Consider a social media platform where you have the chance to find all the visuals and ideas you want. Here are posts on the topic you want, from New Year's postcard ideas to autumn outfit looks, which will give you ideas.

That platform is Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media platform where visuals are more at the forefront. Here you can share your ideas with people. But how do you know how to improve your profile on Pinterest?

For this, you need to analyze your total pins. You can track your progress on Pinterest by regularly checking Pinterest analytics. In this blog we will tell you about Pinterest analytics.

Why Pinterest Analytics is important?

If you've chosen Pinterest as a social media platform to grow your business, there are certain things you'll need to keep an eye on. Tracking how your Pinterest pins are progressing keeps you almost ready for your next pin. For example, you can see through Pinterest Insights on a pin that your followers like more ideas, types, etc. So your next pin idea is ready!

Based on the stats of your posts, you can create more pins that your audience is more interested in. Posting frequently will help you to effectively analyze the impact of your posts.

To optimize your Pinterest posting, you can use Planly social media scheduler. Planly comes with a Pinterest scheduler that helps to schedule pins to boards, add title and description, and Pinterst link preview to get more traffic to your site.

For this, you need to be able to work with Pinterest analytics. First, let's find out where to view Pinterest analytics.

How to see Pinterest analytics?

To use Pinterest analytics, first make sure you have a Pinterest business account. Then you can achieve this by following the mentioned steps.

There are two ways to access Pinterest analytics. From both phone and desktop. First, let's learn how to access Pinterest analytics from a desktop.

To do this, log in to your Pinterest business account. And then click on the Analytics button in the upper left part.

Choose the first one of the 4 options that will appear in your browser, Overview.

In this way, you can clearly see your posts and the impression they received.

Pinterest tells you how to increase engagement with its analytics. All you need to do is read it—the sections mentioned in the other 3 sections each help to measure different data.

How to use Pinterest analytics?

You can track Pinterest analytics free from your Pinterest Business account. Which is where the Overview part appears first. Let's explore it. First, claim your website you have to.

Claim your website

When you claim a website, Pinterest will add a verification code to your Pinterest account, so your account will be verified.

Additionally, it will show your profile photo next to any Pins that have been pinned from your website, which is great for expanding your community and promoting your business.

By claiming your website, you can also keep track of all the activity that is happening around it on Pinterest, allowing you to determine exactly what is engaging users.

You must add a meta tag or upload an HTML file to the HTML code of your website in order to claim it. Once website can be claimed for each profile, and one Pinterest account can only claim one website.

Save Button

The next good move is to put a Save button on your website. The Save button enables the users to save the content of your website to Pinterest directly. A clickable Pinterest logo will show up on the images on your website after you install the button. Visitors can directly save your material to their Pinterest boards by clicking the logo.

How to analyze Pinterest Insights?

To analyze Pinterest metrics, we can first look at Impressions. Here you can see all the impressions that came to your pins. Also, if we bring an even more advanced level, you can categorize users, you can conduct your analysis on that group. For example, which age group of users are more interested in your pin. Or you can measure the overall result by clicking All user in these filters.

You can also click on the Top Pins section (just scroll down the page to see it). Pin type, format and there is a field where you can click the Promote button when you want to promote. Here you can see the total pin impressions in numbers. Impressions are sorted from largest to smallest and from top to bottom.

All metrics in one dashboard

As you can see, in this section you can analyze many metrics together. Pinterest allows you to see and analyze all the data associated with your pin. This is quite exciting! You can also compare two metrics and identify the differences between them. Ask yourself questions about it.

For example, the engagement of this pin is high, but the savings rate is low. Why might this be? Try to find out why. Check whether your content is relevant or not. Is it enough for users to see it once, or will they be able to save it and use it for a long time?

Or we can say another example. Your pin impressions and engagement rate are not the same. For this, you can make the visual of your pin more attractive.

How do analyze Pinterest Audience Insights?

You can look at your Pinterest audience insights in addition to your analytics overview.

Go to Audience Insights in the Analytics tab to access them:

From this step, you can learn more about your target audience by looking at your specific account, all Pinterest users, or even a comparing of the two.

You may change the date range and choose to examine insights for either your engaged audience or your entire audience by selecting your audience insights.

Giving your audience what they want to see is one of the wisest methods to expand your following on Pinterest. Keep track of any important categories that can fit with the Pinterest content plan for your brand.

How do analyze Pinterest Conversion Insights analytics

Conversion insights is a reporting tool that provides a dashboard-style overview of the overall impact of both your organic and paid success on Pinterest. All advertisers with healthy Pinterest tags have access to it.

The next analysis method that Pinterest offers you is to track Pinterest Trends. If you are looking for Pinterest pin ideas, this section is exactly for you. All you have to do is specify the region where your target audience is located. Then, here it is! It will show you results according to the keywords you entered and according to the current trends.

You can see the monthly and annual percentage in the currently available trend topics.

You can filter your trend time as you like. You can also click on the Growing trend and be aware of the 90-day trends that continue to grow.

You can also compare two keywords together. Whichever one of them is popular means it's time to make a matching pin!


Pinterest is a social media platform that brings visuals to life. Developing your business on this platform is quite interesting and also fun. Because the visual is more important here than the content. You can convey your idea to people with visuals. The images or videos you create, as well as infographics, will be your main target on Pinterest.

You can then use Pinterest analytics for free to see how they are developing. By learning Pinterest insights, you can further increase your Pinterest engagement. So it's time to start doing your Pinterest analytics.