  1. Go to your TikTok profile;
  2. Click " Edit profile ";
  3. Opposite Instagram, click " add a link to profile ";
  4. We enter data from Instagram, link it to Tik Tok, and you're done.

Now, next to the "Follow" button, an Instagram icon has appeared, by clicking on it, users will be taken to Instagram.

Bottom line

For the best results, experiment with different formats to see which ones resonate with your audience and best reflect your brand identity. Analyze the results and choose the most suitable ones.