When posting on Instagram, the number of likes and impressions may worry you. This is quite natural. Because many Instagram users have started to pay serious attention to Instagram marketing strategies after the latest Instagram updates.

The Instagram algorithm works differently than the TikTok algorithm and other social media platforms. Because there are different Instagram algorithms for feed post, story, and reels. In this blog, we will talk about the Instagram algorithm changes. With the tips we will give you, you can use the Instagram algorithm correctly.

Instagram algorithm changes every year to provide better experience to users and also improve the monetization options of Instagram for small businesses. The Instagram algorithm of 2023 is different compared to previous years.

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

According to Instagram, each app's a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose.  Instagram's most important features, feed, explore, and reels, are built on an algorithm that matches what people use. Some users want to engage with their friends in their stories, while others want to see new and never-before-seen posts in Explore. Instagram's algorithm is based on how people use features like this.

In simpler terms, the Instagram algorithm refers to delivering the right content (this includes posts, stories, and reels) to the right people.

The main desire of the Instagram algorithm is to ensure that Instagram users are satisfied with the platform as much as possible. As Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said, "We want to make the most of your time, and we believe that using technology [the Instagram algorithm] to personalize your experience is the best way to do that."

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

To understand how the Instagram algorithm works, we need to answer a few questions. And the algorithm works based on these questions.

  • Who?- If you follow mostly people on Instagram, you will get more impressions on their stories and posts.  Instagram will show this person more often in your feed.
  • What?- The topics you follow and love on Instagram appear more often. This is because the Instagram algorithm understands that you like this topic, and so that you don't have to search for it, it puts these contents in the front of you.
  • When?- Instagram analyzes the hours you spend on the platform and your activity. Therefore, it shows you posts when you are most active, not at different times. Also, based on the times you are active, the best time to post on Instagram can be determined.

When sharing a post, Instagram users, especially those with a Instagram business account on Instagram, should post at the right time. For this, you must consider Instagram analytics. Here is information about your followers that will help you use the Instagram algorithm correctly.

Secondly, the 3 most important ranking factors Instagram algorithm in 2023 are:

  • Relationship- The relationship between the content creator and the viewer helps increase Instagram engagement. When followers continuously write comments on posts and reply to stories, the brand stands out more.
  • Interest- As we mentioned above, if Instagram determines that a subject is liked by the viewer, it will display more content on that subject.
  • Frequency - According to the Instagram algorithm, the more frequently you use the platform, the more active you will be. Of course, this may vary depending on your time and post-sharing intervals.

To learn the Instagram algorithm rankings, we need to know the following specific signals of each Instagram feature:

  • Information about the post- General information about the post
  • Information about the poster- How frequently do users interact with their content?
  • Your activity- Do you frequently watch videos? What kind of content are you usually interested in?
  • Your interaction history- Here, the comments and likes written on the post are considered.

Ranking Instagram algorithm stories and feed algorithm in 2023

As a rule, Instagram stories are short content that you see at the top of your feed shared by your following Instagram feed posts are posts you follow and your followers like. Instagram recommends their favorite posts here. For the ranking of your posts and stories on Instagram, attention is paid to several nuances.

  • Information for the post - When we say post data, this means the content category of the post, post timing, and location.
  • Information about the poster - This means the person who owns that post. How long should the post be shared and interacted with? And how much the followers interact with the person sharing the post is also included in this section.
  • User Activity- Instagram also finds out what other content you might be interested in based on the posts you like.
  • History of interactions- Instagram analyzes your thoughts and what kind of posts you like by using the comments you comment on and which posts and content you comment on.

To see how Instagram algorithm change in two years, let’s compare Instagram algorithm 2023to 2020.

Ranking Instagram Explore algorithm in 2023

The main purpose of the Instagram Explore section is to show people new things. We do not follow the Instagram accounts on the Explore page. They are arranged based on our most watched content. This also applies to the Instagram explore algorithm.

