One of the first things we do after sharing a post on Instagram is to see how many likes we get, and what is written in the comments, isn't it? Therefore, like on Instagram is considered important for us and for our development on Instagram.

To get likes on Instagram, you must first understand the Instagram algorithm. Because, according to the new Instagram algorithm, for your post to appear in front of people, you must be active on the platform.

In addition to popularity alone, you need to make your Instagram posts high quality. In this blog, we will talk about how to get a lot of likes on Instagram. Keep in mind that likes on Instagram will increase rapidly by applying a few important nuances.

How to get more likes on Instagram?- Best ways to get free Instagram likes

Get inspired by other brands

If you don't know what type of post to share, you can get inspiration from other brands. You can prepare a post according to the content they do. Usually, brands create several types of similar posts. For example, general information about the brand and mission post, customer reviews, etc. type. You can simply follow the posts of brands in the same niche that suit you.

Use the right hashtags

Instagram hashtags are your navigator. You will reach the right target audience by using the right and relevant hashtags in your posts. In this way, people who don't follow you can see your post and like it.

You can also use trending hashtags. For this, always follow the trend. Also, if you can't find more keywords for your post, you can find them using the Instagram search section and the Instagram hashtag generator.

Create content that your followers want to see

The first rule you should know before posting on all social media platforms is to know your audience. Find out what content your audience likes. Because you have to create content based on their request. Likes on Instagram posts get you, followers.

Tag relevant users

If there are people and brands other than you in your post, don't forget to tag them in the post. Because that's how your post goes to that person's Instagram profile and his followers can like your post. Or if you are promoting a brand, this is especially true of the Instagram Influencer marketing part; People who searched for that brand on Instagram will come across your post and like the post.

Create beautiful or unique photos and video

Usually, Instagram followers have such a feature that they want to post pictures that they really like and are beautiful. This is absolutely the right choice. Because if your Instagram profile looks neat, your followers will like your posts more.

Find the best time to post on Instagram

It is recommended that you post on Instagram at a certain time, not at different times. By finding the best time to post on Instagram, you can develop the right Instagram strategy. For this, you need to know your time zone. Because for each zone, the best time to post is different.

At the same time, pay attention to when your followers are active on Instagram. So if you post while they're active, they'll have a better chance of seeing and liking it.

Write compelling captions

You can use captions on Instagram to increase the engagement of your Instagram posts. Creative Instagram captions help to create scroll-stopping posts and get more followers on Instagram. This is because if your caption is interesting and useful, your followers will recommend your post to others. This way your number of followers will increase.

Use different post format

In Instagram posts, you can share not only pictures, but also different formats. For example, by making Instagram carousels, you can create different content in each post. Likewise, carousels of images will make your Instagram page look better. Also, the reels have already become everyone's favorite Instagram feature. Enrich your reels using trending music. Likes on Instagram will increase rapidly after doing these things.

You can save your Instagram videos that will appear as a video on your Instagram page and your followers can like and comment on it.

Tag your location

Be sure to tag your location in your Instagram post. Because people who search for that place on Instagram will come across your post. Of course, all this will be valid if your account is public.

Tagging a location makes sure that your photo appears when people are browsing at a location, which is very important for travel and retail brands. It shouldn't take more time from your publishing day and is simple enough to complete.

Get on the Explore page

You must have a high number of likes to get to the Explore page. For this reason, if you go to the explore page, it means that your post has been liked by people and there will be a possibility that it will be liked more.

Post User Generated  Content

User-generated content is known as UGC. User-generated content on Instagram is defined as any type of content—text, posts, images, videos, reviews, etc.—that is produced by unique individuals (as opposed to businesses) and posted to an online or social network. Let's get acquainted with the Instagram posts of many famous brands for UGC on Instagram.

  • Coca-Cola's “Share a Cocke” Campaign.
  • Apple's #ShotoniPhone Campaign
  • Starbucks's #WhiteCupContest
  • National Geographic's #WanderlustContets

Tag a friend

One of the Instagram strategies is to use a call-to-action in your post. After such CTAs, people will be more interested in your post. For example, you can tag a friend in a post that you know will love it.

Go with a meme or trend

Add fun to your Instagram posts. You can make a post using memes and interesting topics that are trending in these posts. Track likes on posts with matching hashtags.

A meme could be more offensive than beneficial for some brands where this kind of comedy isn't suitable, so consider your target market before adopting a trend or viral idea. These tips will increase your likes on Instagram.

Post consistently

Let's remember the new Instagram algorithm again, the more active you are on the platform, the more Instagram will show your posts to people. For this, you must be active on Instagram. To be active, you should regularly share posts, and prepare stories and Instagram reels.

Although it may seem difficult to do them regularly, the easiest way is to schedule them. By scheduling, you also save time. You will also have time to consider the next post and Instagram story ideas.

For this, you can use Planly, which is the best Instagram scheduler tool. Planly differs from other social media scheduling tools in that it is easy to use and does not send you any notifications when a post is shared. Try now to see how different Planly is from other tools. Schedule and analyze your Instagram posts.

Share your Instagram posts on other platforms

You have prepared your post and posted it on Instagram. Don't stop. Share and link this post on your other social media accounts. Also, if you've shared Instagram stories, you can share part of it on another platform and invite them to Instagram to read it.

TikTok’s natively allows you to connect Instagram account to TikTok. In this way, you can also convert TikTok audience into Instagram followers.

Run a giveaway contest

Participating in giveaways will bring more likes to your posts. You can try it yourself or by joining a giveaway. Make sure you get more followers on Instagram.

Frequently asked questions

How to turn off likes on Instagram?

  1. Select "Settings" from the menu that appears in the top right corner of your profile page.
  2. Go to “Privacy”
  3. Select “Posts”
  4. Toggle “Hide like and view counts” on or off.

How to see posts you've liked on Instagram in 2023?

  1. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap on “Interactions” and select “Likes” to view the posts you have liked on Instagram.
  3. All of the posts you have liked so far, including pictures, videos, and Reels, will now be available to you. You can filter posts from a certain Instagram user or organize these posts from newest to oldest or vice versa. To apply the filters, simply click the "Sort & Filter" option in the top-right corner.

What is the most liked post on Instagram in 2023?

The most liked photo in the history of Instagram is the photo of Lionel Messi celebrating winning the World Cup with Argentina. Like count is 67K.

The second liked Instagram post had 55.9 million likes and was titled Photo of an Egg by the user @world_record_egg

Finally thoughts!

So, what can you do to get more likes on Instagram? Here are a few tips. First, make sure your profile is complete and filled out with interesting information about you or your brand. Next, post interesting and high-quality images that will catch people’s attention. And finally, use relevant hashtags to help people find your posts.

Try using some of the tips we’ve shared in this blog post, and see how your number of likes starts to grow!