TikTok constantly surprises us with its innovations and differences. People love watching funny videos on this easy and fun video-making platform. Thus, TikTok has brought you the TikTok Now feature to make the content you create even easier and different. According to the latest TikTok updates, TikTok introduced a new feature, TikTok Now, in September 2022.

In this blog, we will tell you about TikTok Now. Let's talk about how to use TikTok Now and how it compares to similar apps.

First, let's explore what TikTok Now is.

What is TikTok Now?

TikTok Nou invites you and your friends to instantly take a video or photo from your device with both the back and front camera within 10 seconds.TikTok Now is inspired by the BeReal app. In the continuation of the blog, we will explain the similarities and differences between TikTok Now and BeReal.

TikTok Now is currently located in the same section as TikTok For You Page. The primary purpose of TikTok Now is to share what you are doing and where you are with your friends. When you share a TikTok Now, you can share it publicly or just for your friends.

How to use TikTok Now?

From TikTok Now, you can share your snapshots and videos with people on a daily basis. This feature is already widespread among people. And to do this, first, you need to know how to post on TikTok Now.

How to post a TikTok now?

TikTok Now is available in both the TikTok app and the TikTok Now app. To use TikTok Now, you must be at least 13 years old (or 14, if you're in South Korea or Indonesia).

Follow these steps to post your first TikTok Now video now:

1. Depending on your location, launch the separate app or tap the lightning bolt icon in the bottom row of your TikTok app,

2. In the center, tap Post to View.

3. Tap or hold down the blue circle to capture a photo or a brief video.

4. To post, click the checkbox and choose who you want to see your post.

5. Your TikTok Now is ready! The highlighted icon on your profile means you are currently sharing TikTok Now

Later, you will be able to see other users' TikTok Now videos or images. You will also receive a notification on your device that you can share your TikTok Now.

Note: The TikTok Now app has yet to be fully available. You don't need to download the TikTok app in addition to the TikTok Now app in regions where the TikTok Now app is accessible, but you do need to register for a TikTok account.

You can download the TikTok Now app from the App Store or Google Play.

TikTok Now Pros and Cons


  • popularity by people quickly
  • take video and photo at the same time
  • the ability to zoom videos up to 1.9
  • make a video in 3 minutes


  • you can only like the posts.
  • you can't write a caption

How to delete a TikTok Now?

In the TikTok app:

1. Tap the Share button at the top of your TikTok Now.

2. Tap Delete.

3. Tap Delete to confirm.

In the TikTok Now app:

1. Tap your profile photo at the bottom.

2. Go to the TikTok Now you'd like to delete.

3. Tap the More options button at the top of TikTok Now.

4. Tap Delete.

TikTok Now and BeReal comparison

The idea of TikTok Now was inspired by the BeReal app. After the popularity of the app, several social networks tried to copy the features into their apps. Instagram Dual, TikTok Now. BeReal is an app where you can share a photo or video once a day. Here you will receive a notification from BeReal every day so that you can share a picture or video of what you are doing with your followers.

How does the BeReal app work?

Everyday, BeReal app sends automated push notifications to prompt users to share a BeReal. When you miss 2 minutes, you can take another shot until posting your BeReal. The difference between other platforms and BeReal is that you can only post a single BeReal during the day. Also, in order to check your friends' BeReals, you have to post your BeReal first.

Compared to other platforms, BeReal is more authentic where you can't post filter photos or gain engagement in other ways. The user now has a two-minute opportunity to post a photo of what they are doing right now.

You can then take a picture using the front and back camera within the 2 minutes you are given

You can share your photo with your friends and other users. For this, you can select the Discovery button.

You can choose the location you like. If you want people from which location to see your post, you can choose it accordingly.

A distinctive feature of BeReal is the ability to insert captions. You can reveal your photos by writing a caption. You can also complete your post by writing a caption.

You can see every post you shared during the day in the memories section. So you can keep track of what you do and where you are every day as a kind of diary.

You can also see what other users have shared by entering the Discovery section. You can also react to this post with different emojis.

BeReal Pros and Cons


  • a large user base
  • user-friendly interface
  • includes a map to locate public posts
  • allows for discussions and comments
  • does not apply any charges
  • react to posts with emojis


  • does not include filters
  • not a suitable platform for influencers
  • when taking a picture with the front camera, it freezes
  • you can only take photos, not videos

What to do to get more views from TikTok Now?

If you want to get more views on TikTok Now, you should first consider the quality of your photos. The snapshots you share and the 3 minutes you are given may not be enough to produce a professional-looking image. So be careful when sharing them.

Also, where you are is very important. Imagine that you have come to the opening of any restaurant and you want to share it with your followers right on TikTok. In this way, they will be able to receive news from you about interesting events that are currently happening.

At the same time, you can make a short video and share it with your viewers on topics you think are interesting. Remember, on TikTok, people will only look at your post for a few seconds. Therefore, try to attract their attention.

What are you doing Now?

If you're looking at an eye-catching painting in a museum in some city right now, share it on TikTok. TikTok Now is a tool for creating comics with your followers. If you want to share what you're doing at the moment, you can also share it with BeReal.

But you should consider the differences between BeReal and TikTok Now. For example, it is possible to record videos on TikTok Now, but not on BeReal. In BeReal, you can caption your video and react to posts with various emojis. And on TikTok No, you can easily prepare your post within 3 minutes. It's time to try out the new features!