Video marketing has always been a part of business marketing. If you want to be successful in a business and look more professional, you should focus on video marketing. Using the right video marketing strategies, your videos will reach more people and be of better quality.

In this blog, we will share 7 video marketing tips that will be useful for you. We will also talk about the features of the content that you will use in video marketing.

What is video marketing?

in simple words, video marketing means making interactive videos to promote your brand. In this way, people can get information about the product or service and learn how to use it. Thanks to video marketing, engagement increases and there is a chance to reach more people. Videos are the best and most effective way to promote your product. That's why brands are getting more focused on video marketing for social media.

What are the types of video marketing?

There are nearly 14 types of video marketing, each targeting different aspects of the business. Video marketing for business is an important channel.

  1. Company culture video- Your clients are interested in your work environment and your team. These types of videos show what values ​​you have in the work environment or what kind of work you do.
  2. Interview / Q&A video- This is where the Q&A videos you conduct with your customers belong. Also, the interviews you get from them are also a form of video marketing.
  3. Featured / Product video- Product and service promotional videos are always available in video marketing for businesses. These types of videos are meant to advertise the product and its features to the customers.
  4. Explainer video- These types of videos share all the key information about your brand. Which is such a video that someone who doesn't know the brand at all will have a general understanding of the brand after watching ten videos.
  5. Live video- It is possible to make live broadcast type videos on various social media platforms. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and. By broadcasting live on platforms like s., engage with viewers. question and answer live broadcasts, They do it around different topics. Even video marketing on Instagram has the ability to save live broadcasts. In this case, the live broadcast remains as a video on the Instagram profile.
  6. User-generated video- These types of videos are videos made by customers of a product or service about that product.
  7. Event recap video- These are videos about the preparation and organization of organized training and events. Usually, live videos from various platforms are opened at such events.
  8. Webinar / online event video- These types of videos are one of the most popular types of video marketing in the world at the moment. After making such videos, it is possible to display them on any platform.
  9. Tutorial / How to video-  The most frequently asked questions about brands How to? videos with the title are presented. All questions of customers are answered in this type of videos.
  10. Educational video- In educational-focused videos, videos that are more intended to educate viewers are presented.
  11. Personalized video- Personalized videos are considered an important type of video marketing strategy. Because personal videos, even if they are not professional, are more natural and their number of views is much higher.
  12. Short-form social media video- When you think of short videos, the first thing that comes to mind are Instagram reels and Tiktok videos. For example, you can get more views on TikTok by using this type of video.
  13. Paid social media video- If you want more video clicks, it is best to put videos on paid ads. In this case, videos should be used more professionally and call to action.
  14. Testimonial video- These types of videos are useful for video marketing for business. Customer testimonial videos are always wanted and needed.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

The benefits of video marketing are many. First, using video marketing is much better for your engagement. The video format allows businesses to convey so much information to the viewer with complete flexibility of style, tone, and message.

In addition to its good sides, its bad side is that the videos are often skipped. While this is the case, viewers do not watch the entire video and only look at the parts that are of interest to them.

How to create a video marketing strategy?

To create a winning video marketing strategy you will need some video marketing tips to create. Making marketing videos is not an easy task, but the result is effective.

Here are the 7 best tips:

Show your personality

Your videos are a great way to show your personality. Communicate your brand's values ​​to your audience as they are and be completely honest in your videos. Think about what sets your business apart, and highlight that in your videos.

Tell a story

You need to improve your video content marketing significantly. Because it is very important that you define the content of your video. This is how you create your niche. Storytelling in videos you make has always been interesting. Viewers will love the stories in the videos you make especially if these videos are stories related to your brand.

Use call-to-action

Don't forget to include a call-to-action in your videos. The viewers playing your video should encourage viewers to take action and use the product by playing motivational words.

Optimize videos with SEO

You need to optimize your videos. Because if you upload a video to YouTube, you can add captions, subtitles, and additionally a link to your website. If so, your video will be optimized for SEO.