  • Explore information- In order for an Instagram post to fall into your Explore section, it must have a large number of likes and comments. Also, the number of posts on the Explore page is considered more than your feed.
  • Information about the poster- The Instagram explore algorithm ensures that more quality accounts are found for the content you are viewing.
  • User ActivityFeatures specific to Instagram posts; like, comment, and save features work faster on Explore posts because the higher these numbers, the easier it is for a post to get into Explore page.
  • Interaction history- Instagram can instantly understand when you interact with an account. If an Instagram page isn't interesting to you, it won't show it to you.

As we see the main Instagram SEO change is in the explore page where we see more related posts than more liked posts on the platform. That reflects the personalization focus Instagram is currently pursuing.

Ranking Instagram reels algorithm in 2023

The main purpose of Instagram reels is to have different content. Because most of the reels we follow belong to Instagram users we don't follow. Therefore, you can increase Instagram engagement by using the right Instagram reels algorithm.

At the same time, as with the Instagram story and post algorithm, the Instagram reels algorithm will calculate the rank, there are a few nuances.

  • Reel information - It includes factors such as the music used in the reel, whether it is trending or not, and the duration of the reel.
  • Information about the poster-  Instagram reels allow you to reach your target audience more. Therefore, according to Instagram influencer marketing, the messages shared by micro-influencers reach the audience faster.
  • User Activity- Instagram analyzes the Reels you've recently engaged with to determine the content that could be of interest to you.
  • Interaction history - Even though the videos you watch may seem new to you, they are yours. The video you watched earlier appeared in front of you because it matches the content.

Shadow Banning

Shadow ban on Instagram can happen without your knowledge. If this is the case, your posts will not appear in the Instagram feed and your followers will not be able to see you.  Users report that Instagram Shadowban can last anywhere from 14 to 30 days.

How to change the Instagram algorithm in 2022?

As Adam Mosseri said, in order to learn the Instagram algorithm.

- Ranking Feed & Stories

- Ranking Explore

- Ranking Reels

- Shadow Banning

As we mentioned above, Instagram’s CEO announced that after five years, the Instagram algorithm has changed, and let's briefly explain how it changed.

  • Time spent: Will you take time to read the post?
  • Likes: What categories are needed to like a post?
  • Comments: What categories are needed to comment on a post?
  • Saves: What categories are needed to save on a post?
  • Taps on Profile: How can a post catch your attention so that you visit the profile and look at other posts?

How to hack the Instagram algorithm?

Make creative Reels

Instagram reels will help your Instagram growth strategy. You can add various filters and effects to the reels you will prepare and use trending music.

Share frequently on Instagram

As we mentioned, if Instagram sees you as active on the platform, it will ensure that your post reaches more people. To be more active, you should increase the number of your posts. Of course, this may be somewhat difficult for you, but if you schedule them, you can get the desired result.

A tool you can use to schedule a post is Planly. Planly's main differences from other scheduling tools are its ease of use and the fact that it doesn't send any notifications when it's time to post. You can also schedule first comments, Instagram stories, carousel posts, and reels with Planly. You can try Planly 14 days for free and see how it works in practice.

Increase engagement

There are many ways to increase Instagram engagement. By looking for Instagram story ideas, opening Instagram reels, live broadcasts, using poll and question stickers, as well as Instagram carousel posts will help you grow on Instagram.

If you need the help of another person, you can use Instagram influencer marketing. Especially with micro-influencers, you can reach an audience that is interested in your niche.

Instagram hashtags will help you across all platforms. Always use hashtags in your stories and posts. Even hashtags that express your niche in your Instagram bio will get you to the audience you want and your Instagram algorithm will work properly.

Use Instagram analytics

One of the best ways to learn the Instagram algorithm is to know your audience. You can learn basic information about your followers from Instagram analytics. Especially after learning this, you can learn more about their wishes and prepare content according to them. You can connect with your Instagram followers and understand them by asking questions.

Finally Thoughts

Instagram has been slowly changing its algorithm over the past five years. The latest  Instagram algorithm change was announced in June. This new update favors posts that are seen as more "meaningful" to users, which means that businesses will need to work a bit harder to get their content seen.

But don't worry – we've got you covered. We'll show you how to make your posts more meaningful so that they rank higher in the feed and help you continue reaching your target audience.