In the marketing business, you know that getting followers on TikTok and other platforms requires different efforts and methods. That is why we have compiled an updated list on how to increase the TikTok engagement rate in 2023.

Designed for short-quality videos, the app has become one of the leading platforms for everyday people to express their creativity.

It is also one of the most popular social media marketing platforms as it can help you grow your followers quickly.

One reason for TikTok's popularity is that it's easier to deliver a specific message to a niche target audience with videos rather than long captions.

TikTok currently has over 800 million active users and 1.5 billion downloads worldwide. So, if you are into marketing and want to promote your products and services, you can use this platform and increase your user base.

The more TikTok followers you have, the more opportunities you have to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your sites.

In this article, we will share some of the most effective methods to help you get real and organic TikTok engagement.

What is the engagement rate on TikTok?

In general, engagement rate is a metric that shows how many people have engaged with the content you've posted on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and in this case, TikTok.

Also, while the TikTok engagement rate shows the number of interactions with social media posts, engagement, in particular, is calculated by the number of times, TikTok users have viewed the video, liked, shared, and left a comment, or clicked the attached post link (if available).

Until now, TikTok uses the following metrics to assess your engagement rate:

  • Average Watch Time (AWT): This is the average amount of time people spend watching your video. This metric will measure your success in holding attention.
  • Video Completion Rate – Are Your TikTok Videos Being Watched to the End? Or do your viewers watch it again? How often?
  • Likes/Hearts: TikTok considers this to be the most passive way to engage with content, but it's still influential.
  • Shares: TikTok knows that content is loved when it's shared, bookmarked, or downloaded to the user's camera rolls.

How to calculate the engagement rate on TikTok?

Calculating the engagement rate on TikTok is easier than you think and that is why here we explain how to obtain this data. You have to divide the total interactions (likes, comments, and shares) of a video by the total views. You multiply the result by 100 and the total is expressed as a percentage.

And what do we do with the result? You guessed it, currently. The bigger the number, the better the results. There is a tab that tells us if the engagement rate is low, regular, or high (see the image below). From 3%, we could say that it is a regular participation rate with which we could obtain good results.

Finally, you must take into account that this formula can only be used to calculate the TikTok engagement rate since in other social networks (such as Instagram) it is measured differently. The TikTok engagement calculator is a great way to see how you perform on TikTok.

What is the average engagement rate on TikTok?

According to Statista, a July 2020 study on video-sharing app TikTok revealed that TikTok influencers in the United States had a higher engagement rate than the global average. US influencers had an average engagement rate of 17.99%.

By comparison, international TikTok influencers had an engagement rate of 15.86 percent.

The more followers a brand has on TikTok, the lower the level of TikTok engagement, according to the video streaming analytics platform Conviva. The results of a new study show that the engagement rate of accounts with less than 100K is as high as 28%. That is, almost every third subscriber likes, leaves a comment, or shares a video.

Brands and bloggers with over 10 million followers have the lowest rates. While brand videos are less likely to be liked and shared than other types of content, it is TikTok Business Accounts that have the highest engagement rates. According to the authors of the study, this may be due to the lower number of subscribers.

More doesn't mean better

The maximum level of involvement - for accounts with up to 100 thousand subscribers follows from the Conviva report. Upon reaching this bar, a sharp turning point occurs the number of likes, reposts, and comments on the video are almost halved and then continues to decrease as the audience increases gradually.

Engagement rates for accounts with more than 10 million followers do not exceed 2%.

This could be evidence that TikTok is giving newcomers a head start by allowing new account creators to increase organic reach, which is necessary for promotion, the authors of the study said.

Analysts calculated that on average about 601.5 thousand users subscribe to brands - three times less than sports leagues and media accounts and two times less than pages with entertainment content and streams.

At the same time, in terms of TikTok engagement rates, brands outperform any other type of content - the average is 17.3%, which is almost four percentage points higher than the average Engagement Rate, for all types of accounts.

When quantity is more important than quality

The researchers also pay attention to the relationship between subscriber growth rates and posting frequency. Accounts with more than 2.2 million subscribers last year posted an average of more than 1,250 videos during this time. For comparison: those who published less than 250 videos in a year increased their audience by only 250,000 subscribers.

This relationship may explain the relatively low TikTok growth rate of brand audiences on TikTok. It is business accounts that publish the fewest videos per month. On average, this is only 11 videos. The leaders in the volume of published content are sports media, which place new publications four times more often.