Set  goals for your videos

When developing a video marketing strategy, you need to set yourself a goal. Within this goal: Which platforms will I publish the videos on? How many people do I want to reach in general? What age group do I make videos for? And questions like this will help you set the right goals.

Define your Video Strategy Concept

When starting a video marketing strategy, you need to define your concept. So you have to plan from the design of the videos you make to the content they will contain. This planning will not derail you. In doing so, you will have a style in the video that you will create yourself.

How many videos do you need for a Video Marketing Strategy?

It's a great question for a video marketing strategy. It is not so easy to answer this question. Because you will need more than one video. It depends primarily on your budget. Then from the level of recognition of your brand. If your brand is more recognizable, it means you need to make more videos.

So, you should share them until you reach your auditory number goals. Not if you are already known. If you don't have a brand, your job is still difficult. You will still need to post videos regularly to keep your followers. You can schedule them to make your work easier. Especially sharing on Instagram and TikTok platforms will help you achieve your desired results in a shorter time.

For this, by scheduling the videos you prepared in advance, you will save time and you will have enough time to prepare your other videos. Different tools can help you in this field, but the most convenient one among these tools is Planly.

You can schedule your videos for Instagram and TikTok through Planly. For this, you create an account on Planly and add your Instagram, and TikTok accounts. And that's it. You can schedule the post you want. Also, the main difference between Planly from other tools is that no notification is sent to you at the time of sharing. You can test it right now.

Video marketing for TikTok

According to the TikTok algorithm, you can only share videos. This is an incredible opportunity for video marketing. By using various features of TikTok, such as using TikTok hashtags in your videos, TikTok ads by promoting your videos, you have a high chance of reaching the target audience you want. All you need is to be creative. This platform loves creativity and its followers prefer it because of it.

Since TikTok is now a widespread platform around the world, you can reach the right audience for you. In TikTok, you can also make duet videos, and create videos through interesting trends and challenges.

Even if your audience is Generation Z, you have a little better chance of getting ahead on TikTok. According to TikTok statistics, 60% of TikTok users are generation Z.

Video marketing for Instagram

Videos play an important role in Instagram marketing. With Instagram reels, you can make great short videos. Also, since Instagram has 1 billion active users, it gives you opportunities to build an audience and gain recognition.

You can do the same things in Instagram videos as on TikTok. Using Instagram hashtags on videos and enabling Instagram live. You can make your video marketing strategy specific to one platform. Or you can focus on each one separately and stand out on several platforms.

Video marketing for LinkedIn

Using video marketing on Linkedin is also a very good option. For this, you can use several video types. For example, you can make a short video about your profile. In which you can give your audience a brief introduction about yourself.

Or you can arrange a meeting with any entrepreneur and make a video with him. Make sure these types of videos are popular on Linkedin. But don't forget to share them on the best time to post on Linkedin.

Video marketing for Twitter

The Twitter video serves other purposes besides only capturing followers' attention. Additionally, you can use it to stand out in popular discussions. You will stand out in the sea of tweets if you post a video along with a popular Twitter hashtag.

Video marketing for Facebook

Facebook is a video lover. Videos perform better on the platform as a result. Indeed, the organic reach of videos is 135% higher than that of images. This is a huge benefit for businesses trying to attract new clients.

Videos remain the exception, given the platform's goal of promoting meaningful social interactions between friends and family. Facebook continues to see significant levels of video interaction, with weekly engagement exceeding 300 million. So posting a Facebook video will be quite effective if you want people to learn about your new service or product!

Facebook videos are useful because of this. You can publish a funny viral meme, sure, but your audience will respond to a video more.

Video marketing for Pinterest

Since Pinterest is a social media platform known mostly for its ideas, how-to videos are more popular here. Also, people are entering these types of keywords into Pinterest. If you make videos like this, your Pinterest engagement will increase.

Create a killer video marketing strategy now!

It is already 2023, so it's time to start planning your killer video marketing strategy now. These seven tips should give you a good place to start. Keep in mind that the key to success is always experimentation. Try different things and see what works best for your brand and audience.