As a veteran social network, Twitter has been going through a lot of changes from a networking platform to a marketing space. Now, with its new owner, the platform is expected to enter a new level with continuous updates.

Elon Musk seems like making the platform better for users with simplified rules and access to more features. Yet, as a serial business owner, we expect those changes to come at a proper financial cost to users.

What are the latest Twitter updates in November 2022?

Purchasing Blue checkmark

The very first community-related update on Twitter is purchasing blue thick on Twitter. Elon Musk tweeted in his unique style that every user can get a Twitter blue check at an $8\monthly payment.

Although it will help small businesses and thought leaders to distinguish themselves from the rest, it will also have a negative impact on the community. Since the blue checkmark will be open for all users, it will cause more untrusty social accounts to look reliable with a thick.

Yet, we expect this a great opportunity to test Twitter marketing by subscribing.