In absolute terms, brands lose out to other accounts in almost all indicators related to TikTok engagement — the number of likes, shares, and comments on a video. The overall level of engagement can remain high due to the fact that such videos are watched by a predominantly interested target audience. With fewer views, a greater percentage of users respond to content.

Entertainment content usually collects the most reactions. One such video receives about 79.6 thousand likes, 1.5 thousand reposts, and more than 500 comments. In second place in terms of the number of reposts and comments are news and media, and in terms of the number of “likes” are videos from sports leagues.

By leveraging news and entertainment content, brands can increase engagement rates and increase organic reach. A TikTok engagement calculator is what you can use to determine your real TikTok engagement.

Like many other social media sites, adjusting your account audience helps get more users to your videos. When you make your Tik Tok public, at the same time, Tik Tok will also show your videos on other users' feeds. This is the first prerequisite for getting more views on TikTok

To do that, follow 3 easy steps:

  • On the personal page, select 3 dots in the upper right corner
  • Choose the privacy management section
  • Then change from private to public account.

Optimal time (s)

Which includes these two essentials: what is the best time to post on TikTok and how many times you should post a video per day. This is where TikTok Analytics comes in handy.

Best TikTok Time Frame to Post Videos

TikTok analytics is very beneficial in helping you identify when your fan base is most active. As a result, get familiar with your Analytics and how it impacts your TikTok account because the numbers don't lie.

Posting at the right time is important because the more audiences you can see and interact with your content in the "golden age". The more likely those videos will be shown to larger audiences and new viewers who see your content due to increased credibility, as well as care for them. This also leads to significant growth in the number of views and followers.

When it comes to video upload frequency, our recommendation is 1-3 videos a day. You can create more content if you want, but that's pretty standard for most of the top TikTok influencers. Plus, it's enough time for you to stay connected with your audience and not so long that you're exhausted from the pressure of constantly making videos.

High-quality footage

High-quality TikTok recordings are highly appreciated.

For videos or photos, quality investment in video production will be very important when using a high-quality camera or smartphone to shoot videos, because one of the few factors that almost all viral posts on TikTok have in common is high-quality images.

To be more specific, most smartphone cameras these days are excellent, so the video quality on them should be good enough for TikTok. But also make sure to add good lighting and sound effects if you are speaking in your video.

In case you can't get access to adequate daylight or you love shooting videos at night, investing in a softbox or buying a ring light can absolutely change your TikTok game.

Also, pay attention to the video quality to meet HD standards or higher. Don't make a video with poor resolution. Viewers will quickly stop watching your video if the quality and content of the video are too bad to watch.

The rate of a blurry amateur-looking video is almost zero, so posting high-resolution videos increases your chances of getting high views, and is recommended, thus getting higher engagement on TikTok.

Also, users like clean and aesthetically pleasing content on all platforms, and on TikTok, the first millisecond of your video can decide if you get a lot of views.

Optimize your profile

One of the important methods is to be consistent. For that, you can use Planly - the best TikTok post scheduling tool that will help you keep track of your content and publish it on a schedule.

Simple and concise profile

Your profile is your own private space on TikTok for you to create and establish your own identity. You want your background to look impressive and grab the attention of your audience when they visit your profile.

Don't forget the basic criteria of a TikTok profile: username, profile picture, TikTok bio, and videos. Video obviously, you need to maintain a daily video posting schedule. As for the username, you'll want to highlight your identity as a TikTok Creator.

Choose a name that is easy to remember and easy to spell, preferably related to the content you make. Other than that, try naming it similar to other social platforms you join. Later on, you will definitely want to share your TikTok videos on Youtube or Instagram to reach more audiences.

Take a look at the best dance challenges and follow them.

TikTok has an outstanding advantage compared to other platforms in that it allows users to embed music into videos easily. The background music on Tik Tok is also creative and very diverse.

Instead of recording voice-only videos, you can try adding some music tracks. In addition, TikTok also offers many interesting effects and is constantly updated on a daily basis. May include some slow motion or color effects before loading. This will make users stay longer on your video.

In addition to that, each video should have a short description, so remember to attach TikTok hashtags related to the content for TikTok SEO. For example, #foryou, #foryoupage, #fyp, #duet, #viral,… are currently the most fashionable hashtags on the platform.

Adding hashtags will help make videos easily searchable and visible to viewers. If your video is engaging in the community, most viewers will click on your personal profile and follow your account.

Do you want to increase your TikTok engagement rate proficiently?

Engagement rate plays a huge role on any social platform. If you want your TikTok account to have a lot of followers and lots of video views, immediately apply the above methods in your process. That is the premise of building a constantly developing TikTok account.