Twitter is a veteran social media platform name in the world. There are several key points that distinguish it from other platforms.

  • 280 Twitter character limit. This is less than others.
  • Twitter is very present because it also displays users' tweets on their timelines. The beautiful thing about this is that depending on how popular or relevant the post is, users can view posts that are a day old or even older.
  • Don't just copy and paste the headline into your post when you share something on Twitter, like a blog post. Your blog's readers may not always be your Twitter followers. Make sure to give the subject a little more context. something that is both relevant and acceptable. Clarify your points of contention and anything else relevant to the topic of your post. However, leave a little mystery so they will visit the post.

In general, according to Twitter user statistics, Twitter is the 15th most-used social media platform - 436 million.

Note: The first place is Facebook - 2.91 billion.

From what we have said, it is clear that Twitter is a really important platform. People learn what's new in the world during the day through Twitter hashtags. Therefore, if you have a business, you can start using Twitter ads to promote your business and reach more people.

When you use Twitter for business, it will have a positive impact on your brand in many ways. So, if you add Twitter for business to your social media management, the number of people who know you can increase a little.

You will be able to gain new customers, and your Twitter engagement will also increase. How to use Twitter as a business? In this blog, we will talk about Twitter for small businesses. The Twitter business strategy is slightly different from other platforms. For this, you will be able to read the blog to the end and learn Twitter features for business in depth.

Should I use Twitter for business in 2023?

In fact, it's entirely up to you. Marketers, including us, recommend using Twitter for business. There are several good reasons for this.

  • Your Twitter engagement will increase
  • Twitter ads work pretty well
  • Based on trending information, you have a high chance of standing out
  • You have a lot of chances to gain followers around the world.

Now let's learn how to use Twitter as a business.

Learn Twitter terminology

Twitter has its jargon and unique features that are not available on other platforms. There are key features of Twitter that we need to learn that can be useful for your business using Twitter for business. We will explain many of them in this blog. Yet, it is better to roll your sleeves and try them out on your own.

When you create an account on Twitter, we recommend exploring the platform and trying all the features that seem interesting for your brand.

Don’t be afraid of doing mistakes or misusing 🙂 At the worst, you will learn from them.

How to use Twitter small business in 2023?

Now is the time to start Twitter for business! For this, if you do not have a Twitter account, start by creating a new Twitter account. If you have an existing account and it is personal, it is useful to convert it to a business account.

Create a profile

Making a profile is the first step in using Twitter for business efficiently.

The following four things make up your profile:

  • Header and profile pictures
  • Display Name
  • @name
  • Twitter bio
  • Pinned tweet

Because people see this part all the time and your first picture catches their attention. The profile image you choose should be your brand's logo. If you want to use Twitter for personal micro-blog, you can post your own picture or a picture suitable for your niche in the profile.

In fact, you are free to post a headboard image. You can post an image here, provided you protect your niche. You can also be more creative by posting a creative image here.

Here your character limit is 50

The next and most important change needed is the @name part. Here you have to be careful when choosing a name. Because, as the with other networks, the Twitter system works in such a way that there cannot be a second user with the same username as you. Try to make sure that the name you use is the name of your brand. If there is another user with that name, you can use underscores (_) or periods.

You can enter up to 160 characters of text, emoji, and hashtags in your Twitter bio. Your Twitter bio also represents you. It makes the most sense to write creative words here. Because if people see different and creative words in your bio, they will follow you to follow you and see your next posts.

The first thing users see when visiting your profile is a pinned Tweet. Even though it's not necessary, it's an excellent location to draw attention to current specials or promotions, a new product launch, or a cause you back.

Using hashtag

Hashtags are the main thing that works on Twitter. You must remember to place TikTok hashtags correctly in your tweets. If your goal is to increase the engagement of your tweets, you should definitely write Twitter hashtags a lot and correctly.

Mention any Tweet

As soon as you are already active on Twitter, various collaboration offers will come to you. You will also collaborate with influencers through Twitter using Twitter influencer marketing. It is very effective to mention that account in the tweet.


If you like any tweet on Twitter, apart from like and comment, you can also retweet the Tweet. For this, you need to click on the Retweet button at the bottom of the tweet.

Quote Tweet

A quote Tweet is similar to a retweet,  also includes a comment regarding the original tweet. By doing this, you can also include your own ideas.

Direct messages (DMs)

Private messages sent between Twitter accounts are known as direct messages (DMs). DMs from accounts you don't follow by default appear in your Requests folder. If you wish to use DMs to contact your customers, don't forget to change this setting.


Topics provide as subject headers for accounts. You'll directly see content related to a topic when you follow it.

Follow other accounts

There are probably accounts in the same niche as you on Twitter. You can follow them or follow accounts that post on topics other than your niche and react to their posts. It is necessary to socialize on social media.

