How to start a blog on Instagram and get paid

First you need to create a regular account on the social network through the official website or mobile application (if you wish, you can use an existing Facebook profile to create an Instagram account). The procedure is simple, you just need to enter a phone number or e-mail and create a password.

After that, you can convert your account from a personal to a Instagam business account. So it will present you a number of functions that are not available for standard charges. But this is optional. You can develop and promote a personal blog with the same success. And even make money on Instagram.

We will assume that you have already decided on the topic and know that your profile will be dedicated to conditional music or, for example, fashion. Now you should go directly to the development of the concept and content creation.

We make out the appearance of the profile

On the main page, everything should be verified, everything should be harmonious and nice. Avatar, Instagram bio, profile name, photo grid, the presence of a common style in every detail, etc.

Your account avatar is the first thing a person sees when they spot your profile in a comment or search. Let it be not particularly interesting and catchy, but at least not repulsive.

It used to be fashionable to put pictures on the main profile image that from afar seem obscene and provocative, but now it only works for very low-grade humorous profiles.

Add a clear description without unnecessary information and husks in the form of hundreds of emoji. It's not beautiful. Use applications to form a custom grid of pictures with useful information and high-quality photos. Add unique images to your saved stories.

There are several ways to monetize your profile. The choice depends on your activity and profile popularity.

Profile of the artist Marina Shulgina
  1. Big brands often come to the Instagram influencers (that is, opinion leaders) and offer to make native ads in stories. Tell about their product and recommend it to your audience for big money.
  2. Micro bloggers also take money for posts and promotions. For example, they talk about lesser-known photographers and musicians for a nominal fee and help them gain an audience.
  3. Anyone who creates unique content can use Instagram as a platform to promote their profile on Patreon (well, or OnlyFans, whoever has what preferences), which is already making money. Someone generally sells methods for promoting their account on social networks, and for some reason, people pay money for it. So there are enough niches.
  4. And if you create something with your hands (decorative mugs, knitted scarves, stickers, or paintings. Then you can promote and sell on Instagram. Consider it a free advertising platform.

Preparing to promote your blog on Instagram

If you still decide that a blog on Instagram is just what you need, then you just need to read the following information. Before you start gathering an audience, you need to do a little preparation:

By checking your Instagram analytics, you can audience by age, gender, interests, etc. Find out which bloggers enjoy increased interest from its representatives, whose accounts are more subscribed to.

Such a study is necessary for a company to fine-tune targeted advertising to increase Instagram followers with ads in order to select blogs for its placement or choose the right partners for cooperation. Then the costs will be minimal, and the return on promotion will be high.

Study the activities of competitors. You need to know what other companies are operating in your area of ​​business. Find and analyze their websites, and information in social networks. There are appropriate services for this. You will find out what they offer on their Internet pages, what promotions they hold, how and with what they attract users to participate in contests and sweepstakes.

Then it will become clear to you what exactly the audience reacts to, and you will find in yourself those advantages that will distinguish you from competitors.

Make a Instagram content calendar and write the first ten posts. Keep an eye on the literacy of the presentation and fill out the account. Posts with errors do not inspire confidence, they will not be read and, accordingly, subscribed to.

For an organized content plant, you can Planly -social media scheduler that will allow you to schedule the posts and will automatically post the content as well as reels, carousels and more.

Convert your profile to a business account. Instagram assigns the status “Personal” to all new accounts, with which you will not have many opportunities for promotion.

For example, information about the number of visitors, personal data on subscribers (how many of them appear every week where they live, their age, gender), and general profile statistics (the number of views of each post, video, etc.). The owner of a personal account will not be able to run Instagram ads.

For example, in the "Authors" type, daily statistics on the growth of subscribers is kept, and in a business account; - weekly.

Promote blog on Instagram

The competition on Instagram is insane, and you can’t count on growth solely through beautiful content to promote blog on Instagram. It is necessary to do either something completely incredible or use obsolete methods of promotion and advertising.

  1. We crawl into recommendations due to popular posts and Instagram hashtags (free targeting to an audience with specific interests).
  2. Bulk follow other users so they follow back. Collaboration with other bloggers to mutually like each other's posts, etc.
  3. We participate in popular marathons, flash mobs and other public events where you can showcase your profile. This also includes raffles and giveaways for followers.
  4. We mutually talk about other bloggers in our stories.
  5. We leave provocative comments under the posts of famous bloggers and try to discuss there with a large number of people.
  6. We buy targeted advertising using Instagram so that the profile appears in the feed of interested users under the “Advertising” label.

You don't have to choose from this list. It is necessary to use everything at once equally and in different combinations.

How to share a blog post on an Instagram story?

To share a feed post to your story, tap the paper airplane button below the post, just as you would to send it via Direct. At the top, you’ll now see the option to create a story.

Tap it to see the feed post as a sticker with a customized background ready to share your story. You can rotate, scale and move the sticker — and tap it to explore other styles.

Bottom line

It takes a lot of effort and time, or a good amount of money to promote your Instagram account well. For a confident start, it is important to understand who belongs to your target audience, where and how to look for these people. Then you can easily decide which accounts will be beneficial for joint cooperation, which bloggers to contact, or how to set up targeted advertising properly.