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What is a Hashtag Generator?A hashtag generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create relevant hashtags for your social media posts. Simply input your content idea and the social network you plan to post on, and our hashtag generator will provide a list of hashtags to enhance your social media messaging.

Why Use Planly’s Hashtag Generator?Our web-based hashtag generator is designed to provide hashtags for every social media network. Whether you’re posting on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, our tool ensures you get the best hashtags to boost your reach. Just copy and paste your favorite hashtags at the end of your post. Boom. Viral mode activated.

How Does It Work?Planly’s hashtag generator is powered by ChatGPT, an advanced AI tool that generates human-like responses based on your input. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Select Your Network: Choose where your content will be posted.
  2. Describe Your Content: Provide a brief description of your image or video.
  3. Add Keywords: Enter a few keywords to help the tool generate the most relevant hashtags.

Hashtag Best Practices

Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

  • Instagram: 3-5
  • Facebook: 2-3
  • Twitter: 1-2
  • TikTok: 3-5
  • LinkedIn: 1-5
  • Pinterest: 2-5
  • YouTube: 3-5

Get Specific

  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche to avoid competing with millions of other posts.
  • Example: Instead of #RealEstate, use #(YourCity)RealEstate.

Optimize Captions and Alt Text

  • Ensure your captions and alt text are optimized to help social networks understand your content better.

Consistency in Hashtag Style

  • Whether you use uppercase, lowercase, or camel case, keep it consistent across your posts.

Keep Hashtags Short and Memorable

  • Shorter hashtags are easier to read and remember, making your posts more accessible and user-friendly.

Instagram Hashtags Best Practices

  1. Keep It Relevant: Choose hashtags that are directly related to your content and audience.
  2. Blend Popular and Niche Hashtags: Combine trending hashtags with niche ones for broader visibility and targeted engagement.
  3. Research Hashtags: Use Instagram’s search function to find hashtags related to your content.
  4. Brand Your Hashtags: Create unique hashtags for your brand and encourage followers to use them.
  5. Tag Your Stories: Use hashtags in your Instagram Stories to reach a wider audience.

Start Using Planly’s Hashtag Generator Today!Maximize your social media potential with our AI-powered hashtag generator. It’s quick, efficient, and tailored to your content needs. Try it now and watch your engagement soar!