Content is the main part of social media posts. Without content, there would be no social media posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, and blogs. That's why content creators use their creativity to create content.

The same goes for influencers. When advertising any brand, they should first prepare the content they want to talk about in a video or post and present it to the audience. Here, the main issue facing them is time!

A content creator or influencer who can't manage time well can't get these things done. It means that one of the primary skills needed by a content creator and influencer is time management.

In this blog, we will give you time management tips for content creators and influencers. To learn how to manage time as a content creator and influencer, read the blog till the end.

9 time management tips for content creators and influencers

Learn when you are most productive

To find out, you must first ask yourself. What hours of the day can I work more intensively?

  • At what times can I be more energetic?
  • At what times can I focus more on my work?
  • Am I a morning or evening person?

To learn these questions, of course, follow yourself. Every time you create content, track what time of day you do it best.

For example, if you are a content creator, try to blog at different times of the day. If you have done a faster and better job at any time, it means that you have found your time. These business influencers are also changing a little.

For example, they have to communicate with their followers constantly, so they have to share Instagram stories or tweets on Twitter almost daily. However, sharing a post is different.

For this, you should take into account the best time to post on social media and write the description of that post first; you can still choose the time that suits you. And it doesn't end there. Influencers should set aside a certain time of the day when they are more proactive to research collaborations with different brands, trends, and offers.

1.  Learn When You Are Most Productive:

Understanding your peak productivity hours is crucial for optimizing your work output. Pay attention to when you feel most energized and focused during the day. For some, mornings are the most productive, while others may find their creativity peaks in the late afternoon or evening. Knowing your prime working time allows you to schedule content creation and other essential tasks accordingly.

2.  Prioritize tasks

If you have a lot of tasks, don't rush, and don't get excited. For this, you must rank your tasks according to their importance or not. As Brain Tracy says in his book, Eat the big frog first. You can start with your most difficult task first. That way, your work will be done faster.

We offer you another method to divide your tasks into 4 parts:

  • What is essential and must be done immediately
  • Necessary but can be done later
  • Not essential, but must be done quickly
  • It's not essential and can be done whenever you want

If this is the case, you will do your most important tasks as soon as possible.

You can even use the Pomodoro technique to do these things. 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break. You can make this technique your own. For example 30+10 or 40+20

3. Set specific goals

Clearly define your goals and work on one task at a time to avoid multitasking.  Time management tips for influencers are exactly that. Because when social media influencers collaborate with brands, they set a goal. These goals can include:

  • How many followers return to the post they promote,
  • How many sales increase in the brand,
  • How many of them return, etc.

Such situations lead them to set a certain goal. Also, if we look at it differently,

Time management tips for influencers are exactly that. Because when social media influencers collaborate with brands, they set a goal.

These goals can include: how many followers return to the post they promote, how much sales increase in the brand, how many of them return, etc.

Such situations lead them to set a certain goal. Also, if we look at it differently, the work done in collaborations with several brands should not be done all at the same time. To manage time management, influencers should focus on the number of brands they collaborate with.

4. Time-block your day

Assign specific time slots for different activities, such as content creation, networking, and self-care.To improve your time management, focus on what you are doing right now. So, instead of multitasking, do what you're doing to the end, and don't let other things get in the way.

5. Eliminate distractions

Turn off notifications, minimize social media usage, and work in a quiet environment. If you are a freelance content creator vs influencer, you need to find a comfortable place to work. If coffee shops are your choice, choose a place where you can easily think and exchange ideas about your content and collaborations.

6. Use tools and apps

Content creators vs. Influencers have many tasks almost every day. They can use different social media management tools. For example, among the daily activities of influencers, meeting with business managers, preparing collaboration plans, being active on daily social media, and, most importantly, distributing social media posts correctly.

For this, you must first prepare a social media content calendar and design your posts. Then, all you need to do is decide which days of the week you want to share them. And finally, scheduling them in social media scheduling tools.

When choosing social media scheduling tools, content creators and influencers should choose one that can manage their time management because time-saving is a very important nuance for content creators and influencers.

The scheduling tool that we will offer you is Planly. Because with Planly, it is possible to schedule posts to several social media platforms at the same time. Thus, you can prepare all your weekly and monthly posts in a few minutes, saving the time of the content creator or influencer.


Also, Planly's main difference from other social media scheduling tools is that it does not send any notification to the viewer after scheduling Instagram posts, reels and carousels, and TikTok videos. All auto-post work is done by Planly. You can do other things.

7. Set boundaries

Set limits on work hours and stick to them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Don't forget to take care of your health by doing your work at the right time. When managing time as a content creator or influencer, it's crucial to take care of yourself and maintain a balanced meal plan. One convenient way is considering healthy eating with mediterranean diet. This not only saves time but provides essential nutrients that boost productivity and creativity. Apart from creating content and promoting products, you also need to make time for yourself.

8. Track your progress

Regularly review your progress and adjust your schedule as needed to ensure you stay on track. If you want to organize your time management network properly, you also need to track what you do. Later, you will learn how to manage time.

Use a Facebook post scheduling tool to track your progress and manage your time.

9. Analyze Performance

Regularly analyze the performance of your content to identify what works best with your audience. Use insights to refine your content strategy and save time on less effective approaches.

10. Take a break

Here are a few revised ways to take a break throughout your day:

  • Recharge with a power nap - close your eyes for a quick 20-minute nap to refresh and recharge your batteries.
  • Get some fresh air - take a 10-15 minute walk outside to get some fresh air and clear your mind.
  • Practice mindfulness - journaling or doing a yoga session can help you focus on the present moment and reduce stress.
  • Listen to music or a podcast - use headphones to disconnect and enjoy some entertainment.
  • Meditate or breathe deeply - take a few minutes to focus on your breath and calm your mind.
  • Be creative - do something creative, like drawing or coloring, to tap into your imagination and take your mind off work.

Time to manage!

Effective time management is essential for content creators and influencers to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy work-life balance. By prioritizing tasks, setting specific goals, and utilizing tools and apps, content creators and influencers can streamline their workflow and maximize their productivity.

Incorporating regular breaks, such as taking a power nap, practicing mindfulness, or being creative, can help reduce stress and improve overall well-being. By incorporating these time management tips, content creators and influencers can be confident they are making the most of their time and achieving their full potential.