How to create marketing strategy for Twitter for small business?

After learning the basics like this, you can now move on to Twitter marketing strategy for small businesses. As we mentioned above, Twitter's business strategy is similar for other social media marketing. Now, let's clear it up and use Twitter for business.

Create a Twitter marketing strategy

If you are a social media user and you use social media to grow your brand, you probably have a social media marketing strategy. Twitter marketing strategy is a part of social media marketing strategy.

Therefore, it is the same as just a few strategies that we apply on other platforms. For example, in the Instagram marketing strategy, we say to use Instagram ads and check Instagram analytics regularly. The same strategies apply to Twitter for business.

Create your brand’s voice

Decide in advance how you will communicate with your TikTok followers. So when you first tweet on Twitter, you should already follow it because the viewer will decide whether to follow you or not from your tweets. Will you communicate with them in a professional or more casual language? Also, if you share fun content with them, you can soften your brand voice.

Create Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists help filter out the noise by categorizing your feed into specific topics once you start using Twitter and your feed begins to fill up.

For your business, you could want to create a list on a variety of topics. They can be used to keep tabs on collaborators, competitors, or the accounts that engage with you the most.

Use Twitter Spaces

One of the best ways to engage with your followers is to use the Twitter space. This feature is new to Twitter and is intended for users to discuss with each other using only voice recordings.

You can enter an active Twitter space, participate as a listener or send a request to the user who created the space, and you can join the discussion. By setting a different time, let your audience know you will be creating a space.

For this, you need to choose a topic. Share it with your followers and even share tweets about the topic a few days before the space time so that the followers can look forward to the space. You should prepare such a plan on a weekly or monthly basis with the name of the tweet plan.

Later, you can schedule the contents of your other plans to find time to follow and share trending topics daily. This is where Twitter scheduling tools will come in handy. The best and easiest to use Twitter scheduler is Planly. Planly is a social media scheduler personal and business pages,

You can schedule your tweets and first comments with Planly. It is possible to schedule not only text, but also images, videos and GIFs. You can use Planly completely free, and no credit card is required. Planly offers a 14-day free trial if you want to try other paid options. Schedule your tweets by creating a free account right now.

Use Twitter ads

The 436 million users of Twitter directly contribute to the platform's attraction to businesses. But because there is so much content shared on Twitter every day, it's possible that your company's Tweets get lost in the noise.

Twitter marketing is the solution to this issue. From a single Tweet to a full account, you may promote anything.

There is a Twitter advertising option that will help any brand stand out and has no minimum price.

You can use this further when analyzing your competitors. For this:

  1. Start by doing a simple Twitter search in the top right corner of the website.
  2. Select "Advanced search" from the 'Search filters' menu on the right.

To find users who are engaging with you, search by account mentions. You can use engagement filters to find the most well-liked Tweets on a topic.

Check Twitter analytics

Through Twitter analytics, you can track how many impressions your tweets are getting and do various things to correct any processes that aren't going right. They give you the average measure of how your Twitter posting and audience. Based on the results, you can see the best time to post on Twitter and schedule posts for that time.

5 best tips for use Twitter for business in 2023

Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform. Therefore, various content creators use Twitter to express their opinions and express their opinions on trending topics. But there are also Twitter for small businesses tips that businesses can use to grow on Twitter. We share 5 tips that are the most effective for you and you will see the results gradually when you use them for the first time.

Keep it short

On Twitter,  short tweets work best for communicating your idea. The character count of 280 is a limit, not a goal.

Write organically

It's best to use website links when tweeting. The articles you will write should not be copied and should be completely your own brainchild.

Don’t forget CTAs

Don't hesitate to ask your followers for something. You can ask your followers to like and retweet your tweet. You can also write your thoughts and chat with them.

Tweet with emojis

Emojis are a popular choice among Twitter users because they can be used to clearly and effectively convey emotion in Tweets.

Your brand's Twitter visibility will increase if you know how to use Twitter emojis correctly. Emoji-filled Tweets actually get more interaction than those without!

Hashtags are the most important features of Twitter. Be sure to include a hashtag in every tweet. Trending hashtags will increase your tweet impressions.

Find trending hashtags that are already used on Twitter for business by using the advanced search feature.

Additionally, you can develop a custom hashtag to engage users in a discussion about themes relevant to your company. Every time someone uses it, brand awareness will increase.

Time to Action!

It's time to bring your business to Twitter. Twitter for business can be an ideal platform, you need to build the right business strategy. All you need to do is learn Twitter features for business and apply them.

You can also decide how often you want to post your tweets, and make the topics you choose about your business. For example, tweeting tips and FAQs about your products and services will be beneficial for your business.