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Smart tools to upgrade your social media

From calendar to analytics, Planly combines all social media management into a single place. Learn why behind every metric and make data-centric decisions to connect with your audience.

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Planly is a social media scheduler for all. With full automation and advanced interface, we let you store your media, plan, and auto post to social media - no further notifications! Save time by scheduling social media posts and enjoy your creative process.

$1 for 7 days
Full access to the Pro plan
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Build and grow your social media

Plan, track, and manage your social media with these tools.

Harness AI and medi editing to create meaningful copies that speak to your audience.

Content creation

Plan and auto publish posts to 7 networks all at the same time. Customize for each network to fit into each network.


Turn followers into loyal audiences with links. Build and design codeless landing pages and share them in your social media bios.

Track, analyze, and measure social media performance with real time analytics.

Content creation
Mini websites

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Who is it for?

Content creators

Planly provides the fastest social media scheduling for digital content creators to schedule TikTok videos, Instagram posts, stories, reels, and carousel posts, tweets, pins, from single social media scheduling software.

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Marketing teams

We provide team management for small and large teams to organize their social media scheduling. Using the team feature, you can group similar social channels and add the right team members to auto post to social media. Also, expand your account limits with add-ons for better social media management.

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content creators
marketing teams

Our customers’ stories

Satisfied customers found in Planly.

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“As a content creator, making time for social media with office work was hard. Planly helps me plan and schedule my posts by saving my time. Now it is an irreplaceable product for me.”

Aygul Mehdiyeva Content Creator, PR Manager
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“Managing multiple social media accounts is not easy. Planly saves us a lot of time to be productive and present as a business on social media. Now we have more time to create.”

Natella Zadeh Marketing Manager

Turn social media into your advantage

Managing social media can be draining. Here are four ways Planly upscales your social media management in a single platform.

Save time

Do only what works for you with analytics and plan post accordingly.

Grow followers

Know your demographics and their habits to increase your followers.

Manage effectively

Coordinate all your social media accounts in one place.

Boost engagement

Planly tells you exactly when to post to hit the engagement.

What is new in Planly?

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Fast, self-serve, AI-powered social media scheduler and analytics tool for you.

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Auto publish Instagram Analytics 📈

Track and measure Instagram performance with detailed analytics.

How does it work?

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Get started in just 3 simple steps.

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Your questions answered.

What is a Planly?

Planly is a social media scheduler to publish to Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What is the difference between Planly and other scheduling tools?

We get this question very often. Planly provides a fast and intuitive experience to auto publish posts to schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. For TikTok scheduling, we use inbox notification where you will need to publish posts from your mobile device.
Also, you can schedule first comments to social platforms to trigger engagement on your posts.

How Planly works?

We use official APIs given by social networks to connect your social channels to Planly.

Can I schedule posts to a personal account?

Depending on the social platform you are scheduling to, you can connect personal or business accounts to schedule your posts. You can schedule posts to TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn personal accounts. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest requires users to connect business accounts to schedule posts.

How does the 7-day trial plan work?

7-day trial gives full access to the Pro plan for $1. You can add 8 social channels, schedule 200 posts to each channel, view their analytics, and create 3 pages, and use all of the Pro plan features for 7 days.

What happens after the 7-day trial ends?

After the trial ends, you will be subscribed to a monthly or yearly Pro plan subscription. If you decide not to continue with the Pro plan, you can cancel your subscription anytime during the trial. Head to Account Settings > Billing details and click the Upgrade plan button to cancel your subscription.

Can I get a cutomized plan for my social media accounts?

If the existing pricing plans do not fit your needs, we can provide you with a custom plan based on your social media needs. Please book a quick call with us. We will talk to you soon.

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