Your first post on Instagram introduces you to your followers. Read this blog to get acquainted with the first Instagram post ideas and use them.

You are now an Instagram user! Congratulations on joining Instagram; we feel you are excited to create new content. 🤩

What do you think your first post on Instagram should be? This issue is a question that concerns almost all users who open a new Instagram account.

Using Instagram for small businesses is very important to grab the audience and increase sales. Because small businesses choose to start their activities on Instagram. One of the main reasons for this is that people search for brands through Instagram hashtags. At the same time, Instagram is their choice because many brands focus on Instagram influencer marketing.

Especially small business on Instagram is indecisive about what to share as the first Instagram post for business because the first post on Instagram is important to create a first impression on the audience.

How should the first Instagram post caption and image be? In this blog, we will share the best Instagram first-post ideas that will inspire you. Small businesses can use these tips to make their first post on Instagram successful and memorable.

What to pay attention to before sharing the first post on Instagram?

Creating Instagram Business Account

Using  an Instagram business account is an essential factor for your brand. In this way, you can monitor the analytics of how far your brand has progressed on Instagram through Instagram analytics.

Also, if you want to share more creatively with your followers, you can use the Instagram creator account.

Build a Starter Following

Before posting on Instagram, it's good to research your competitors first. One of the easiest ways to find them is to use n in the Instagram hashtag. Thus, enter the hashtag corresponding to your niche in the Instagram search section, and you can follow the accounts that will appear in front of you and take some ideas from them.

Because after you prepare your first Instagram post, you will need weekly and monthly social media content ideas. You can get ideas like these by using trending topics, special occasions, and your own brand ideas.

Create the best Instagram bio for your niche

Your Instagram bio is the first thing your followers look at when they land on your page. If it catches their attention, they will continue to look at your page. For this, you can use a short bio sentence, hashtags, and emojis.

At the same time, it is possible to increase its traffic by adding a link to your website in your bio. Also, pay attention to Instagram story highlights. Prepare highlights in advance for the Instagram stories you will share and add stories to them later.

Find social media tools

If you are going to post continuously on Instagram and other social networks you should have a social media tool that will help you. According to the Instagram algorithm, you should be constantly active on Instagram so that your Instagram engagement is high.

A social media management tool you can use is Planly. It allows you to schedule your posts with its simple interface easily.

With Planly, you can schedule your Instagram photos, videos, Instagram carousel posts, reels and stories. Also, the first comment on Instagram and pin post is also possible with Planly. Compared to other social media management tools, Planly does not require push notifications to auto-publish Instagram stories, reels, and other features. Once posts are scheduled, the users' feeds will automatically be updated.

You can also see all the analytics on your Instagram profile visually through Planly. Here you can clarify the data of your posts, stories and reels, as well as who your audience is and the best time to post.

Instagram First Post Ideas

Introducing Your Business

Your first post on Instagram can be to introduce your business. In this way, you can clearly explain your goals and objectives to your audience. Your first caption on Instagram can be written in the following order:

  • Business name
  • The main difference between it and other brands
  • The product and service you offer
  • Your target audience
  • Your main goal and purpose
  • Your mission in business
  • CTA

You should pay particular attention to the location of your logo in the design of the post you will prepare. You can also place your brand's slogan if you have one. In this way, your Instagram first post will be apparent to your followers.

Your first Instagram post caption can be in the order mentioned above.

Share Your ‘Why”

Can you explain why you started this brand? Here again, you can mention the main interests and goals of your business and explain them. If you want to make your first Instagram post like this, you can also make it a carousel post.

In each carousel image, you can mention why viewers should follow you and explain your main difference from other competing brands in short and clear sentences.

Think about it:

  • What differentiates you?
  • What sets you apart from other businesses in your sector?
  • What makes your products or services unique?

Include a great Image or Video

The key to effective Instagram marketing is beautiful visuals. When creating a new brand account on a social media site, a robust and eye-catching image is a straightforward and effective approach to communicating your brand's mission to the globe.

Use your creativity. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may upload a picture of your favorite dish from the menu or one that shows something special about your business. Post pictures of your most recent tropical vacation if you sell bags.

  • Connect To Your audience with video marketing -  You can make your first Instagram post by making Instagram reels or videos at the same time. You can introduce your business by making a short video (for example, between 30-60 seconds) and complement it with suitable audio or recording.
  • Choosing the perfect Image - First post the pictures you post on your Instagram should attract a lot of followers. You don't need a photographer or professional filming to make your photos and videos. You can also shoot it with your phone with the right effects.

Create Puzzle Grid

This introduction post for businesses is very like. In this way, your Instagram page will be very interesting and eye-catching.

Create Countdown

Are you about to introduce a new product or service? Want to start posting on Instagram right away, though? Smart idea. Create interest by counting down.

Create a game

We share two different Instagram first-post-game ideas for you

  • Find a secret message in your image and challenge your followers to find it (s).
  • Anagram - Ask your readers to look for letters in each of your posts. A word will be created from each letter. This word may give the brand name of your next product or a unique password that will give them early access to your online store.

Question-answer type of posts is very effective in increasing Instagram engagement.

Special Series

You can start your Instagram posts by giving different tips for each day. That way, your followers will look forward to what you have to share every day.

  • If your company offers services, you can run a 30-day tips and tricks campaign.
  • If your company sells paintings: a 30-day speed painting project
  • If you own a jewelry store: 30 days of styling or 30 jewelry combination ideas

Share Quote

It doesn't sound bad to start your Instagram activity by sharing quotes that will link your business🤩

You can include your favorite quotes from various businessmen or marketers.

Use Instagram Stories to Drive Users To Your First Post

Instagram Stories are quick, 60-second videos or images that can be used to boost your feed posts. They include an interactive element that enables you to interact with your audience using tools like gifs, stickers, links, and more.

Go to your first post, share it with your story, and then add a sticker encouraging people to click the post or visit your Instagram profile for more information to improve traffic using Instagram stories.

Time to Post!

First, we have shared the first Instagram post on business ideas with you on this blog. Don't forget to share regular posts and be active on Instagram. Thus, you will have more followers and likes on Instagram. Don't forget to follow the Planly Blogs to learn more about Instagram tips, tricks, and strategies.